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Entertainment Weekly
Malty brew of heroics and minutiae.
Boston Globe
A mildly entertaining but tepid extravaganza more suited to television than the big screen.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Much of the dialogue is the silliest sort of fantasy mush, and a good deal of the picture appears to have been shot while the lighting guys were out to lunch.
New York Daily News
The special effects work fine for minor acts of magic, but the climactic aerial dragon fight is lame, and most of the performances are at the level of high school plays.
Miami Herald
A splashy, silly movie that inexplicably stars Jeremy Irons but will delight 10-year-old boys across the realm. Regrettably, the hordes of pre-adolescent boys it would have delighted most were that age 20 years ago.
Chicago Sun-Times
Dungeons & Dragons looks like they threw away the game and photographed the box it came in.
San Francisco Chronicle
The audience has already checked out, long before the formulaic finish.
USA Today
Worst of all, Marlon Wayans' performance as a cowardly thief would have seemed in bad taste a half-century ago.
Chicago Tribune
The sad truth is, I can say nothing to recommend this film.
Baltimore Sun
The plot is as thin and confusing as it sounds.
Whalin is awful, Birch is saddled with lines that would make a silent film star blanch and Irons devours huge chunks of scenery with the ferocity of one of those dog-fighting dragons.
New York Post
Tacky-looking, incoherent, badly acted and hopelessly directed disaster is easily the dullest adventure film of 2000.

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