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Best game ever
Rayman-86 June 1999
This is still the best game ever. No game is so scary, has so beautiful graphics and is so original as this one. I bought the game three years ago and I still play it sometimes. This game is the number one for the horror-fan. And I have also Resident Evil 2 but Resident Evil 1 is better. But Resident Evil 2 is also a great horror-game.
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An enhanced version of "Biohazard"
action-63 December 2000
"Biohazard Director`s Cut"(called "Resident Evil" outside of Japan) contains three different versions of "Biohazard". The first version is exactly the same as the first game, the second one is the same as the first game but a lot easier, and the third version is what this game is all about: the re-arranged version. In this version there is quite a few changes that`ll please veterans. The two main-characters now have a new set of clothes, some of the camera-angles have been changed, some new dialogue is put in there, the clothing on some of the walls have changed, there are more zombies and monsters and all the items in the game are to be found at different places. All these changes have been made to make the game as different from the original as possible, and it is a huge success. I love "Biohazard" and I was very pleased to learn that a director`s cut-version of the game was coming out. If you already got the first game, and aren`t particularly fond of it, you shouldn`t really buy this game, but if you love the original game, this is worth picking up, and remember that the game comes with a playable demo of "Biohazard 2". 10/10
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This was the sole reason I bought PS console
Michael Kenmore23 March 2003
I remember fondly I was at a friend's house looking at a rental copy of Resident Evil one hot summer day in 1996. I wasn't familiar with Playstation, as I was ignorant of the next-generation consoles (partly because I couldn't afford $300+ price tag). Resident Evil, along with Initial D and Battle Arena Toshinden, were the first PSX games I played. Actually, I observed a friend or two play these games since I was new to the world of Playstation, and I was still a loyal Super Nintendo fan at the time.

After playing Initial D, which I wasn't impressed with despite its cool computer-generated cinematic moments, I watched a friend pop in a copy and play Resident Evil. I thought that game looked strange as I've never seen it before - a 3-D environment with a playable character facing the first zombie using only a knife and there were bursts of blood. I was very impressed and wanted to play it after a friend's character dies from zombie bite attack.

The first time I started, I watched a very entertaining yet cheesy introduction sequence in live FMV. I figured this looks like a seriously fun game. After the chatter with Albert Wesker in the beginning, I encountered a zombie eating Kenneth. When the first zombie walks towards the character to grab him to bite I was seriously scared. I've never been this scared playing a video game before, and it was an incredible accomplishment - the groundbreaking gaming moment of 1996. I knew Resident Evil was this great.

Resident Evil is an incredible game in polygon 3-D environment and convincing pre-rendered backgrounds. In fact the bright, illuminated hallways and rooms gave it a very tense atmosphere reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. That made me nervous playing the game looking around the corner to avoid zombies popping out of the corners.

The story is very well-plotted with memorable characters, monsters and twists, albeit with awful dialogues. But that's what made it feel like a campy horror movie as a video game.

Quite frankly, Resident Evil is one of the best video game moments I've ever had in my life because of the wonderful feelings I had the first time I played. I finally bought a PlayStation console and a pre-owned copy of Resident Evil on my 18th birthday later that year. Resident Evil completely changed the way I perceive how video games can accomplish - immerse yourself into the video game world - something that The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy series achieved to a certain extent but not yet whole.

I'm now one of the devoted Resident Evil fans and I look back to the introduction of the first game with a nostalgic sense of wonder.
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Best game ever!
tojo-627 August 2000
Resident Evil changed the way I think about computer games. This was the first game not designed for kids. It has a great plot and even better game play. The acting is bad but oh so funny. "Wow, What a mansion!"

Its also far superior to all of the sequels. In the same way "Alien" is better than "Aliens". Bigger and louder does not equal better.
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simply amazing
nemesis19863 November 2004
one of the best games in the world to date,and still going strong,this has paved the way for games such as parasite eve and silent hill in my opinion,resident evil truly is a classic,from the graphics,to the suspense of walking down a dimly lit corridor,with eerie music being played in the background,wondering whether you heard the squelch of a footstep behind you,to the plot of the games(i'm not going to give anything away!).sure enough there are flaws (the dialogue is atrocious,but it doesn't bother me) but every game has flaws,i've bought near enough every resi game thats followed on from this,and will carry on to do so,i'm hooked! amazing 10/10 :)
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One of the best
Daniel (TERMINATOR180)2 August 2001
This game is a classic, a gem, one in which is very hard to find. The Storyline isn't a rip-off,the Mansion is so creepy you want to memorize every inch of it, and the Suprises scare you each time you play. There are very few other modern Horror games that are worth playing. Some great oldies are Snatcher, Alone In The Dark, Rise of the Dragon, and Night Trap. Snatcher is,in my opinion, the best ever, of the Videogame horror genre, but it is hard to find, because it is solely a Sega CD/PC videogame. In Terms of Resident Evil, the first is the best, the 3rd is 2nd best, and Code Veronica is 3rd best. Resident Evil 2 is interesting,yes, but I have never cared for it's characters much. This series is one of the very few reasons I still play Playstation.
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The original but still the best
khanaway5 July 2000
Resident Evil is the game that defined the survival horror genre. When it was originally released way back in 1996 it took the video game world by storm and has since spawned a number of sequels and clones.

The story revolves around the members of a special police task force who are sent to a remote mountainous location to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a number of hikers. Contact with some of the team is lost and the remaining members flee into an old mansion when they are attacked by a pack of strange creatures bearing a resemblance to large dogs. It is here that the adventure begins...

By today's standards Resident Evil appears a tad dated at least technically. The visuals have been improved upon greatly by its many sequels and the video clips have a very 'low budget' look to them (not helped by the terrible acting which would look more at home in a porno flick). Resident Evil, however, excels where it matters most - in the gameplay area. The game simply oozes atmosphere something which I believe was lost a little in its many sequels (yes even Code Veronica). The excellent sound, particularly the eerie music scores which are still the best in any of the RE games, help to enhance the creepy atmosphere greatly. For this reason I still consider this game to be the best of the genre. A classic.

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play that moonlight sonata like you MEAN it!
jarra_baron15 October 2004
The best ever franchise debut and perhaps the best ever selling game on the playstation. Resident Evil is plot driven - but the special forces you command (Chris or Jill) still hold character: the story holds up extremely well and the subsequent movie producers and directors should be shot or at least eaten alive by bio-infected gimp zombies for their crappy introduction to the world of raccoon city. The opening FMV's create the tension between the unexplained body count and the S.T.A.R.S team sent in to investigate: BOOM! the chopper goes down- you find a hand; a severed hand still clutching the gun in a field; something ripped it off, the magazine is still in, whatever it was it is fast...extremely fast "WAHHH!!!!!!!!" the roar of infected HOUNDS pierces the night air and you pitch a running- gun battle to an isolated mansion. Closing the double large oak doors in just enough time; your team is safe. OR ARE THEY. CHRIS/JILL/BARRY/WESKER you are unwelcome guests at the mansion of RESIDENT EVIL. The definitive SURVIVAL HORROR video game that defines the console world like the Exorcist for movies. (but this is better) Triumphant escape from the labyrinth of corridors and puzzles or a slow agonising death to befall you and your comrades: Gameotography is excellent: the realist pre rendered scenery is beautiful to behold and the bloodletting is superb. One word: please delete the movies from our minds and start the TRILOGY off with the proper introduction for it is the best.
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The gameplay is fantastic
MovieAddict201625 May 2005
Forget the movie for a second. "Resident Evil," the game, works just as well theatrically as it does in terms of gameplay -- it's an addictive experience with haunting visuals, a creepy perfectly suited score and tense, suspense-building action that propels into bloody gore.

I've never felt so nervous and sweaty while playing an RPG before. This is the type of game that builds up all the tension until finally, out of nowhere, a zombie appears and it really freaks you out. Unlike the film, it takes its time getting to where it's going and works well as such. The only game I've ever felt as paranoid playing in the past was "Aliens vs. Predators 2," which in the marine campaign was really scary and took its time delivering the action.

Don't get me wrong. I thought the "Resident Evil" movie bashers were overly-cruel. It was, after all, just a silly action movie and worked as such entertainment.

But the game is better.

Much better.

Nine years later it still packs a bloody punch and is one of the best games ever. I'd rank it in the top ten.

Best of all? It's got brains, too. It doesn't just require a quick trigger finger.

Highly, highly recommended.
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If Romero's original "Living Dead" trilogy were made into video games, this would be the series!
Horror-Joe5 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
There's a parallel that one notices when comparing the Resident Evil video game series to the George A. Romero "Living Dead" series, particularly the first three installments of each.

Back in 1968, George Romero unleashed his horrific vision of the dead returning to life and feasting on the living in his cult classic "Night of the Living Dead". Fast-forward to 1996, where Capcom achieves the same notoriety in the video game world by releasing "Resident Evil", or "Biohazard" as it's known overseas. It's as if Capcom was in tune with Romero's vision in the way they created dark atmospheres, a chilling soundtrack, gruesome monsters, and a plot surrounding the mishaps and evil doings of a corrupt organization. Sadly, as is the case with "Night of the Living Dead" being in black and white, many newcomers to the series may find the out-dated graphics of the game laughable. However, Capcom has since remade Resident Evil for the gamecube, updating the graphics and adding some new features.

Due to the success of Resident Evil, Capcom made a sequel that was much darker, gorier, longer in gameplay (alternate, intertwining character scenarios), had better graphics, and more beasties to gun down or run away from. Because of all of this, it is regarded by many fans of the series as the best installment. This is very similar to Romero's sequel to "Night of the Living Dead", which is nearly three hours long, has better special effects, a more elaborate plot, and better defined characters. "Dawn of the Dead" is also regarded by many fans to be Romero's best installment of the "Living Dead" trilogy.

As imaginable, due to the great success of Resident Evil 2, Capcom further progressed the series with Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Along with the updated graphics, game mechanics, and weaponry, Capcom introduced gamers to Nemesis, a relentless killing machine that pursues your character through-out the game. With Nemesis, players were also given a new feature of real time choices they could make in order to evade the hulking, rocket launching, menace. Much like in Romero's third installment to the "Living Dead" trilogy, Day of the Dead, there is now a military presence in the series, the leader of which is revealed to be corrupt.

Sadly, Capcom decided to take a different approach to the later Resident Evil games, placing a greater emphasis on action rather than horror and suspense, which left many fans of the original games disappointed. However, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, which was released right after Resident Evil: Nemesis, still maintains the feel and play style of the original trilogy.

Resident Evil 4 removed the obscure camera angles that created the suspense and fear from the original games, and replaced them with a fixed over-the-shoulder camera angle. RE4 also added ammo a plenty, discouraging the player from saving ammo for when it was truly needed. And the biggest flaw of all from RE4 was the removal of zombies. That's right, the enemies are no longer walking dead people that want to feast on your flesh, but are instead parasite controlled villagers that want to stab you with pitchforks.

If there was any hope that Capcom would come to there senses and return the gameplay to the way it was in the original games, it was diminished with the release of Resident Evil 5, which was basically a continuation of Resident Evil 4 but in a new location with different characters. However, it has been reported by Capcom that Resident Evil 6 will be a reboot of the series and will also be returning to its roots, so there may be hope left after all.

It is slightly unfair to claim that Capcom has ruined the series with the newer games, because they have released the RE1 remake and RE Zero, both of which have the same feel of the original games but with much better graphics. However, seeing as the series was launched and gained success on the Playstation, some gamers may feel cheated that the RE1 remake and RE Zero are exclusively for the gamecube.
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The Best Survival Horror Video game Ever
Yuri Cunha14 August 2004
The story tells that people were strangely disappearing in the Arklay Mountains, northwest Raccoon City. Half of the S.T.A.R.S., a police group who's always hired when things go really bad, goes in to investigate, but they don't come back. That's when the rest of the group come to Arklay Mountains to see what's happening to those missing people and to the missing part of the team... They would just wish they were never born.

Resident Evil is a classic video game series. Unfortunately, the first movie wasn't nearly as good as any of the main games from the series.

This first version of Resident Evil/Biohazard, is the best one yet in my opinion. The graphics might not be great since most of us own next-gen consoles like PS2, Xbox and GCN, but they're still decent.

The soundtrack is amazing, voice acting is a little weird and a little silly, but it's OK. Videogames aren't about how close to reality it looks and feels. If it was, games from the past would be forgotten very quickly. What makes horror games special is how fun and scary they are, and this, along with Silent Hill, is the best horror game you'll ever play.
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The Resident Evil Statement Is This Game Here!! {The Original}
tiskec17 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This Resident Evil is what made the franchise so recognized. This game was pure genius. Also, in my opinion, this Resident Evil was the only one to be a science-fiction elite, and implement a feel of haunting/horror to it. All the rest of them I just feel pure science-fiction. That's not necessarily saying they're bad games, no way. It's just that they loose their creepiness factor as the series continues to unfold. I think the "haunted mansion" theme was the best environmental concept of the series. I remember getting freaked out as a kid trying to play this game. I loved it so much. It even includes jump scares.

I really enjoyed this game. The original kind of puts as much effort into the story-line, as it does trying to scare or creep you out. That's what I like most about it. As the series goes on, it's all about the story-lines later; about the G-Virus mutating, so on and so forth.

Would I recommend this game to those unfamiliar with it, and like to be horrifically thrilled? HELL YES I WOULD! Very, very, few titles EVER get a perfect "10" from me.
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''Just take a look at this!''
RaspberryLucozade1 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
In recent years, the 'Resident Evil' ( titled 'Bio Hazard' in Japan ) video games have become nothing short of boring. How hard it is to forget then just how wonderful the games once were in the '90's. The first game was released by Capcom in 1996 for both the Playstation and the Sega Saturn. Sales of the game shot through the roof and was so popular that a year later it was remade as a director's cut version. However, nowadays, with Xbox One and PS4 being the 'in thing', the original game does not get a look in ( a retro gaming magazine even panned it, classing it as 'camp and dated' ), which is a terrible shame as in my view it is still a joy to play, despite its woeful graphics and bad acting.

The two playable characters in the game are machine expert Jill Valentine and PM Chris Redfield, both of which serve as part of Alpha Team of S.T.A.R.S ( Special Tactics and Rescue Squad ) police force based in the fictional American town of Raccoon City and are sent out along with Captain Albert Wesker, Rebecca Chambers ( Bravo Team's First-Aider ) weapons specialist Barry Burton to the Arklay Mountains to investigate a series of cannibalistic attacks. Upon arriving in the area the team are almost attacked by a pack of fierce dog-like creatures and are left stranded when their pilot Brad Vickers loses his nerve and flies off in the chopper. Eventually, the remaining members seek refuge in a nearby mansion, which they soon discover is no ordinary mansion. It transpires that the house was used by Umbrella Corporation ( a large biomedical company ) to conduct a series of illegal experiments. One such experiment, the Tyrant Virus, was exposed in the underground lab and affected all of Umbrella's researchers and security guards. Anyone who is affected by the virus turns into a flesh eating zombie.

I don't want to say too much else about the game as that would spoil it for those who have not yet got around to playing it. The moral of the game is the player must battle their way through a series of dangerous creatures, baffling puzzles and deadly booby traps in order to make it out alive. A number of minor characters include Richard Aiken ( who died after being bitten by Yawn, a huge poisonous snake ), Joseph Frost ( who was eaten alive by the dogs who the team encountered before reaching the mansion ), Forest Speyer ( who was pecked to death by aggressive crows ), Kenneth J. Sullivan ( who is killed at the start after being eaten by a zombie ) and Enrico Marini, who after informing the player that there is a traitor in their midst, is shot dead by an unseen assailant. Boss-like creatures include the aforementioned Yawn, Plant-42 ( a plant that has been transformed into a deadly monster ), Neptune ( a deadly shark ), the Black Tiger ( a gigantic venomous spider ) and Tyrant ( the life form of the T-Virus who the player must defeat at the end of the game ).

The game-play itself is something to enjoy a lot however the voice acting is comical. For instance, if playing Jill, at one point in the game she is almost crushed by a descending ceiling and is saved from certain death by Barry.

JILL: Thank you for saving my life, Barry!

BARRY: Don't mention it, that was too close! You were almost a 'Jill' sandwich!

If playing Chris, there is a hilarious scene where Chris narrowly survives a battle with Plant-42, much to the amazement of his partner Rebecca.

REBECCA: You're alive!

CHRIS: Yeah! So much for him, we got to the 'root' of the problem!

A few other vocal anomalies are scattered about, such as when Jill finds Chris locked in a cell in the underground lab : ''I'll come back and rescue you later, will you wait here?''. What the hell does she think he will do? Burrow his way out underground? The acting aside, the thrill-packed game-play and suspense factor more than makes up for this shortcoming and is highly recommended to anyone who loves a gory shoot-em-up.

In 1998, the sequel 'Resident Evil 2' was released and did just as well commercially as the first. In 2002, a remake of the original was made for the Nintendo Gamecube console. The remake featured new dialogue and puzzles, as well as more defined graphics and improved voice acting. That same year, a film was made of 'Resident Evil' which led onto a number of follow-ups. Many adaptations of 'Resident Evil' may have came and went over the years but in my opinion the original remains the best.
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You have to play this game.
eddie05201026 January 2015
Time is an enemy. This is a saying that can apply to a lot of things, as it means different things to different people and things. One area it definitely applies to is video games. This is due to how many games, despite being innovative and brilliant during their heyday, can age rather poorly. This is due to how many games improve on the established formula to a point where the original becomes essentially obsolete (i.e. the original Street Fighter), or relied on a gimmick or hook (its level or violence for example) that made them popular when they initially released but aren't much good removed from that original context (i.e Splatterhouse, arguably the original Mortal Kombat). Luckily, this isn't the case with the original Resident Evil. Despite some flaws here and there, the game has aged supremely well and its gameplay is still quite fun even to this day.

The plot of the game is that a group called STARS are investigating a bizarre series of cannibalistic murders outside of Raccoon City. While there however, they are attacked by a group of zombie dogs and flee to the nearest shelter: a seemingly abandoned mansion. However when they arrive, not all is what it seems, as strange monsters start to attack the remaining members and many of the members go missing. Now it is up to the player character to survive this terror and escape.

The plot maybe minimalist (so much so that it is forgotten about for large chunks of the game) but the game makes up for it in atmosphere. There is a strong sense of isolation and helplessness as the player, due to lack of resources and support, making the game a more intense experience. At points, it does make the game a lot more cryptic than it needs to be, but for the most part it still works in making you more immersed in the game's world.

It also helps that the game plays very well too. Despite sometimes awkward tank-like controls, the game runs at a good pace and is quite fun too, whether you are killing monsters or solving puzzles, with the former being the most frequent throughout the game, and thanks to a variant number of creatures and weapons, it never gets old and despite how later in the game some of the enemies start to regenerate, it is usually is fun to fight these foes. The puzzle solving aspect of the game is also quite good as well, with many of the puzzles being the right level of though in order to be enjoyable, but still fairly challenging as well.

The game's locations are also very detailed and encourages a lot of exploring. Sure the game isn't too huge and is limited in terms of scope , (which to be fair considering how this is a franchise starter) but there is enough in the game that is interesting and you will be curious to look around all around this game's world to find every nook and cranny around the area, which can be very rewarding as you can find many helpful items this way.

The sound design is also excellent. Many of the creatures sound menacing and make them more intimidating, motivating you to kill them as soon as possible, and for the most part, the music is pure brilliance, helping to up the game's creepy atmosphere and at certain points (like when you go into a save room or at the end credits) can be strangely calming as it makes a nice change of pace and tone from the intense action.

Is everything in this game perfect? No, considering how some aspects of the game hasn't aged very well. It isn't just the dreadful voice acting and poor live action sequences, as the graphics haven't aged greatly either. Some of the gameplay aspects are weak as well. The game can be too cryptic sometimes, the tank controls can take some time to get used to for new players & the bosses are very easy, as they usually consist of the same tactics: circle strafing and constantly shooting at it with a rocket launcher will put the creatures out of their misery, which does drain some of the tension and threat when you face them. To be honest, some of the game's regular enemies are harder to kill than these bosses.

Despite those problems, the original Resident Evil has aged very well and stands out as not only one of the best of its genre, but one of the best video games of all time. Fun, tension-filled and always a joy to play, the original Resident Evil is flawed, but it has more than enough polish and great aspects to it that make up for this in spades. If you haven't played this game yet, I would definitely recommend it to you, as it is a true masterclass in survival horror and it is one of the best video games of all time.
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Evil take you
xodanielcasterox18 February 2014
I watched my big brother play this game with his friend when we were kids and my mom wouldn't let me play. I was too young at the time. I've wanted to play it for so long I begged her. As I got older, I immediately locked on to it. The game haunted me and it still does. Every time I play it it never fails to give me chills. The tone is very dark & intense, the scares are flawless, the story is interesting, & it probably has the best characters in the entire franchise: Chris Redfield & Jill Valentine. These two completely own the franchise. Every time I play it it always brings me back. It's dated but it never lost it's style. Resident Evil is one of my favorite games of all time.
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Survival Horror!!!
George Roots (GeorgeRoots)12 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
For a series that started off so well, it truly saddens me to see how the recent "Resident Evil" titles seem to have forgotten what this series is about. Being that "Resident Evil 2" was the first one I played, this is a stellar debut that promises more good to come. The classic PlayStation one trilogy is something truly special by birthing "survival horror", a huge conspiracy driven story, raw fear for one of horrors most endearing icons and cementing Capcom's status as a real "for the player" type company. Resident Evil is a shining example of what rival developers still fail to replicate.

An elite squad from the local city police force, goes missing in the mountains which forces the other squad to investigate. Upon arrival they are chased by bizarrely crazed and bloody dogs, forcing the surviving members to take shelter in the secluded Spencer mansion. Once inside they stumble across the horrifying truths of the previous occupants, and you must help Chris Redfield/Jill Valentine find out what happened to their fellow colleagues in a plot filled with twists, mystery and deception.

I mention this because the introduction video to this game is fantastically cheesy and very self aware. Having it performed by real actors and not rendered in full motion video, help bring this B-Movie style some extreme level of "realism". Strangely bonding you to the main cast, making you want to see their way through the horrors of the mansion safely. However, you'll be put to the test through a wealth of challenging puzzles, whilst having literally less than nothing in terms of items, ammo & health.

Progressing throughout the game never stops having you on edge, and what shines is how much the mansion itself slowly begins to turn on you. No matter how much you manage to prevail or remove the undead threat, these narrow corridors and later areas constantly challenge and overwhelm you to the point where you doubt whether you're going to get Chris/Jill through this. For 1996, these themes were beyond tricky to portray given the industry's graphical limitations and lack of horror prior. But when all is said and done, "Resident Evil" was a landmark upon arrival. Even with the horrendous voice acting and dialogue that has enjoyed a healthy legacy as an internet phenomenon, to spoil anything would be a disservice and I look forward to playing the equally superb GameCube remake.

Final Verdict: Where games like "Silent Hill" may render you to scared to play it, "Resident Evil" throws strategy in the mix to help conquer those fears and ultimately see you through to the end. It's solid gaming entertainment, and the only video game I think would benefit a full live action adaptation (Shot for shot if you will, but certainly not the movies we have been given). 8/10.
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The Game that started it all for Capcom's Famous series
Terryfan22 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Capcom has been known for their classic series like Street Fighter and Mega Man.

However after Shinji Mikami famous game in Japan Sweet Home which is about the group of people trying to escape from a haunted mansion while the game was a Role Playing Game it was the game that Mr.Mikami was inspired by to create the game series that would become Resident Evil

Resident Evil 1 is still called a masterpiece and still manages to hold up to games today. in 2002 the game was remade for The Nintendo GameCube however this is the game that fans love the most.

The story is about a Police Force named STARS (Special Tactics And Rescue Service) send into the forest near the city of Raccoon City to investigate a series of murders in the forest near a Mansion.

The STARS team Bravo team was lost while searching the area The Alpha Team whose Members Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine,Barry Burton and Albert Wesker the team leader are send to search and rescue the team however the group is attack by a group of dogs leaving Forest killed in action

Brad Vickers the Helicopter pilot leaves the scene leaving his teammates to fight for themselves.

The team enter the mansion to take cover only to find out that they have more trouble in store.

The Game two main characters Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine are the characters you choice from each having their own stories.

Chris Redfield main partner Rebecca Chambers is a surviving member of Bravo Stars Team she is the med for the team so she helps you with your wounds in the game.

Jill Valentine main partner is Barry Burton he helps you when you are in trouble for example when you go into a room you are about to be crush before Barry arrives to kick the door down and save you from being crushed. Also the infamous Jill Sandwich line comes in as well.

The Mansion is full of Zombies and monsters created by The Umbrella company with the used of the T-Virus a virus that can reanimated dead cells

The Player must fight their way through this nightmare with limited weapon power and save features

It should be noted that this game while loved also has the worst voice acting in video game history and The Game is also in the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2008 for the "Worst Game Dialogue Ever"

Regardless of the voice acting the game really delivers on the horror factor really making you feel scared the whole time while playing it because it really have things jump out at you when you never see it coming

The Controls in the game don't help out as well because they really limited to make sure the player would be really scared to play

The Music is well done as well and making it some of the best music in video games.

With the fact that Resident Evil has two different story lines in the game because of Chris and Jill it offers replay value making it a worthily challenge

All in All Resident Evil is a must have for any horror fan and fans of the Resident Evil Series

I give Resident Evil a 8 out of 10 a game you can't be without in your collection
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Funhouse of Horror
Johnny Gustafsson26 October 2011
A Rescue Team is send out to the Countryside to rescue another Rescuteam... Boxed in a House for safety comes a new struggle. For its platform its completely genius. Done with a imagination like never before. Its amazing how every Room match so perfectly together throughout the Game. The kind of low-budget acting just adds to its unique charm. Albert Wesker and Barry Burton are in their own true right unforgettable characters. The idea with Zombies came from George A. Romeros Dawn of the Dead and Lucio Fulcis Zombie Flesheaters. But included are different kinds of monsters and places that only a brilliant mind like Shinji Mikami would even dare to come up with. Some of the Soundtracks are truly horrific in a sharp old fashion stile. For extra tension during all the loading time the Door is semi-slow opened to add the feeling of unknowings that awaits beyond every new sights. Groundbreaked and popularized the Survival Horror-genre.
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One of the best computer games you will ever play!
shadowman12326 February 2008
I first played Resident Evil for the Playstation when I was only about 13 or 14. I found it to be a one of the most highly charged and addictive computer games of all time and loved playing it. However I decided to lend it to my friend and the b-tard scratched it completely ruining it!! I NEVER DID GET TO FINISH IT! Although I played the other 2 sequels to it, the fact that I never got around to finishing the first one still went around my head like and obsession and then I finally got my hands on a copy a while back ago so I decided to finish what I had set out to do all those years ago. I don't know what the difference is between the directors cut and this one but I still went ahead with it and well I truly felt satisfied! The story really does not need explaining as I could still pretty vividly remember what it is about however having said that acting that seemed to amaze me now just seems so cheesy that it seems like a badly made B-movie and that also goes for the dialogue. But where after all these years Resident Evil still is impressive is on the level of game play it offers, there is so much for you to do along with creepy music and still a few jump-out-at-you scene however and it may just seem a bit like running around but trust me - it is so much fun. The controls may seem a little fiddles-om at first but once you get used to the it is worth it and there might be a few things to do that one might find tiresome but trust me it is all worth quality of this game. I would urge people who are going re-visit this classic to play as Chris Redfeild because it is harder as he can carry less items than his counterpart Jill Valentine and that will make you enjoy the game a lot more whilst Jill Valentine has the ability to carry more weapons and fire power which makes you whizz right through it. I manage to complete the game as Chris in 5 hours and 21 mins, while Jill took me 4 hours and 15 mins. To conclude Resident Evil is the game that after all this time still has not lost any of its shine, I am aware that a remake was made for the Gamecube which looks brilliant but however this was a piece computer game nostalgia which I truly enjoyed.


For now this is the Shadowman wishing you goodnight and good luck !
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The most important survival horror game!
j_kalle27 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Capcoms Resident Evil is one of the the most iconic games of the 90s and a true revultion for the game industri. Set in a eriee mansion this zombieinfested monsterfest is like taking apart of a atmospheric b-Movie. Beatufyl prerenderd backgrounds, creepy Music and great backstory Draws the player in to the game and the bloody horrors of Raccon City and the evil Umbrella Copration. A must play and probably the best game of the hole Playstion 1 era!
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Would have been a bad B-movie if it had not been such a great game
Field7829 October 2014
Judging by the many 10 star reviews here on the review page, a lot of gamers still have warm feelings for this classic survival game. I have a suspicious feeling that much of the love comes from copious amounts of nostalgia, since Resident Evil was easily the first and best horror game with a cinematic experience to reach a large audience at the time.

I was introduced to the phenomenon by a friend who tirelessly tried to get me at the same level of appreciation as he did. Unfortunately, I couldn't get past the crappy controls that have plagued the series ever since. Just walking down a corridor was easy enough, but any close encounter with a raving zombie got me in a state of panic which quickly killed any adequate reaction and led to an undeserved death by poor maneuverability.

The opposite of a guilty pleasure is a guilty pain, and as much as everyone seemed to love it, I had to decide that Resident Evil just wasn't my thing. However, I kept having this nagging feeling that I was missing out on something great. So when the first game got a fresh new overhaul on the GameCube, I gave it a well-deserved second chance. Several more years of gaming experience had surely paid off; what used to be an impossible combination of buttons was now mastered within a few hours, and I currently rank REmake as one of my all-time favorite games, having already lost count of all the replays.

But let it be said that the firm building blocks upon which the REmake rests still belong to the original. So when I got Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, a slightly expanded GameBoy DS version of the original, I decided to go back to the place where it all began. Of course, I had to look past the graphic limitations and lack of detail as compared to the remake, but it struck me how much of the setting, plot and monsters were already in the original game. The intriguing setup of plunging players into a personal hell and have them find out what happened and how to get out for themselves is still the best way to draw the player into the narrative, and there is nice balance between the zombie threat and ammunition, which means there is no room for a gung-ho gun battle and every shot must count.

What quality is present in the plot and atmosphere, however, is almost undone by the sheer horror that passes for a script and performances. The game is as famous for its scares as it is for its heroically bad dialogs. Hilarious quotes like "You were almost a Jill sandwich" and "I found this weapon. It's really powerful, especially against living things!" would be the stuff of bad legends on its own, but it has to compete with the way the actors deliver their lines. It is hard to describe here, but those who know how the line "WHOOOOAAAAAA! This hall is DANGEROUS!" was pronounced in-game know what I'm talking about.

You might think that both quality and lack thereof in a single work would make for a very bipolar game, but the opposite is true. Upon playing, I found this game to be like an amusingly bad horror movie where the tense parts are periodically interrupted by unintentional comic relief. Because the script is cheesy all the way through, it really adds to the overall B- movie quality of the game, but at the end, you'll still be satisfied by the decent plot, gameplay and puzzles that challenged you.

I'll admit that I still prefer the REmake: it had a more serious tone, better scares, expanded plot, better actors and an improved script to match, making it a excellent B-movie where I would rate the original as a 'good' B- movie, but that doesn't take away from the fact that the original game is still the definition of interactive horror that changed the way of gaming for the next couple of decades.
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Behold.. the original.. BIOHAZARD
Patience_Is_A_Virtue23 October 2007
Or RESIDENT EVIL. Muhahaha. THIS is it, people! This is one of the best PS1 games out there, every video game fanatic should give it a go! Plus, it features some of the best RE characters. Chris, Jill, Barry, and even Wesker! What more could you want in a game?? It's the first, might not be the best but it's still amazing. This was where the legacy that is Resident Evil first made it's mark. You can play as either Jill or Chris, though I prefer Jill, DO NOT ask me why. The voice acting is admit ably baaaaad, but that doesn't matter in a game like this! Even the graphics are hot for a game made in 1996! Take a look at Silent Hill! Came out in '99 and the graphics were hardly great! Still, a game doesn't need great graphics to be awesome, but Resident Evil not only is awesome but it has awesome graphics anyway! I'm rambling! Just play this game, and you'll see that RESIDENT EVIL is one of the best game series' out there. Go on!
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A flawed classic
mentalcritic30 August 2005
Contrary to what some revisionists might have you believe, Biohazard was not the first video game to feature content excluding the demographic of the small child. Nor was it particularly innovative in that sense. What it did have over its competition in the mid-1990s was a daring concept that stretched the boundaries of action-adventure. So much so, in fact, that it coined a whole new genre of its own, of which it has since emerged as one of the best. Sure, there have been other entries in the genre such as Dino Crisis or the instructively titled Run Like Hell, but Biohazard, or Resident Evil as it is known outside of Japan, is the one against which all others are judged. No other adventure game features so much tense or combative excitement, and no other adventure game features such craptastic voice acting. Those who have wondered whether any of the so-called live action footage in a video game is "shot" before the voices are dubbed will be enlightened by Biohazard and the series built around it.

The makers of Biohazard and its many sequels freely admit that they were inspired by an obscure little horror film called Night Of The Living Dead. In the affectionately-known Dead series, the zombies could be most easily taken as a representation of the lowest common denominator. Like its inspiration, Biohazard gets the player feeling comfortable by bringing one or two zombies out of the woodpile. The player figures that ammunition is not a concern if these creatures are all they have to worry about. Then they enter rooms with one or two zombies shambling about. Then suddenly, they find themselves facing half a dozen zombies, with only half a clip of ammunition. This is to say nothing of all the other terrible things that lurk in the halls, waiting to feast on your character. As one of the tag-lines put it, if the suspense does not kill you, something else will. As it turned out, the Spencer Mansion where most of the game is set was never short of those somethings.

Yes, the graphics are crude, the voice acting hilarious, and the control system sluggish. The entire series has become notorious for featuring human characters that move like an M1A1 Abrams with a sackful of sugar in its fuel tank. And yet, in spite of these obvious flaws, the games attracted enough of a loyal audience that they were adapted into films years after the initial release. Try to name one video game you played six years after it was released, and you soon see just how much of an impact Biohazard made on the market. Yet, for all of its grandeur, the plot that drives the game is rather simple. A group of specialist police officers, similar in concept to the S.W.A.T., are investigating a series of disappearances and animal attacks in the mountains. When their helicopters are downed and they are set upon by wild animals, they retreat to a mansion. Barricading themselves inside, they start looking around and find that they have stumbled upon something so terrible the monsters they encounter become the least of their problems.

Every video game from Wonderboy In Monsterland to DOOM has featured a convoluted item search system to extend game time. Some of these virtual scavenger hunts have proved to be as annoying as hell, mostly because the game has no good reason to rely on them. Resident Evil features what is quite possibly the most convoluted Find Item X To Insert In Slot Y plots in the history of video games, but with a difference. Whether it is the slowly-revealed, thoroughly creepy plot or the desire to get to the bottom of the story, there is something thoroughly compelling about Resident Evil. There would have to be - a game cannot survive in spite of crap controls and terrible voice acting without some form of strength. Resident Evil has enough atmosphere for thirty survival horror games, with more to spare. Indeed, Resident Evil gives us such insight into what it is like to be the star of a B-grade Japanese zombie horror film that this alone makes the game worth the asking price. Sure, the concept was not as developed as was the case in the first of many sequels, but it was there to greet us like a tired old friend in the original.

Out of ten, the original Resident Evil is an eight. It is worth tracking down in any second-hand video game store. If you can find the director's cut or dual-shock editions of the game, so much the better.
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Joseph Legg22 October 2001
I am not going to say much but this game is really cool! It was scarier then most movies more enjoyable then most games and is one of the best games I have ever played. This game would give Alfred Hitchcock nightmares. The gameplay was easy and the puzzles were challeging. This game is a must have if you own a playstation.
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