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Season 1

26 Jul. 1999
Unaired Pilot
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26 Jul. 1999
Batteries Not Included
College co-eds Kiki and Gina play a game of "I Never" which includes divulging secrets of Kiki's sex life with her boyfriend Eric.
27 Jul. 1999
Look What the Kate Dragged In
Dave becomes angry and jealous after learning that Kate had sex with Ollie and wants to pick a fight with him, but Ollie convinces Dave to play Kate at her own game.
28 Jul. 1999
Er, Um, Love
Rory continues to pressure Jana to break up with Doc in which she takes offense at it and debates if they are right for each other. Kiki breaks up with Eric and and begins dating his roommate Tony, while Gina continues to have sex problems and begins to use her vibrator even more. Dave, still angry and jealous about Kate being with Ollie, tries to make her jealous by inviting over a punk girl, named Veruca. But instead of trying to seduce Dave in front of Kate, Veruca seduces Kate.
29 Jul. 1999
Love It or Leave It
Todd meets Annette after finding out that his girlfriend Sophie and her boyfriend Justin have been having an affair at the behest of a swinger named Ross. Todd suggests to Annette that they should have sex to get back at each other's mates.
30 Jul. 1999
Strip Poker
Kate's younger brother, Kyle, apartment sits for her and invites over his friends, Doc, Z, and Jared, where they suggest they make a pact to lose their virginity that coming weekend, while Kyle just wants to spend a quiet time alone with his girlfriend Tina.
2 Aug. 1999
The Odd Couple
Cliff brings two girls to his dorm room, Nikki and Jeri for him and his roommate Evan. But while the two girls go to the bathroom, Evan tells Cliff that he is gay. Jeri figures this out, which threatens Cliff's desire to score with Nikki.
3 Aug. 1999
Love It or Leave It Again
When Annette and Todd begin to have sex, Ross and Sophia walk in on them. They preach about being faithful to each other, only to be preached back.
4 Aug. 1999
Evan meets Theo, and Cliff walks in after playing basketball. It seems that Theo and Cliff has something in common: baseball, and it mixes the mood, making Theo leave. Now Evan angry that he didn't have sex, Cliff calls it even! Evan takes offense saying that Cliff was digging Theo. Cliff denies it, because he is straight, and it drives Evan crazy. Ross brings home a girl, Jenny, who clings on to him. Ross isn't really into relationships, but when her apartment burns down, she asks if she could stay for the night. Katie yells at Kyle for leaving their apartment a mess...
5 Aug. 1999
Seeing Eye Dog
Cliff and Evan really start to get a long in a gay/straight alliance thing and Cliff respects Evan more, after finding him making out with a guy in their dorm room. After they are done, Cliff returns, only to find out that Evan just had sex with a guy that he just met by the soda machine. Cliff then explains that Nikki only wants to study rather than have sex, and Evan explains about how girls want to talk, and not just have sex always. Jenny is hurt when Ross brings home another girl named Lexi. Jenny disturbs them while he and Lexi are making out in the other room. ...
6 Aug. 1999
Not Enough RAM
Jenny psychs Ross out by telling him that he uses his blindness because he needs to feel like the rest of the crowd, and that he is afraid or serious relationships. She then dares him to have the serious relationship, and he agrees. Evan hurts his back while playing basketball, and he asks Cliff if he could rub some pain reliever on him, and that's when Emma walks in on them, saying that she is looking for Gina's Boyfriend Mark. They don't know where he is and she leaves, curiously thinking what the two of them was doing. Cliff and Evan gives advice to each other ...
9 Aug. 1999
They Call It Puppet Love
"SEEING EYE DOG"; Ross reveals to Jenny how he got blind, and she tells him that she's moving back to Ohio and wants to spend her last night in L.A. with him. "THEY CALL IT PUPPET LOVE"; When Emma's boyfriend, Brian, doesn't want to make out with her, she thinks he's gay and asks Evan to check him out. Evan comes to a conclusion that he is not gay. Emma decides on a ploy to make Brian notice her with sock puppets. "NOT ENOUGH RAM"; Jake's sex drive is going down, and he and Sarah try to make it come alive. She starts to read him a computer magazine where it says that ...
10 Aug. 1999
They Call It Puppet Love #2
Ross and Jenny's so-called relationship goes to a bust, when Jenny reveals that she is working at a strip club, where Ross likes to go. He explains he doesn't want a relationship but wants to remain as friends. Emma pushes Brian to talk through the sock puppet, and she finds out more stuff about Brian and vice versa. He then isn't quite ready for sex yet, and still uses the puppet while they make out. Steve helps move stuff for storage, and Sarah does an experiment: she hits on Steve, and he hits on her back, making Jake angry and jealous. After Steve leaves, Jake ...
11 Aug. 1999
The Ex-Files
Brian apologizes to Emma, and buys her a webcam. He surprises her by setting it up for he is ready to have sex, and Emma notices the puppet, Mr. Fuzzy. Brian then helps Emma through the puppet and they finally have sex... only the webcam shoots them having sex and sending it to everyone on the Internet. Sarah is all hyped over Jake being impotent and reveals that she's not ready to have sex. But Jake proposes marriage, and she happily agrees. Jake's ex-girlfriend Sally, becomes worried when her latest boyfriend, Stan, goes on a business trip, and he will tell her ...
12 Aug. 1999
If Words Could Kill
When Emma tries to access her site, it is down because it crashed. Tiffany stops by for help and while Emma helps her, Mark stops by next, looking for Gina, and sees Brian talking to his father. Brian helps Mark open up with Emma's sock puppet, and she catches them. She gets mad, and that's when Gina reveals that their is a post of Brian and Emma having sex, and that's the reason why her site crashed, because it had too many hits. The members of the elite clique Fearsome Foursome, Liz, Stacey, Melissa, Debbie, and Jeanine get together where they reveal that there is a...
13 Aug. 1999
If Words Could Kill #2
While in the bathroom, Emma tells Kiki, who saw their performance on-line, that she left the camera on purpose. Meanwhile, Brian constantly asks for Mr. Fuzzy, but Emma won't give it to him. Tiffany then arrives and asks for Emma's help, because she is the girl whose boyfriend has a foot fetish, while having sex. She then tends to Tiffany's help, leaving Brian alone, making him messing up Emma's room. The Fearsome Foursome steals Jeanine's diary which reveals secrets about each other within the group. It appears that Tina told Jeanine about the group, and declare her ...
16 Aug. 1999
The Ex-Files #2
Further reading in Jeanine's diary reveals that Melissa, not Liz, is the trader, and the Fearsome Foursome dethrone her. They appoint Stacey as their new leader, and she decides to punish everyone in the group (including herself) on what they did wrong. When Sally and Dani order a take-out dinner, and Sally asks boyfriend #3 to come over, but he doesn't. She has to settle with the delivery guy, and she asks him if he has a girlfriend. He thinks this is a come on. Emma is depressed when everyone seems to hate her over the Internet sex thing. Brian cheers her up with Mr...
17 Aug. 1999
Twice a Virgin
Dean has a co-ed bathroom romance going with Claire, but he's frightened of their growing intimacy because he's still a virgin, so Emma advises that he soothe his fears of virginity by sleeping with the dorm's easy girl, Kiki.
18 Aug. 1999
Three in the Van
Dean wants to have a relationship with Claire, so he calls her and asks her to come over to his parents house. Dean wants Emma to write a love poem for Claire, but when he insults her about the 'Mr. Fuzzy' incident, she leaves without helping him write the poem. Claire soon arrives, and he dodges every single way on reading the poem. Liz gets mad at Tina when she tells her father that Liz's boyfriend, Vincent, is here and Vincent is banned from the house after Liz's father caught them having sex in the rec room two years earlier. Liz presses on Vincent, saying that ...
19 Aug. 1999
I Know What You Did Last Hummer
Tina gets her older sister Liz grounded, Liz gets back at her by hinting that she went down on Tina's boyfriend Kyle, and Tina tries to increase the heat with Kyle to keep him focused on her.
20 Aug. 1999
Three in the Van #2
Jared comes over after Tina, tells him that she needs help on the "oral" report and she reveals that the help she needs on the oral report is actually help on giving oral. Jared is skeptical, but still tells her. Gwen then stops by because she wants to learn to, and he teaches them the tricks of the trades. Tina then calls Kyle telling him that she has a surprise for him tomorrow. Rory and Jana talks in his van, in a place what could be best described as a make out point. They end up making out, and while making out. In the process of taking Jana's bra off, he has ...
23 Aug. 1999
The Porn That Went Bump in the Night
Tina finally shows Kyle her surprise, and he is shocked when she learned it from Jared, his best friend. Jared walks in and Kyle tackles him. Liz then walks in, and Tina confronts Liz, about the whole lolli-lick thing. Liz tells Tina that she was just lying, and mad because she broke up with Vincent. Kyle then confronts Jared, only to find out that Tina was "practicing" with carrots. Kyle then forgives Jared, and they both leave. Tina teases Liz that she is now a pro on what she does. Dean writes a poem for Claire, saying how sorry he is, and she trusts him now. ...
24 Aug. 1999
Z Date
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25 Aug. 1999
Asian Sensation
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27 Aug. 1999
Plus One
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30 Aug. 1999
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31 Aug. 1999
Four in the Van
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2 Sep. 1999
Bi-Gones #2
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