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The Moth Takes A Flight

Author: jcholguin ( from los angeles
1 June 2003

The last of the three Rebirth of Mothra series is a really fine entry. Hopefully, the producers of this series will bring back more adventures of our flying Moth that saves the planet. In this film, the science behind can be a little to complicated for non-physics professors. King Ghidora kidnaps children and places them in a large egg-like prison. The three fairies "Moll, Lora and Belvera" return. Mothra is badly defeated by King Ghidora but there is one hope, to send Mothra back in time 130 million years to battle King Ghidora when he was younger and weaker. Mothra realizes that he cannot return and will die in the past. Moll sends him back but the power needed to do it kills Moll. Lora and Belvera are both trapped in the egg-like prison. The Moth finally is able to defeat King Ghidora in the past but mistakenly cuts off a piece of tail that will grow into another King Ghidora in the future. Mothra dies in the past but two dinosaur Mothra's put him in a time capsule of silk web. Both creatures make a new appearance in the future. This time the Moth has become an armor plated Moth. Can King Ghidora battle a tank plated Moth? Will the fairies remain two or return to three? Why would a creature want children? Excellent fight scenes and action. A must see battle of Moth vs Three-headed creature!

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This movie is really, really cool and I hope they'll make more!

Author: megamoth47 from United States
24 July 2004

I think that this movie is a lot better than the two previous ones. King Ghidora looks perfect, probably the best I've ever seen him. Mothra is of course, my favorite. She looks really cool too, especially in her armored form. There is more city destruction in this movie which is good also. I like the theme to the movie "If your arms can't reach the mind can." The acting in the movie is splendid. The only thing that I think could be improved, is how everything happens. Like, when Mothra throws King Ghidora in the volcano and then he later comes back. Another good thing, is that in this movie they bring out more about Moll, Lora, and Belvera. I really hope they make more movies with Mothra as the star, because she has a great potential to be extremely popular.

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Much better Mothra entry!

Author: OllieSuave-007 from California, USA
14 June 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the third and last Mothra (Mosura) movie of the 1990s, and is, what I think, the best of them all-far more superior then its prequels. Here, we see the Elias fairies-Moll, Lora, and Belvera-given a more important purpose in the movie. They combine their powers of wisdom, love, and courage to battle King Ghidorah!

The storyline is incredibly superb, combining suspense, excitement, sacrifice, and hope, making the plot of the movie staying intact and keeping the suspense built up, making you eager to know what comes next. Toshiyuki Watanabe's music score is beautiful, haunting, and refreshing. The songs sung by Moll and Lora are soothing and elegant. The special effects are great, and we get to see some city destruction, unlike in the two previous

Mothra entries. We have no annoying kids, overdone effects, and a childish story in this film. Instead, we have imaginable effects, heroic characters, an intriguing story, and a breathtaking rescue mission.

King Ghidorah looks terrific as usual, and Mothra has two new forms in this movie, making it endlessly powerful. Although the male lead in this story is a kid, he did a good job in his role, and is not annoying as the kids in Mothra 2. His courageous act to go inside King Ghidorah's tomb to rescue the kids inside is breathtaking, as is the sword-wielding scene between Lora and Belvera. Moll says a very touching message to the male lead: "When arms can't reach, mind can," which reminds us that there is hope everywhere, and when it seems that the heroes were being overcome by sorrow, tragedy, and terror, hope is always there. This film also has several settings, unlike Mothra 2, which most of the scenes were set in this underwater fortress, where all the endless running and screaming rendered the movie totally boring and unremarkable. Mothra 3 gives you many scene settings, including a forest, a labyrinth, Kind Ghidorah's dome, Infant Island, the city, and the past where dinosaurs lived. We get to see a whole batch of dinosaurs in this movie. The "going back in time" scene is just another intriguing plot element in the film that adds on to all the excitement and suspense.

Overall, a fantastic movie that is among my very favorite sci-fi movies from Toho. Great directing by Okihiro Yoneda and a great story by Masumi Suetani. This movie was so good that Toho should of produced more Mothra movies with the beautiful Elias fairies, using the elements from this movie that makes it great. Unfortunately, this would be the last Mothra movie, until Mothra reappears in the newest Godzilla series. But, a great movie to end Mothra's trilogy.

Grade A

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See It for King Ghidorah

Author: gigan-92 from United States
10 July 2012

I honestly find this one probably the best of the Mothra trilogy. As any kaiju fan knows, the Mothra trilogy had a rough start and is basically known for two things; annoying child-centered story lines and fantastic monster fights. The series has struggled to balance this out and with this one I think they hit the high point. The story still centers on a child character, but this one is older and for the most part this story has little to no child humor. Still, the human angle of it all is thinly written and not very emotionally strong, greatly weakening the impact of the finale of the trilogy. You would think the writers would bullsh*t and say Ghidorah seeks to absorb the youth of the children or something, but no, he simply gathers them up. This movie is nowhere near the level of something akin to "Godzilla vs. Destroyer" (19950 or "Gamera 3: Awakening of Irys" (1999), two kaiju masterpieces from around the same time period.

What it lacks in character it makes up for in kaiju fun. King Ghidorah, also known as Grand King Ghidorah in this film, looks just stunning. As a fan of the dragon since his debut in "Ghidrah: The Three Headed Monster" in 1964, this is inarguably the greatest rendition of the beast. Never before and never again has the three-headed golden monster looked this terrifying and magnificent. Its younger form, Cretaceous King Ghidorah, also looks quite fearsome. Got to give the Toho effects team props on their work for the monsters in this one. The monster battles in this one are spectacularly done, with Mothra taking quite a beating till the finale of course. If you're a fan of Mothra or not, anyone can enjoy Ghidorah kicking the sh8t out of the giant feminine moth. There are a few short city-stomping scenes in this one, not enough for some fans taste, but this is made up for in the kaiju-brawls. All the monsters look bad-ass here, including the two new Mothra incarnations. Armor Mothra I suppose is Mothra's strongest from ever and after the battle is over appears Eternal Mothra and it's a beautiful design. See this movie, as with the others, for the monsters alone.

That and Toshiyuki Watanabe's score is pretty awesome, capturing the feel of a sci-fi/fantasy film. There's also some fun cheese with the prehistoric battle 130 million years ago while Mothra and Cretaceous King Ghidorah fight. As they do, a T-Rex and a Triceratops actually stare at each other in bewilderment before continuing to watch the battle.

Nowhere near the pinnacle of Japanese monster movies but a fun watch.

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A comeback compared to RoM II

Author: FilmExpertWannabe from United States
24 April 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Before I get into the actual film, a word for region one audiences (Canadian and American). You can't buy this film on DVD or VHS (you can buy RoM and RoM II as a double feature DVD). This hasn't been released on DVD yet, but in the future at some point there will probably be a DVD/Blu-Ray release. BUT BEFORE YOU GIVE UP, you can watch it for free (and totally legally) on Sony's website You can actually watch the entire RoM series if you want to see them before you whip out the cash to buy them on DVD.

After being totally disappointed with Rebirth of Mothra II, I didn't have particularly high expectations for RoM III, but it was definitely better than I thought it would be. To start off with a complaint, it's with Grand King Ghidorah. He looks great, but his appearance is just bizarre. A giant monster randomly comes to Earth and takes children hostage? It makes no sense, even as a children's movie. My other complaint is that the monsters almost always look great, but the dinosaurs look quite cheesy.

This one has almost no pacing issues, which is a great improvement over the last two films. But the plot of having two or three child leads with the screaming hero fairies and laughing evil fairy falls too closely in line with the films before it, and it ends up being a little repetitive. Maybe it's just me, but the film didn't try to branch out. I'm still not sold on the time travel aspect of the film, because although it doesn't create the billions of questions and controversies like Toho did the last time (Godzilla vs King Ghidorah, 1991), that's probably got more to do with the RoM series having a lot less baggage to it (if that makes sense).

Its monsters also look the best, and we get the Armor Mothra, the most powerful Mothra we've ever seen (even today). For kids you could stretch its 5/10 score out a bit, but that's about it. Too many unanswered questions and random-ness going on to warrant much better. Such a shame given the quality of the actual monsters here.

I would be pleased if Toho would bring Mothra films back again someday, but I'd lose the overly child themes. They seem to allow the film makers to dumb down the movies as if they think kids will care less about plot holes or acting. It's true, but it softens the experience for us older folks.

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all the M.o.t.h.r.a movies are good

Author: jacobjohntaylor1 from Barry's bay Ontario Canada
13 June 2014

This is the 11th M.o.t.h.r.a movie. All the M.o.t.h.r.a movie are good. This one is not as good as the 12th M.o.t.h.r.a movie Godzilla M.o.t.h.r.a and King G.h.i.d.o.r.a. giant monsters on an all attack. It was not as good as the 13th M.o.t.h.r.a movie Godzilla Tokyo S.O.S. It is not as good as the 14th M.o.t.h.r.a movie Godzilla Final wars. Still it is a great movie. See it. It is not as good as the 8th M.o.t.h.r.a movie Godzilla vs Space Godzilla. It is not as good as the 7th M.o.t.h.r.a movie Godzilla and M.o.t.h.r.a and the battle for the earth. It is not as good as the 6th M.o.t.h.r.a movie Godzilla vs It is not as good as the 5th M.o.t.h.r.a movie Destroy all monster. But still a very good movie.

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Pretty good Kaiju movie

Author: jrsoccer311 from United States
7 January 2006

Alright I really enjoyed this movie. There were many things that I enjoy in a good kaiju flick, that were seen in this movie. First off, Mothra is looking the best of her 90's forms, and King Ghidorah looks pretty good as well. Second, the plot isn't half bad...if you can get over the somewhat childish aspect of it. A few things that I didn't like were how the Alias & Belvira looked different than they did in the previous movies. Another thing that bothered me was the dinosaur graphics. Clearly they spent too much money on Mothra & Ghidorah to put good effort towards a T-rex. But these are only minor details, that I got over pretty fast. I suggest you find a good Japanese cut if you want to see the movie at it's finest, however the English Sci-fi TV version isn't half bad.

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Author: ebiros2 from United States
19 October 2005

I had bit of a frustration about these '90s Mothra movies. That its special effects could be little more realistic etc. But now I think about it, these movies were kicking a** with bigger and brighter than life cinematography and plot when everything in our world was turning towards darkness (if you think about all the sci-fi, super hero movies that came out in the '90s and how dark they were). Here finally someone had a plot where motivation for destruction was not anger, but force of nature is trying to stop another force of nature from causing catastrophe.

I just think these movies are great because it depicts another world that isn't like ours but brighter and people living in it is brighter too. Topics of Mothra series was more geared towards the world than say like Batman, where it was just about Bruce, his personal issues and few bad guys. Mothra series was talking about things like destruction of nature, and value of our children.

When everything around us was getting darker, it's a real treat to throw these bigger and brighter than life movie up on the screen and just kick back for 90 minutes.

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Pretty good, but still not Godzilla

Author: Blake Matthews ( from Stockton, California
28 June 2000

This movie is the third and last film of the Mothra trilogy. It concerns King Ghidorah invading earth and stealing children. Mothra comes to fight King Ghidorah and three battles ensue: one in the forest, one in the Cretaceous period, and one in the forest again. In the end, Mothra and the power of good prevail against King Ghidorah and the power of evil.

Now there are quite a few improvements and good points about this film. King Ghidorah is an awesome monster, much more impressive than the 1991 version, Death Ghidorah, and Dagahra. Mothra is impressive too. The city destructions scenes are quite exciting and fun to watch. The monster battle scenes were able to recapture much of the intensity that the Godzilla movies had but the first two Mothras lacked. Though the film is still directed at children, the main character is a bit older and not as annoying as the kids from the previous entries were.

Now, there are some aspects that really detracted from the film. The city destruction scenes, while exciting, are way too short. The previous two Mothra films had monster fights that nearly took up the entire middle portion of the film whereas this movie had one short one, one medium-sized one, and (following in tradition of the other two) a short final battle. The musical talents of Akira Ifukube are lacking as well. I also thought that the Prehistoric Mothra scene was quite contrived.

Overall, it's a fun movie to watch but still doesn't live up to the level of Godzilla. However, it's still good to see King Ghidorah looking as magnificent as ever.

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The Best of The Mothra Triolgy

Author: Gigan64 from CA, US
13 September 1999

By far the best movie of the Mothra Triolgy. This movie has one thing that the other 2 didn't, a lot of city destruction. Oh and the new King Ghidorah looks so good. And all of the special effects of him flying through buildings is so well done, it has to make you wonder what is in store for us in Godzilla 2000. Also Mothra gets into a new form of course, which I think is the best of them all, that is here Metal Mothra form, it is just so cool how she slices and dices Ghidorah up. If I would have to make a complaint about this movie it would be that a kid is a main character (groan!), and that all of the dinosaurs look really bad in this movie. But still a great movie minus these things.

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