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One small step

Author: James McEnanly ( from United States
23 March 2002

"Living and Working in Space" is a brief study of life in space, both in 1993, and in the near-future. It features an assortment of skits with documentary footage about life in space. The main story involves a high-school student, named Arturo, (Raymond Cruz), who is confessing to his calculus teacher(Jaime Escalante), that he finds the subject too taxing. After a few words of encouragement, the story jumps ahead about 10 or 15 years, to find our student now en-route to the Moon.

Other sketches include a couple of asteroid miners (Vincent Schiavelli, James Stephens III) , an asteroid deflection team(Pat Morita, Sheila Tousey) , and a Lunar Chemical Engineer with a housekeeping problem (Kathy Bates). The best of these sketches involves a Lunar economic development agent (Rodney Grant)reviewing a series of 'off-beat' applicants. The weakest sketch involves Jesse Ventura as a DMV candidate, taking a Lunar Driving test. The whole skit just shows him thinking. This was well before he became governor of Minnesota. This program would be good to get middle school students involved in the study of space.

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Kinda like a real-life "Firefly," but boring

Author: goatsniper from United States
11 October 2005

A PBS documentary from the early nineties, its definitely showing its age. The show's basically a bunch of short skits (alternately funny and bizarre) with minor celebrities interspersed with actual predictions and explanations from scientists. Unfortunately some of those predictions are of the "By the end of the century we'll be doing something completely ridiculous like living on the moon. No seriously, we will," variety.

It was well thought out, I'll give them that. Segments like the one on interior design in space are thought-provoking, and probably would be a real concern for the first space pioneers (they talk about how things like furniture and wall colors will need to change to stave off boredom and insanity), even if it seems a bit trivial.

What I really thought was interesting was, early on, one of the scientists mentions that space exploration would be like frontier life. They then showed scenes of space travel paralleled with the taming of the west. Maybe I've got "Firefly" on the brain, but the first thing I thought was, "Holy crap, Joss Whedon must've seen this." Maybe he didn't, but its still not a bad little program if you can find it.

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