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Mr. Showbiz
Tries to have it both ways -- as a kitschy ode to bodybuilding culture and as a tragic story of a man who was persecuted for his dreams.
Fanciful and highly entertaining docudrama.
Austin Chronicle
There's an undeniable energy, originality and -- most hearteningly -- optimism here that makes Beefcake well worth your time, shortcomings and all.
Chicago Tribune
Much to enjoy in this potpourri of silly fun and forbidden games, but a bit less ambition and a tad more focus might have helped.
Boston Globe
It leaves you with an odd, sweet-and-sour taste - nostalgia painted in pastel colors, streaked with black smears.
An illuminating and engrossing look at the life and times of pioneer Los Angeles physique photographer Bob Mizer
Beefcake's messiness has real charm, and its tribute to Mizer is both appropriately complicated and poignantly sexy.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
A heady, impressionistic mixture of biography, fantasy and social history in which it isn't always clear which is which.
New York Daily News
This movie's attempt to reinvent Mizer as a First Amendment hero isn't as effective as its triumphant display of beefcake, which is, after all, the movie's raison d'etre.
New York Post
A campy docu-drama about the secretly gay world of 1950's muscle magazines.

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