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Fast-paced and funny Columbia comedy short
2reelers2 February 2005
Columbia paired screen comics Tim Ryan and Wally Brown for this entertaining two-reel comedy, and it pays off. Brown and Ryan make a splendid team in this fast-paced farce. Working from a script by Felix Adler, the duo make the most from some of the obvious situations, and yes, some of it may be predictable, but the film is still one of the better outputs from Columbia (this being at a time when many of the earlier comedies were being remade and remade, and stock footage was starting to figure it's way into the pictures). Stooge fans will enjoy the knockabout slapstick as well as the always delightful Christine McIntyre and character actor Emil Sitka who steals the show, as he tends to do quite often in these little two-reelers.

As I viewed the film, I observed that the short has a similar feel to the RKO comedy shorts Brown was currently starring in with Scottish born comedian Jack Kirkwood. The thing I noticed was that Tim Ryan and Jack Kirkwood slightly resembled each other, tall men with thin mustaches. Could it be that after Brown's initial short with Kirkwood ("Heart Troubles"), that maybe Columbia liked Wally enough to lure him away from RKO, and they gave him a one picture deal? I wish I knew the story behind this. After the completion of "French Fried Frolic", Brown returned to RKO to continue to appear in a handful of Kirkwood and Brown two-reelers for the next couple of years. I guess he didn't like it at Columbia.

Just for the record, Brown had co-starred with Alan Carney as RKO's answer to Abbott and Costello in a series of all-but-forgotten B-pictures a few years earlier. Some more notable than others are "Genius At Work" and "Zombies On Broadway" (both co-star Bela Lugosi).
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