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Season 1

30 Aug. 1999
Rico, Flores and Jenkins go Pluto and discover dangerous plasma-shooting alien bugs who threaten nearby research outposts.
31 Aug. 1999
Plasma Bugs of Navarone
Rico and the Roughneck risk their safety in order to save pilots Ibanez and Barcalow at a research outpost.
1 Sep. 1999
Handle with Care
The Roughnecks are sent to assist an intelligence officer in capturing a live plasma bug.
3 Sep. 1999
Basic Training
Rico must train a reporter so that he can defend himself in combat. Meanwhile, the Roughnecks must defend themselves from a new kind of flying bug.
22 Sep. 1999
Deep Trouble
Dizzy suffers from an attack of claustrophobia when the Roughnecks go under Pluto's surface to locate the bug army's hatchery.
12 Oct. 1999
Water, Water Everywhere
The Roughnecks are ordered to the planet Hydora after a transport bug is seen leaving Pluto. The Roughnecks mission is to establish if Hydora is the bug home world or not. While there they receive an extremely disturbing message.
30 Sep. 1999
Rico is reunited with Carmen when a retrieval mission goes wrong. What starts as a minor operation on Hydora develops into a full blown battle as Bug numbers turn out to be far higher than expected.
29 Jun. 2000
The bugs have tunnels underneath San Francisco. Military Intelligence wants to blow up the city to get the bugs, but that would also kill all the civilians in the area. The Roughnecks and Walker's Team come up with an alternate plan to deal with the bugs. The city will be saved, but one will pay the ultimate price.
Jun. 2000
Funeral for a Friend
With no LT the Roughnecks are to be disbanded. Before they break up, they fulfill the last request of their C.O. SGT Brutto and General Redwing pay their respects as well. They come across some bugs, Redwing and Higgins are captured. Outnumbered and unable to call for support, the Roughnecks must mount a rescue and destroy the bugs.
4 Jul. 2000
Spirits of the Departed
The Roughnecks are assigned to protect Oahu. They get 2 new members to their squad. Max Brutto, SGT Brutto's son, and SGT Zimm. Rico's not sure about his abilities as a leader. Soon he'll learn how his former C.O. had a bigger hand in his life than he realized.

 Season 1 

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