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Black comedies are rare enough. Birthday Girl is a member of an even rarer species, the black romantic comedy.
The actress may get an Oscar nomination for the wrong movie -- "Moulin Rouge" over "The Others" -- but it would be a double misfortune for audiences to overlook a performance that boosts its movie from moderate to memorable.
New York Daily News
It's a slight, old-fashioned B movie, the last thing you would expect from an actress coming off a breakout year, but it has a charm and freshness we don't see much these days.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Rare is the movie that arrives without fanfare -- that sneaks between the cracks, pops up relatively unheralded on the big screen, and takes the viewer by delighted surprise. Well, check the moon for blue because Birthday Girl is just such a picture.
Rolling Stone
Keep your eye on Kidman, whose kinky, kittenish performance turns unexpected emotional corners that pull you up short.
Entertainment Weekly
If British writer-director Jez Butterworth had let his sophomore picture get as dirty as Kidman's game recklessness invited -- she started this before ''Moulin Rouge'' and ''The Others'' -- he would have served up a tasty piece of cake.
A paper-thin wish-fulfillment comedy about escaping small-town repressions and blasting conformity.
Miami Herald
Won't make you forget Kidman's better work, but it's not a film you long to excise from your memory.
This bizarre, uneven comedy is notable mostly for the unsettling presence of Nicole Kidman in full, kinky, sex-kitten mode.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Quickly devolves into a violent thriller that resolves itself in sadomasochistic romance.
Wall Street Journal
There's nothing wrong with beguiling star turns, but I wish this one had been surrounded by more of a movie. Birthday Girl is a harmless trifle that makes 93 minutes go by as if they were hardly more than an hour and a half.

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