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Plot Summary

  • When a group of scientists are offered funding into genetic research if they agree to try and clone the greatest ever Pokémon, Mew, the end result is success and Mewtwo is born. However Mewtwo is bitter about his purpose in life and kills his masters. In order to become the greatest he throws open a challenge to the world to battle him and his Pokémon. Ash and his friends are one of the few groups of trainers who pass the first test and prepare for battle. However they soon find out about further cloning and Mewtwo's ultimate plan for the earth.

    - Written by bob the moo
  • A scientist has found a way to genetically clone one of the Pokemon named Mew. His invention is named Mewtwo. Mewtwo then clones other Pokemons on his own. Sort of a revolt of the Poki. Each Pokemon has a different kind of power. The hero, Ash Ketcham ventures with his friends to the villain's island, where battles take place between lots of different kinds of and their clones.

    - Written by Pokeballs
  • Scientists genetically create a new Pokémon, Mewtwo, but the results are horrific and disastrous.

    - Written by Ian Pugh <skypilot@ezaccess.net>


Pokémon: The First Movie (Pocket Monsters the Movie: Mewtwo's Counterattack) is the first Pokémon anime film directed by Kunihiko Yuyama...

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