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Briefs: “Glee” Gets Benched For Fall, A Conchita Update, And The Weather Channel Picks The Wrong Fight

Birthday shoutouts go to Jason Biggs (above), who is 36, Emily VanCamp is 28, Catherine Tate is 46, Kim Fields is 45, and Billy Squire is 64. Here is his career-killing moment.

NBC has set The Music Man as the their next live production following Peter Pan.

The Real Hedwig’ Speaks: The Show’s Creators Respond!

Fox has released their primetime schedule for the fall, and Glee isn’t on it! The show won’t be back til midseason, which makes a lot of people wonder if it the final season will have a full 22-episode order, or be cut down to 13.

The Weather Channel picked the wrong Fort Worth council member to take a shot at on Twitter. I’m just glad to be reminded of Joel Burns again.

John Oliver on Eurovision. “Between Conchita and Michael Sam, did it feel like the world became a better place this weekend?”

And here is Conchita returning home.
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The Big Bang Theory Review: "The Prestidigitation Approximation"

  • TVfanatic
Hey guys, it's your favorite Shamy-hating critic here again, back to take over weekly reviews of The Big Bang Theory

Luckily, I popped back in for an Amy-less (and unfortunately Bernadette-less) episode, "The Prestidigitation Approximation," to make my transition a little easier.

As nice as it was to see Leonard get the A-story this week, the guy deserves better. The entire Priya plot was straight out of the generic sitcom handbook. That's probably where Chuck Lorre and company found the shtick where he switched from glasses to contacts and walked into every wall.

Penny, as hilariously pictured above, was definitely the highlight of Leonard's adventure.  Her entire interaction with Leonard at the Indian restaurant was cheesy and over-the-top, but somehow still believable as Penny.  Seriously, what would Leonard do without her?

Priya, unfortunately, was first introduced as a fairly complex, layered character, but has now just become a butt of a series of Indian jokes.
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