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It's not THAT bad!
AdrenalinDragon26 April 2010
I'm a bit shocked at the low ratings of this movie. It's no way near a 1 out of 10. I think its because if you were an adult when you saw this, you would give it a 1 out of 10 straight away. Like when I saw it when I was 8 or 9 years old originally at the cinema, all the kids enjoyed it, including myself, whilst the adults were just snoring away! They didn't even give it a chance! As of writing this review, at the age of 19, the movie is still OK in my opinion. The sequel was better, but I think Mewtwo was pretty cool in it, and its not that long either so don't just completely bash it just because it has the name "Pokemon" on it. Season 1 of Pokemon was awesome, and I wasn't even a huge fan of the anime! Finish it first, and sure there are some plot holes in it, but hey I still think the movie is entertaining. Overall, a 6/10 at best (as a teen/adult), but that means its passable.
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Tell me what we're fighting for
GaryCXJk12 September 2003
Well, I liked Pokemon the first moment I saw the series... actually, after a few episodes. Anyways, after I saw the video clip "Don't Say You Love Me" (M2M), I wanted to see the movie.

Now, finally, after a few years and a DVD player later, I bought the movie, and I gotta tell ya, I regret it that I didn't see it in the cinemas... actually, I don't, because, well, I was "too old" for pokemon. That's the biggest bullpoo I ever heard. Well, sure, pokemon is mainly for young people, but I did enjoy the movie, for an 18 year old guy.

Well, back to the movie. The movie is great. I've seen the movie in Dutch first (because I'm used to the Dutch voices, and they sound better to me). The way Mewtwo's voice was used, it was as if Mewtwo was really in your head. But you'll need Dolby Surround for that experience. Also, the way the movie reffered back to the series, perfect. I mean, if you haven't seen the series, then that's okey, but don't look weird if you don't understand certain events and jokes and such.

The most unique thing is that this Pokemon movie really shows how much the Pokemon can care for their trainer. ** ENDING HINT ** You can mostly see it near the end of the movie.

Pokemon: The First Movie is probably the first movie that succeeded on following up their series successfull. It may not be a great movie, but it sure was fun to look at.
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For the love of God, people! It's a good movie!
PeyotePete13 October 2002
I admit that I came into the theater completely biased against Pokémon, and I still hate nearly everything about it... with the exception of this film (and the opening theme for Johto League Champions.) Admittedly, the movie was probably pumped out of the studio in order to rake in more and more cash (and it worked) but somehow, the writer managed to keep a stong, albeit thinly veiled anti-violence sentiment. There were also some acts of cheesy heroism I found downright heartwarming. Also notable is the incredible magnitude of the backgrounds. The flying palace was absolutely stunning. I liked it. But, you probably won't. Don't watch it.
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An awesome kid's action flick
Dragoneyed3639 April 2008
Although I am certainly not a fan of some of these animated fighting shows that are utterly ridiculous, in my opinion (i.e.: Naruto, Digimons and One Piece), Pokémon has always had a place in my heart, for some odd reason, and I really enjoyed this movie to the fullest extent. I had always hated some of the animated TV shows that came on television, more specifically Cartoon Network, except for a small amount, and Pokémon was one of the exceptions in the small amount.

Soon, when they came out with the movie, I was actually impatient to see it! It of course was some time ago when I was still somewhat little, but I would still be dying to see it if they made it nowadays and would be just as pumped up about it. When I did see it, I thought the film was true to the show and did an excellent job at conquering what it set out to do, and that was entertain fans and be fun all around!

It wasn't like any other kind of animated movie in it's genre, as many think it is just a run-of-the-mill letdown. I thought it had a really interesting theme and I was amazed at how they were able to pull off such an exciting and fun kids movie without destroying the originality of the TV show and without the use of lame jokes like toilet humor, though I mean, there were still some jokes and lines that could be considered extremely lame, unless you just accept it for what it's worth, which, I did, and without the use of inane "curse" words that parents would find insulting nowadays, if you understand what I mean.

Yes, there is fighting, which cancels out "the heart and soul" the show and movies try to set out, but still, in the end, it tells kids that fighting isn't the answer and kids eventually grow up knowing that Pokémon aren't real, so they shouldn't have to copy their actions. I say these things only because most critics condemn this film for those reasons. Oh well, Pokémon: The First Movie, I must say really isn't even the best of the Pokémon movies, it's actually my second favorite, but it was still very excellent and worth the time to watch with great battle sequences, superb characters and an effective plot and message. This film is great, people need to lighten up and enjoy it for what it was...
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Prepare for trouble
Vasitor17 November 1999
Okay now, be honest. How many of you who rated this movie a '1' actually saw it? Probably none. Pokemon rule; yes, I will admit to being another 20 year old who enjoys pokemon; I went to see it with my 18 year old brother, too. It might be a little sappy with its message, but it's a lot of fun to watch, anyway. The best part of the movie is the final showdown between Mew and Mewtwo; not because of the battle, but because of the conversation: Mewtwo- "Why do you run? Are you afraid to learn who is supreme?!" Mew- "Mew"

If you've rated this movie a one just because you think it's dumb or a bad influence on kids, I've got three words for you.

"Get over yourself"
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People This Movie is for Little Kids
rpannier6 December 2003
I took my kids to see Pokemon with their friends and they all loved it. Every child in the theater seemed to enjoy the movie, as did some of the adults. I think this movie is much more appropriate for children than a lot of the schlock that is put out for kids. This movie is for children. And it worked well on that level.
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This Movie rocks you gata see it if you love Pokemon!
olc17 November 1999
This movie is "da bomb"! If you love pokemon you will obviously love the movie Quote the tagline "Prepare for the gratest match ever!" so I recommend you see it. And yes James of Team Rocket does rock. But if you want to know the movies plot too bad you will have to see the movie! BYE P.S. this site and every member rock!!!
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This is a wonderful, moving film that everyone should see!
sparrowgirl18 November 1999
I'm a nearly 17 year old girl, and therefore I am not the targeted audience for this film. However, as soon as my little brother introduced me to the world of Pokemon, I fell in love. And what's not to love? The TV show is smart, funny, sweet, and at times touching (I sobbed during "Goodbye Pikachu" and "Bye bye Butterfree"). There are plenty of characters for both girls and boys to identify with (which are something I think a lot of cartoons/video games/comic books lack these days) and it teaches good morals. So needless to say I was thrilled to go see Pokemon the first movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back, and today my Mom(who's also a huge Pokemon fan at age 47) and little brother and I went to the theater.

I was surprised to find the place was packed with a lot of boys who looked like they were at least in their late teens or early 20s. But of course there were plenty younger kids and parents there as well. My Mom and brother (who's 12 btw) had seen the Japanese sub-titled version of the film and had warned me that it was going to be a rather dark plot, and that it was sad... But I didn't expect what actually happened at all.

The first half an hour or so is taken up but a short, and very cute film called "Pikachu's Summer Vacation" which I became absorbed in as the 3 year old a few rows back! Of course it helped that my favourite Pokemon, Jigglypuff, had a part in it!

Moving on, the feature film, "Mewtwo Strikes Back" started out in a very dramatic, Batman-ish way, and I don't think that the younger kids in the audience were ready for that. The next part of the film, which introduces us to Ash, Misty, Brock, and their Pokemon, happens in a much lighter tone - like the show usually is, but that doesn't last for long. Soon afterwards our heroes, along with some other trainers are invited to a battle with someone described as the world's toughest trainer.

Now for those of you who've never seen Pokemon or know little about it, one of the important things to remember is that these are NOT war like battles and the object is not to kill anyone's Pokemon. What Pokemon battles are, is more like a karate match where they fight for sport until one of them is K.O'd (or fainted as they say in the video game). They never fight for the sake of fighting; they fight because it helps the Pokemon become stronger.

One of the things that I really loved about the trainers that were invited to this ultimate battle is that they really did love their pokemon and they cared for them, as one should with any living being. A lot of people tend to ignore this aspect of Pokemon and consider it to be a marketing scheme because of the tag line "Gotta Catch 'em All" but in truth it is not that way at all. On the show and in the game (although not in the movie) Ash's rival trainer Gary is obsessed with the act of catching as many pokemon as possible...And that's a trait to be looked down upon. Although Ash doesn't have as many Pokemon as Gary, he cares for the ones he does have and treats them as his best friends, and that's why he's the hero and Gary is not.

The new Pokemon in the film, Mewtwo, does not understand that many of the trainers love their Pokemon, because he was created by scientists for their own benefit and he has a strong hatred for humans because of this.

Once the characters had entered the Castle where this battle was to take place, the film became a lot darker and action packed. In turn many of the little kids who were there started screaming - but that's understandable, I mean I was freaked out by some of the things that happened! Also the intensity becomes a lot greater.

Never fear though, Ash being the brave person he is comes through and saves the day - with the help of the pokemon, and teaches Mewtwo that it isn't the life that you're given that makes you who you are, but rather it's what you choose to do with it.

I am a person who tries very hard never to cry in public places (which include movie theaters) no matter how sad I am. But with the Pokemon movie, I just couldn't hold back and spent the last half-hour of it crying my eyes out! Honestly, it touched me on a level that few movies have been able to.

The only complaint I have about it is that the soundtrack was made in extremely poor taste. I've been into Pokemon for about 2 years now, and I must say that with the exception of 3 songs on that album, the rest had NOTHING to do with the meaning of Pokemon or the film! It wasn't the fact that the type of music and the artists that were on the album are not really my style... But it was rather that the songs were *very* sexual and I think it's INSANE to put songs about "giving it to you" among other things, on an album that's aimed for children! Especially when there's nothing even remotely related to that subject involved in anything Pokemon!
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Mark Aguirre6 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
it was a OK movie but the story was weak and i did not like the character development.also the moral made me think that i was just watching a really long episode of Pokemon.that and the fact that it was "fighting was wrong" which made no sense in a Pokemon movie.the action was pretty good.also it is very kid friendly but some of you might think it is too kid friendly.plus who could not like a movie with pikachu just a little bit. also some of the jokes were pretty good and they didn't completely try and force the moral on to you which was good because it was horrible .if you don't want this moral watch the Japanese version if you can find it. if none of those flaws matter to you at all though then this is your movie.
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Short yet long
chrisjgray200015 June 2001
This movie is really has you may have heard a feature length episode of the cartoon series and got to get a cinema release. The thing is with this movie is that it is pretty good. It has now become one of my favorite animated movies along with Mulan and Perfect Blue. Its really about Mewtwo who wants to destroy all Pokemon and humans so he and clone Pokemon can rule the earth. Its dialogue isn't bad and the movie could have used a bit more effort than rushing through the movie and giving no detail but all in the end I'm going to be nice and give it a nice **** 4stars.
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Pokemon, rocks.
devil_babe_123426 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Pokemon has got to be one of the best animation series ever. The Game, The Series, The Cards ... The Movies are all just excellent. To really enjoy a movie like Pokemon, you need to be able to let your imagination run wild and believe. The First Movie, and probably one of the best movies has got everything a Child Movie needs - cute characters, good guys, bad guys and of course something to have a little cry over (Ash's near death experience with Mew and Mewtwo). Pokemon shows viewers that anything is possible, and the love is the key. The love between Ash and Pikachu is just amazing, and even though its a cartoon I envy it. If only Pokemon were real ...
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Its Based on Frankenstein, How Could It Be Bad?
Flameshadow29 November 2004
I first saw this when I was probably 10 or 11 years old, and I appreciated it then as being a moving and entertaining film, as well as surprisingly philosophical. I was deeply offended when they did it in English and, through dubbing, changed the entire moral lesson into something far more cheesy, clichéd, and dumbed down.

See, even a 12 year old can appreciate quality film! (I just gained another year there......) In any case, it was the first anime I'd seen in Japanese, and I was impressed with the whole thing; the music was awesome, the dialogue was meaningful, the voices were cute, and the names were....strange and hard to remember. But thats OK. Names are not important.

I liked the way Mewtwo kept saying "Where am I? Who am I?". He said it so often, it was the first phrase I learned in Japanese. I concluded that both would come in handy should I ever find myself lost in Japan.

Later, as my Anime horizons expanded, and a anime-obsessive friend of mine taught me some basic phrases, and found I could recognise a lot of what was said. The vocabulary is fairly simple; its a good movie to practise your Japanese on.

And finally, the most impressive thing I found. Upon reading Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, I kept noticing similarities. Of course many, many things are different, but the basic themes are there: who asked to create me? I hate everything that made me."This is not an attack, nor a declaration of war, but revenge on you who made me" Except this one has a happy ending.

If You have seen the movie in English....well, what can I say, its better in Japanese. :P
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Decent enough sci-fi anime movie, but I would not take an American child under 6.
Shenlon-216 November 1999
As far as Japanese Anime in America goes, this was an excellent movie. This was a typical sci-fi plot about man's need to control nature. The animation was decent, and 10 times better than Scooby-Doo. The Pokémon just added the cuteness aspect present in all Japanese anime.

As a movie for children, I thought the beginning was very violent. They may not have shown actual violent scenes, but then neither did the A-Team. As for the ending, kids who live a sheltered life are in for a surprise. My friend had to do some fancy explaining to his young children about what really happened in the movie. Hey, Pokémon tears are better than Dragon Balls any day.

Also, parents should watch Pokémon with their kids on TV before taking them to the movie. The movie will be a lot more enjoyable if you understand the characters. The movie has little character/plot development because it is all done in the series. Typical for anime movies, this one did not affect the series storyline in anyway.

Finally, if you just love to watch Pokémon in action, then Pikachu's Vacation is made for you. Reminded me of Charlie Brown shows in that you never saw the faces of any humans, just their talking feet. Pokémon is probably so popular with children because the language that Pokémon speak is universal. Adults have a hard time understanding Pokémon language because they rely too much on what is spoken and not how it is spoken. Pokémon speak with emotion, something every child understands. The few bits of dialoge added to the short feature were probably more for the adults in the audience than the children themselves.

Pika pika pi-pika, pi-pikachu!
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Great movie!
Erica Storm28 April 2008
I loved this movie! :D It was the first movie I ever saw in the theater. Great movie! the action, the drama.. For a kid i was really impressed! (A) and secretly I still like to watch it :O i have not seen the other movies yet of pokemon.. I wonder how they are? I am confused when it comes to the series.. what part they are and what has all happened and has Ash already won a final? ;o i only followed the first season completely, after that it slipped. I don't get it why a lot of people voted 1 for this movie tho :S Its not that bad! oh well.. i don't know what else to say,, :P GIVE THE MOVIE A CHANCE, you winers! :P i have it on video.. haha

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A great film with many messages.
takeruhikari22 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Like many others, I have watched this when it first came out in theaters. I was in elementary school at the time when Pokemon was really popular. To understand this movie (and the others,) people have to watch the series to understand it. But it also have many messages to bring to those who haven't watch the series.

While it is thought of as a child's film, one cannot help but notice that it has many messages in the movie. It isn't just about good and bad, it was about everything else. How Ash cares so deeply for his Pokemon (especially Pikachu.) How Pokemon shouldn't be fighting to this extent(enter Brother my Brother by Blessid Union of Souls.) How the impossible can be possible. How people and Pokemon can get along and how one person's wrongdoing doesn't mean all should suffer because of it. Many of these concepts brought up in the movie can be brought up in real life. The love an owner gives to his dog is just one example, while getting along with another person is another.

The show may seem straight-forward. But when you think of what kind of messages it sends to its viewers, that is when a good film becomes a great film.
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A nice nostalgia trip.
Matthew McNaughton13 July 2012
I grew up loving Pokemon, and this was one of the first movies I saw in theaters. It wasn't as good as I remembered, but it's still a great kid's movie. I have to mention that the harbor master lady was wholly unnecessary, but other than that the characters were enjoyable. I'm not surprised that Team Rocket found their way into this film, but they're great comic relief.

I'm a big fan of Mew. Anytime it popped up on screen I had a *squeeee* attack. MewTwo was also pretty badass-looking, but I'm so confused as to why he had such disproportionately large legs. What did he use them for, since he can just float around.
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some might call me childlike for still having a soft spot for Pokemon. I prefer the term young-at-heart.
TheUnknown837-116 July 2010
When I took the time to track down and watch both "Pokemon: The First Movie" and "Pokemon: the Movie 2000" for the first time in years, my feelings were swamped with joyous nostalgia tracing back to my younger years. There were times I felt I should have grown up in Japan, because all of my favorite media products came from that great island nation. Godzilla and Pokemon. Those were my two obsessions. Yes, I was one of millions from around the globe who collected the trading cards and checked in on the television show and played the video-games (I still have a soft spot for the N64 game "Pokemon Stadium") and watched the movies when they popped up here in the U.S. Pokemon continued to ride strong in my interests until after a while, when they created more than 151 little fighting monsters and things just bogged down to the point where they were excessively juvenile and just dumb. It was the same syndrome that momentarily struck Godzilla in the 70s. The king of the monsters recovered, but Pokemon didn't. It sank away for me, and many and although Pokemon is still around and still (fairly) popular with the younger generation, it no longer has the cult status it once ruled with.

But just because I am no longer swamped with obsession does not mean I cannot still feel the joy of this innocent little saga looking back on it as an adult. Yes, before you question me, I still enjoy the Pokemon movie. In fact, I enjoy both of them, especially "Pokemon 2000." But this review concerns the first one, released in 1999. For those who do not know, there are a lot of Pokemon, but one in particular, called Mew, is the strongest of them all. One day, some fiddling scientists clone from Mew's DNA a newer, stronger beast called Mewtwo: a psychic creature infuriated by how Pokemon seem to have become slaves to humans. And very slowly, he begins to set up a trap to restore Pokemon to what he feels is their rightful place in the world, at the top. Once again we rendezvous with our heroes, as the narrator calls them, from the TV show. There's Ash Ketchum, Misty, Brock, and of course, the little lightning-surged rodent Pikachu. After a prologue revolving around Mewtwo, we dive in with them.

There is a lot of advertisement in "Pokemon: The First Movie." It is very much a merchandise exploitation to further the interest of kids in the cards, games, and series. But kids endorse these sort of things. I know, because I remember I did when I was eight or so and saw the movie for the first time. I mean, what kid wouldn't like to have an army of monsters at his command and be able to duke them out with other monsters? It's like having Godzilla and Mothra and Rodan at your command.

What I really liked about "Pokemon: The First Movie" then and now is that, like Godzilla, it's innocent and goodhearted fun. It's not meant to be taken too seriously, and nobody does, and it is inoffensive, harmless, joyful, and really nostalgia-stirring. It's also enjoyable because it makes the best out of what it has. The Japanese animation, even the movie's detractors note, is eye candy. It's rich, colorful, and fun to look at. I also enjoy twists in the story, such as how one of Ash's Pokemon, a dragon-like thing called Charizard, refuses to obey its master. There's personality in the Pokemon, in Mewtwo, and especially in Pikachu, who dare I say it, is actually kind of adorable as far as animated, imaginary animals are concerned. There is a lot of personality in this little rodent, especially in the eyes, which are well-animated, and in its voice. There's also a trio of bumbling villains, two rockstar would-be secret agents and their talking cat Meowth, who have some very funny moments as they try to make a good impression for their boss by kidnapping Pikachu. There's also the emphasis on whether or not Pokemon and humans are really master and slave or friend and friend.

If I do have anything negative to say about the movie it is the fact that it really just feels like an extended version of a TV episode rather than a feature film. A movie adaptation needs to push the boundaries and expand rather than just use the same material at greater pacing. That's why I personally prefer "Pokemon 2000" because it does what I mentioned.

That's all I have to say in a bad manner.

I know I will have a lot of insulting comments thrown in my direction, but I see nothing wrong with number one, having liked Pokemon in my youth, and number two, still mildly enjoying Pokemon as an adult, looking back on a time when I was more innocent, more open-minded, and more willing to accept things that were outside of what we were "supposed to like and not like." Some may choose to call me childish for liking "Pokemon: The Movie." I think the proper term would be young-at-heart.
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This movie is wonderful for the whole family!
acbrandi25 September 2008
By the time this movie came out Pokemon was already taboo to any one over the age of twelve. So when my younger brother begged me to take him to see it I was naturally skeptical. Pokemon was a kids show, a simplistic card game, and a video game whose sheer popularity made it "uncool." What could this movie offer me? Long story short I ended up taking my brother to see it, and ended up delighted that I did.

The story is drawing, you genuinely want to know what happens next. It's messages of friendship, acceptance, and love are something everyone of any age could benefit from, and just to top it off the music is awesome (granted a little "boy band" for today, but still awesome)!

I would recommend this movie for any one with kids. The bright colorful world of Pokemon will keep them entertained, and it's a story that even an adult can enjoy.
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It's a good movie for kids, that's why old people don't like it duh
arestes_de22 May 2006
Either that or there's a bunch of people who wanted this movie to be so low rated because i just saw the ratings and the reason why this movie got so low rates is that a lot of votes rated it 1 versus another bunch of votes rating it 10. It's a conspiracy or something. First off, the movie was mercilessly chopped to avoid ANY controversy. For example the part when the scientist tell Mewtwo that only God and the humans can create life. i mean , there were a lot of things that would have actually helped the movie to be better appreciated, not just as a cheesy movie for kids. but the Americans, as usual, ruined it , really. Even so, the American version is not that bad, except for the soundtrack of course... (M2M O_o). Also, this is not a good old "Evil versus Good" guys movie.. if you pay attention to the story (somewhat distorted by the Americans again)you will see that Mewtwo is just a confused guy who didn't want to be evil after all, he realizes that his life is more important than superfluous things like being a clone, or black , or whatever lol... anyway ... i just wanna say that the 3.2 rating of this movie is COMPLETELY unfair.
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Child logic is alien to adults.
glugg419 November 2009
Back in 1999 I saw this in the theater, and being at the young innocent age that I was at the time, I liked it. So much, in fact that I bought it. (Keep in mind, I was young and innocent, also I had played the games and watched the shows, which I liked too.) Now ten long, life changing years have gone by, and now that I look back at Pokemon, I realize just how absurd, inconsistent and strange it was. I won't say it was bad, just odd and hyperactive. Like the kids of it's generation.

Which brings me to the point of the viewers. Kids. Not adults. The reason Pokémon is seen as so strange by adults is because they are not its target viewers. For those of you who can't follow the story, even if you have tried, you must understand that this show was not made to make sense to adults. Childhood is required to make sense of this show. I don't think Charles Darwin could follow this show, and it deals with evolution. The only adults that understand it were the ones who had watched it when they were kids. So my point is, you should look at this show with a child's innocent perspective and you may get something out of it other than noise. (albiet, it may not be a philosophical lesson, but it will be something.)
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the Japanese version is better, but the translation is decent
Andrew24 August 2009
Okay, first, if you will find this movie not making any sense, please note that it is an "English adaptation", not a direct translation. This version is edited and has a changed story, which many viewers found stupid (the reason for low ratings). The Japanese version was called "too scary and not suitable for children", so, 4Kids Entertainment overwrote practically everything, and deleted no less than 10 minutes of the opening sequence. Don't want to spoil anything, but you actually must watch the original opening to understand the story. An even better option is to view the whole Japanese version with subtitles.

There is ONE good thing about the English adaptation. The original orchestral music that was made by Ralph Schtukett is marvelous. I'm not sure, but the theatrical or the DVD version has some low quality pop songs added to mar an otherwise perfect score.

Even with the story changes and the inclusion of stupid songs (in theatrical or DVD version, not sure), this movie deserves a 7 out of 10. The animation is wonderful, on par with the best things in anime genre. And the original score is great.
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It proves why Pokemon should not be rated "G"
Poke5048 March 2009
This is it, the one we've all been waiting for. Everyone shook with anticipation to see the first Pokemon movie, and here is what I thought: Really good. I really liked it. And definitely worthy of a PG rating. I grew up with Pokemon, so it was natural for me to love the movie (though I can point out when one is bad). One thing that may mislead you is the fact that it was giving a G rating. Unlike the show (most of the time), this movie deals with the topic of death in many ways. Confirmed that scientists in the one of the early scenes were killed, this proves that Pokemon is not for little kids. It's got morals, action, and everything you could want. Seeing as Pokemon has a number of haters, I recommend watching the movie yourself and make that descision. I, being as big of a Pokemon fan as I am, would show this movie to anyone ready for a good anime.
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Made Me cry like a little emo kid
when I first heard of a Pokemon movie, I didn't really care. I mean - hey, I was the Jock of my high school. going to all the cool parties, getting attention from all the girls. I was invited to a kegger one night and Pokemon: The First Movie was being shown on TV. This movie was absolutely Amazing. I held hands with a guy named John as we held back our tears. We both thought the movie was absolutely wonderful. I couldn't take it anymore, Mewtwo does something so incredibly evil that all the Pokemon start crying. after I saw this movie I dyed my hair black, grew it out infront of my face and kept trying to steal a pair of my sisters jeans. I went out and bought the new My Chemical Romance And Silverstein albums. now I'm the outcast in my school, making out with other guys and throwdowning at screamo concerts. all because of Pokemon: The First Movie. I recommend it 10/10
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The First Pokemon Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back
mrusty56 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The first Pokemon movie is as expected, the first of a long line of animated films based on the anime cartoon. For those who do not know what Pokemon is, it is a popular franchise originating from Japan, starting as a video game series, but expanding into a cartoon and a several spin-off movies. The first movie is an exceptional film tribute to the series, although some of the later films do top this.

The movie's plot is very basic if one can get past all the amazing effects and characters. The original number of Pokemon is 151, but this movie introduces #150 and #151 - Mewtwo and Mew. Mewtwo is a clone Pokemon created from the DNA of Mew, and is generally the strongest Pokemon in the world. After being used as a lab rat and a weapon by humans, Mewtwo becomes vengeful on the world, believing humans and Pokemon living together can never work out. And so he plots to destroy the world through a lightning storm and replace all lifeforms with Pokemon clones. However, the cartoon's heroes, Ash Ketchum and his electric mouse buddy Pikachu are there to save the day, along with the strongest Pokemon from the first generation. The film ends with a brief tragedy and then Mewtwo simply erases the memories of all the characters in the film so they forget everything.

I did enjoy the film, but a couple of things did surprise me. The cartoon and the movies are licensed by 4Kids, a dubbing company known for apparently "destroying anime" with their heavy editing to the shows. However, the movie seemed to be left alone apart from the English voice actors. The film had a large amount of physical violence, including about a minute and a half montage of poor Pikachu being repeatedly slapped by his crying clone. From the 4Kids shows I have seen, violence has been kept to a minimum, but I suppose this movie was left alone due to it being part of the plot. Some Pokemon names were wrong, although the editors said this was done deliberately. Overall, this film was generally good but a bit too violent for Pokemon's standards.
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