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Iain Banks obituary

Scottish novelist known for The Wasp Factory and The Crow Road who communicated with his readers via the internet

The writer Iain Banks, who has died aged 59, had already prepared his many admirers for his death. On 3 April he announced on his website that he had inoperable gall bladder cancer, giving him, at most, a year to live. The announcement was typically candid and rueful. It was also characteristic in another way: Banks had a large web-attentive readership who liked to follow his latest reflections as well as his writings. Particularly in his later years, he frequently projected his thoughts via the internet. There can have been few novelists of recent years who were more aware of what their readers thought of their books; there is a frequent sense in his novels of an author teasing, testing and replying to a readership with which he was pretty familiar.

His first published novel,
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Iain Banks dies

The widely acclaimed science fiction writer Iain Banks, whose novel Complicity was made into a film starring Jonny Lee Miller and Brian Cox, has died of cancer at the age of 59. He had been ill for several months and taking chemotherapy in an effort to prolong his life.

Banks sprang to fame in 1984 with The Wasp Factory and went on to write The Crow Road, which became a popular television series, along with numerous other novels, many of which have been considered for films. He created the Culture series, considering how a human-like species might behave in an age of plenty, and he was described by the Times as one of the top 50 writers of the century.

To those of us who had the pleasure of meeting him, he was also a warm, likeable individual, known for his sense of humour. His use of the middle initial 'M'...
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Richard Madden Is A Prince

Richard Madden Is A Prince
He’s had a hard time of it being the King of the North on Game Of Thrones, so perhaps Robb Stark – aka as actor Richard Madden – will have a better time of it as a prince. Kenneth Branagh and Disney certainly think so, as he’ll play the Prince in the new, live-action Cinderella.Downton Abbey’s Lily James is already aboard as the titular girl who becomes a princess for a night, and Cate Blanchett has been attached for a while to play her wicked stepmother.We don’t yet know what tweaks the script (currently credited to Aline Brosh McKenna and Chris Weitz) will make to the original fairy tale story, but we do know the film has already lost one director in Mark Romanek, who departed over creative differences. Still, Branagh definitely has the chops to bring this one in with style.Madden has previously appeared
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