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The Japanese animation is beautiful, and the script adaptation for the English-speaking audience is well-paced, clever, and absorbing enough to keep parents from squirming.
New York Daily News
The favorable three-star rating I'm giving the animated Pokémon: The First Movie is based at least partly on the fact that I expected to dislike it and didn't.
What a mere adult reviewer has to say about this 70-minute film is probably irrelevant. Pokémon fans will see it -- and love it -- regardless.
San Francisco Examiner
The film is obviously a long-form episode of a show better digested in 22-minute segments.
Entertainment Weekly
A dismayingly impersonal piece of anime, genial yet chaotic.
Chicago Sun-Times
It's just a sound-and-light show, linked to the marketing push for Pokemon in general.
San Francisco Chronicle
It isn't terrible. It's far from a milestone in Japanese animation, and not an especially memorable entertainment. Yet it doesn't try to be either of those things.
USA Today
Plays a little like a pacifistic variation on Bruce Lee's "Enter the Dragon."
Essentially, the film functions as a holiday catalog, introducing fans to a new Pokemon whose effigy they can collect in trading cards.
The sense that the movie serves mostly to showcase a slew of purchasable cartoon figures loses nothing in the translation.
Pokémon isn't even good animation, unless the standard of measure is the crude LCD graphics of a Game Boy.
Mr. Showbiz
First the TV show, then the video games, the playing cards, the books, the clothes, and now the movie -- the dreaded movie.

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