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  • Mr. and Mrs. Moose are not pretty. But after he has his teeth fixed and she has her nose done they look great. They meet by accident and don't recognize each other. They make plans for an illicit rendezvous, both nervous about stepping out on their spouses, but happy to feel attractive for the first time. The only problem: how to keep the spouse from finding out.

  • After a homely married couple separately undergo plastic surgery, they unwittingly plan an extramarital affair with each other.


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  • Mr. Moose (Charley) has unfortunate orthodontia--an overbite that makes him the laughing stock of the neighborhood. He is unhappily married to Mrs. Moose (Vivien Oakland), who has an equally unfortunate aspect in that her nose is a bit more than Roman. They both decide to do something about their conditions, without the other knowing. Charley visits a dentist, and (miraculously!) he is transformed into the handsome young buck he always knew he was. The dentist gives him a set of "reference" teeth, photographing him for a "before/after" advertisement, and invites him to a party that night.

    Vivien visits a doctor, and (even more miraculously!) her nose is trimmed down to that of a 1926 beauty. On the way home, Mr and Mrs Moose meet each other, getting their shoes shined, and don't recognize each other. He hides her purse and pays for the shine; flirting with new-found confidence in his manhood, he invites her to the dentist's party that evening. Flattered, she accepts. Now what?

    There is a French-farce style scene in which they get ready for the party, in their own house, intentionally avoiding each other, eventually getting into two taxis, and arrive at the same location. At the party, the place is raided, and their photo is taken as the police enter. They escape, but the evening papers show them on the front page, and they have to painfully figure out how to tell their respective spouses what happened (when, of course, they *are* their respective spouses). Back at home, Charley sees the woman he just went out on a date with, downstairs, and asks the maid to throw her out. Indignantly, Mrs Moose whallops the maid, confessing who she is "just altered." Charley hears this, and in a totally chauvanistic turn, becomes equally indignant that his wife was playing around on him (... *with* him.) He stages another French farce routine, putting in the "reference" teeth as his old self, and taking them out as his new self, staging a fight between these two selves for the benefit of his wife. Lo and behold, the very prescient newspapers of the time come out with the "before and after" ad taken by the dentist, which Mrs Moose happens to see, and the one-man tour de force battle comes to an end. She shows Charley the paper, and in a spirit of long-standing marriage ... decks him. The reference-teeth fly out and end up in the mouth of Charley's dog, who smiles benignly.

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