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Philadelphia Inquirer
Manages the rare feat of being both bleak and deeply rewarding.
San Francisco Chronicle
Has a saccharine quality but also offers a memorable performance by famed Spanish actor Fernando Fernan Gomez.
Chicago Tribune
May be a bit sentimental for some, but I found its patient examination of how the forces of optimism can be overwhelmed by a wave of cruelty to be both moving and wise.
Christian Science Monitor
A powerful ending lends a strong emotional charge to this prettily filmed drama, but too much of the story is taken up with romantic clichés about the everyday challenges of childhood.
Baltimore Sun
A movie of unforced nobility and quiet pleasures, Butterfly works on all sorts of levels.
A beautiful, harrowing film of understated power and perception that affords Fernando Fernán Gómez, the Spanish cinema's great, weathered veteran, yet another of his unforgettable performances.
Chicago Sun-Times
Because the film marches so inexorably toward its conclusion, it would be unfair to hint at what happens, except to say that it provides a heartbreaking insight into the way that fear creates cowards.
Entertainment Weekly
Diverges to become something quite powerfully unnerving and guilt-ridden.
Miami Herald
An exploration of how fear and mob rule can poison even the purest of souls.
New York Post
Butterfly doesn't require much knowledge of history to appreciate, but it really isn't suitable for very young audiences either.
Mr. Showbiz
The story is a pleasant one despite its pointed righteousness.
Though beautifully photographed, acted and written (the three source stories are skillfully blended into a single narrative), this leisurely, bittersweet look at a child's loss of innocence ends rather abruptly and inconclusively.

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