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13 Dec. 2004
Baby Models
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25 Dec. 2006
ACA by Request
Human Nature perform at a number of stations along the Indian Pacific railway, plus a look at the viewers' most requested stories of 2006.
26 Mar. 2007
Episode dated 26 March 2007
Former One Nation leader Pauline Hanson discusses her new autobiography 'Untamed and Unashamed', setting the record straight on her past, and what the future holds for her.
27 Mar. 2007
Episode dated 27 March 2007
Part Two of Tracy Grimshaw's interview with Pauline Hanson.
23 Jan. 2008
Heath Ledger Special
Investigates the tragic death and extraordinary life of Australian-born actor Heath Ledger.
14 Mar. 2008
Episode dated 14 March 2008
Looks back at the stories that have shaped our lives over the past 5,000 shows since 18 January 1988. In an update on the Pension Challenge, a bunch of other players join the team that is offering discounts to pensioners. Elise Mooney goes face to face with the Osbournes.
5 Feb. 2010
Out of the Ashes
Tracy presents some of the stories of hope from survivors of the Black Saturday bushfires that devastated Victoria, Australia nearly a year before. Martin King updates the progress of his recovery from a heart attack the previous October.
6 Jul. 2010
Islamic State?
Hizb ut-Tahrir is calling for the creation of an Islamic state in Australia following a recent conference in Sydney. Among a number of topics, delegates believe that democracy and their faith do not mix, and that a modern, secular Islam is not true to their religion. Spokesperson Uthman Badir supports the introduction of fundamentalist Islamic law and denounces the principles of Western democracy as un-Islamic. Australians responding to the conference believe Muslims should respect the Australian way of life and not impose their beliefs on the majority.
3 Mar. 2011
Prisoner Reunion
More than 31 years after it first aired, ACA reunites 9 actresses (including 7 original cast members) from the cult Women in Prison show Prisoner.
11 Jul. 2011
A Gaga Affair
Tracy Grimshaw goes one on one with Lady Gaga.
20 Dec. 2011
Episode dated 20 December 2011
Ben McCormack interviews Jason Segel and Kermit the Frog about their film The Muppets (2011).
23 Apr. 2012
Daughter of Australian rock legend Jimmy Barnes, Mahalia is forging her own career, and is a hot tip to win this year's The Voice (2012) after getting all four judges to turn for her during the blind auditions. Mahalia talks about her past with the Tin Lids, her famous dad, and her family in the music business.
19 Jun. 2012
Seal & Karise
Karise Eden and her coach Seal are interviewed on 'A Current Affair' the day after winning Australia's first ever The Voice (2012) title. They reflect back on the series and discuss what plans Eden has for the future, and whether Seal will return for the next series of 'The Voice'.
25 Jun. 2012
Special edition of 'A Current Affair' with Karise Eden interviewed on her week after winning Australia's first ever The Voice (2012) title. She discusses recording 'My Journey' and performs a selection of three songs from her new album, live in the studio.
7 Jan. 2013
Amazing Mahalia
Despite her shock elimination from The Voice (2012), Mahalia Barnes has bounced back with a new direction in life, a new album, a new single, and raising her daughter Ruby Jane.
17 Apr. 2013
Doing It for Dad
Mitchell Anderson is interviewed on 'A Current Affair' the day after making it through his first audition on The Voice (2012). Anderson has had more than 20 years experience in music playing in hundreds of pubs and clubs across Australia. His biggest challenge however is being a new dad, and looking after his own recently widowed father Bob.
23 Apr. 2013
Michael's Second Chance
The Voice (2012) singer Michael Stangel has made it through his blind audition but not without a struggle. He reveals he is suffering from cancer, so appearing on the music reality series was an achievement in itself. Stangel hopes to go all the way to the final.
30 Apr. 2013
Simon's Siblings
The Voice (2012)'s Simon Meli has reached the live finals, thanks in part to the support of his devoted family in Sydney, and years of hard work often working as a graphic designer and delivery driver during the day while gigging at night, just to make ends meet.
1 May 2013
Mitchell & Steve
The duelling duet between singers Mitchell Anderson and Steve Clisby has been hailed as one of the greatest song battles so far in the history of The Voice (2012). Anderson and Clisby talk about their instant musical chemistry when paired and the possibility of working together in the future, after the competition finishes.
6 May 2013
Who Will Make It?
The Voice (2012)'s Team Ricky and Team Seal have reached the Showdown rounds with only the top two from each team eligible to advance to the next round. Competitors from each team discuss their hopes of making it through and what they intend to do in the next few weeks.
8 May 2013
Game On!
Eight becomes four as artists are progressively eliminated from The Voice (2012) first Showdown rounds. 'A Current Affair' interviews the remaining team members as the final live show approaches.
14 May 2013
Last Chance
The Voice (2012) has reached its last live results show for the series before the finals. Members of Team Joel and Team Delta talk about their Showdown performances and their hopes of reaching the final.
21 May 2013
The four artists saved in last night's The Voice (2012) final 16 show talk about their performances, as they prepare for next week's live round.
28 May 2013
Shock Exit
At the business end of the series, fan favourites have been gradually eliminated from The Voice (2012), with now only 12 remaining in the finals. But it's not all bad news, with many grateful for the experience and the chance to go onto bigger opportunities in the music industry.
11 Jun. 2013
Who Will Win?
The final four artists have reached the grand final of the The Voice (2012), after a close semi-final night. Their fates are in the hands of the voting public who will decide who is The Voice of 2013.
9 Jun. 2014
The Voice (2012)'s Frank Lakoudis has reached the live finals, and has been tipped as a dark horse favourite to win the competition. Lakoudis discusses his time on the show and picks other possible winners of The Voice.
23 Jun. 2014
Super Sixteen
The final sixteen singers have reached The Voice (2012)'s the live finals. Contestants discuss how they will approach winning the competition and hint at possible song choices.
6 May 2015
The Voice Star: Her Little Miracle
Two years on from winning the first series of The Voice (2012), Karise Eden discusses the breakdown which saw her withdraw from the spotlight and move to a country town in Queensland. Having found her inspiration to get back on the road and produce new music, she now has a new album and upcoming tour.
22 Mar. 2016
Episode dated 22 March 2016
(1) Domestic Violence Unit The new zero tolerance approach by police against domestic violence. A Current Affair follows members of the NSW Police Force's Domestic Violence Unit as they arrest violent partners and talk to the victims of abusive relationships. NSW Police Assistant Police Commissioner Mick Fuller joins Tracy Grimshaw live to discuss the measures his team are taking to ensure the pressure is put on domestic violence perpetrators. (2) Tradie Revenge The act of revenge by a group of tradies that has gone viral. Angry workers have filmed themselves ...
28 Apr. 2016
Gang Violence
Grabbed, strangled and repeatedly kicked - it's the violent ambush of a 14-year old at a suburban shopping centre over a mobile phone by alleged Apex gang members, that was caught on camera. For several months, members of the gang have been terrorising Melbourne's suburbs. Victoria Police are increasingly attributing more and more savage beatings, home invasions and car thefts to the gang. Concerned members of the community are calling for the gang members to be deported.
23 May 2016
Halal Estate
A planned housing estate targeting Muslim families, is being establish in Melton South, Victoria. In one of the largest faith-based developments in Australia, Iqra Village, will contain 75 houses, a school, and a mosque, aimed at building an Islamic community. Melton Council approved housing permits but was unaware it was a faith-based development. Many locals are opposed to the idea. Professor Gary Bouma warns that developments like Iqra Village could lead to cultural segregation with children being unable to develop relationships outside of their enclave.
31 May 2016
What's Angry Thinking?
Rose Tattoo frontman and rock singer Angry Anderson has announced his candidacy for the Federal Senate as a member of the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) party. Anderson is calling for a ten year moratorium on Muslim immigration citing recent terror-related incidents and the murder of NSW Police accountant Curtis Cheng in Sydney.
27 Jun. 2016
Apex Out of Control
The Apex gang has been accused of terrorizing Australian families. From its simple beginnings in a Dandenong North street to a riot at the Moomba Festival, the gang has been associated with violent home invasions, carjackings, robberies, and shocking assaults. Australia has never seen anything like it before with its increasing brazenness and brutality. Although the Apex gang is made up of mostly South Sudanese youths, some of the leaders are known to have come from the Middle East. Victoria Police are calling for tougher laws.
7 Jul. 2016
What the Halal Are You Eating?
A growing number of Australian families are buying food, certified fit for consumption under Islamic guidelines, called halal. Many consumers however are unaware of the labelling. To have food labelled halal, producers have to pay a certification fee, some up to $27000 a month. There is a fear that companies that pay Islamic bodies for halal certification are inadvertently funnelling money to terrorist organizations. Kirralie Smith from Halal Choices believes if Muslims want halal food they should pay for it themselves and not impose the cost of it on all Australians.
21 Jul. 2016
Hanson's Hot Affair
A new documentary on politician Pauline Hanson has made revelations on an affair between former adviser David Oldfield and herself, during the early days of One Nation in the 1990s. Oldfield denies the tryst, claiming it is a publicity stunt by producers to promote the film. The documentary will also reveal the impact politics has made to Hanson's family life, and what she will say on her first day in the Senate.
1 Aug. 2016
Middle Eastern Organised Crime
Inside the skilled police squad tasked with reigning in notorious Middle Eastern crime syndicates. MEOC was established by the NSW Police to investigate the threat posed by established crime networks targeting the state with drugs and gun violence. There are concerns of an increasing link to terrorist activities, following the seizure of a stolen rocket launcher from Lebanese Muslim crime boss Adnan Darwiche.
31 Aug. 2016
Muslim Welfare
Newly elected senator Pauline Hanson has criticized members of Australia's Muslim community, in which she claims they are rorting the nation's welfare system by misreporting polygamous marriages as de facto relationships. Polygamy is illegal in Australia, punishable with a 5 year prison sentence. The claim comes after Sydney Sheikh Mohamed Hoblos released a video condemning widespread cheating of the welfare system by followers of Islam.
12 Sep. 2016
Terror Weekend
A frightening rampage through the suburban streets of Minto, NSW, on Saturday, has been recorded on surveillance cameras. Grandfather Wayne Greenhalgh is chased and attacked by alleged ISIL-inspired lone-wolf terrorist Ihsas Khan, who is armed with a large hunting knife. Greenhalgh is rescued after finding shelter in a local hairdressing salon. Neighbours who fought off the attacker and helped save Greenhalgh's life, have been hailed as heroes.
26 Sep. 2016
Sharia Law
Mention Sharia law and it brings up a lot of strong opinions. Many believe there should be only one law for all. Senator Jacqui Lambie has called on those advocating Sharia law to be banned from Australia. This comes in the wake of speeches by Keysar Trad and Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman that Sharia law should be introduced as the current legal system does not allow for more than one wife, and does not punish homosexuality or adultery.
7 Oct. 2016
Refugees & Retirees
Angry families have taken to the streets of Eltham, Victoria to stop refugees moving into their loved ones local retirement village. Those opposed to the decision claim the elderly have been moved off waiting lists to make way for 120 refugees from the Middle East, housed in a facility designed for aged care only, and that existing residents are fearful for their own safety. Protesters also believe it is a "money grab" by the site's operators to secure additional funding from the government.
19 Oct. 2016
Nauru the Truth?
A Current Affair responds to the ABC '4 Corners' report on the treatment of asylum seekers on Nauru, which used selective information and outdated YouTube footage. Reporter Caroline Marcus and the ACA crew had previously visited the island and were given unrestricted access to the people living there and discovered most no longer wanted to come to Australia. ACA also refutes the '4 Corners' claim that asylum seekers are kept in fenced-in processing centres, when in fact the majority live in settlements and can come and go as they please.
2 Dec. 2016
Ray Martin's First Contact
Former politician David Oldfield has criticized the producers of Ray Martin's 'First Contact' reality series, claiming his dialogue with indigenous people and images were edited out to appear as if he was in constant conflict with participants. Oldfield has also criticized the historical accuracy of the series citing the use of nylon fishing nets despite elders claiming it was a "traditional" hunting expedition, and the lack of environmental awareness.

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