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Season 2

17 Mar. 2000
Mind the Baby
Aeryn has managed to rescue D'Argo and Crichton, they're hiding in an asteroid belt. But she needed help from Crais and Talyn to rescue them. Even as she's checking on her friends, she's secretly helping Crais train Talyn. How long can she maintain her secret?
24 Mar. 2000
Vitas Mortis
The crew finds a dying Orican, a Luxan holy woman. She asks D'Argo to help her with a ceremony. She tests D'Argo's worthiness, and throws him out saying he's not worthy. He explains to his friends why she rejected him, and convince him to explain it to her. She accepts his help, and starts the ceremony, but instead of dying, she becomes revitalized but her actions cause Moya to suffer.
31 Mar. 2000
Taking the Stone
Upon learning of her brother's death, Chiana leaves Moya in Aeryn's Prowler. Crichton and Aeryn find her on royal burial grounds living with a group of people with some strange customs, including throwing themselves off a cliff. Meanwhile Rigel loots what he can of the burial grounds, but finds the treasure is cursed.
7 Apr. 2000
Crackers Don't Matter
A visitor comes on Moya with a device that could cloak Moya. The crew welcomes him on board, but soon almost everyone is acting paranoid, and the crew starts attacking each other.
14 Apr. 2000
The Way We Weren't
Chiana discovers a recording with Moya's original Pilot. After seeing the recording and realizing Aeryn was involved, Pilot orders Aeryn to leave Moya.
21 Apr. 2000
Picture If You Will
Chiana buys a picture in a store, which is more than it seems. The picture is changes and shows Chiana what will happen to her, when it shows she is on fire, the crew must discover the origins of the picture, and find an old enemy.
16 Jun. 2000
Home on the Remains
The crew needs food. Zahn needs to eat meat, she starts spewing spores. Only Aeryn seems to have an tolerance for the spores. While she's on Moya with Zahn, the others find a Budong to get some food.
23 Jun. 2000
Dream a Little Dream
While waiting for Moya to pick their Transport Pod, Zahn tells Crichton of Moya's adventures after the Gammeck base was destroyed. Zahn was on trial for murder, with Chiana, and Rygel acting as her defense lawyers.
7 Jul. 2000
Out of Their Minds
The crew is attacked by a vessel, Zahn goes over to the ship to negotiate a peace. But the ship attacks again, the attack reacts unexpectedly interacts with the shields causing everyone on board Moya to switch identities, ie Aeryn is now Rygel, Rygel is now Crichton, etc. Now the crew must figure a way to get back to their original bodies.
14 Jul. 2000
My Three Crichtons
An energy ball enters Moya, and comes into contact with everyone on board. When it reaches Crichton, it engulfs him, then a cave man comes out, followed by Crichton. Blood tests show the cave man is Crichton. Another Crichton emerges from the energy ball, this one is extremely advanced. The probe says it needs to study at least one of the Crichtons. If it doesn't get at least one of them back, it will destroy Moya.
21 Jul. 2000
Look at the Princess: Part 1: A Kiss Is But a Kiss
The crew rests on a planet where the successor to the throne needs a genetically compatible mate to take the throne. She finds her mate ... in Crichton. But someone else wants the throne, and are willing to eliminate Crichton to prevent her rise.
28 Jul. 2000
Look at the Princess: Part 2: I Do, I Think
The Queen offers Crichton a choice; marry her daughter the crown princess, or she'll turn him over to Scorpius. Meanwhile, Moya has found her builders, the ones who created Leviathans. They know Moya gave birth to a warship, and do not want another one born. They want Moya to shut down, permanently
4 Aug. 2000
Look at the Princess: Part 3: The Maltese Crichton
Crichton has been turned into a statue. Now someone has cut off his head, and everyone searches for it. Once it's reattached, he finds out he cannot be turned into a statue again, he wouldn't survive, but the Princess is having his child. Meanwhile Z'han tries to convince the builders that Moya is peaceful and should not be killed, failing that she tries to convince Moya not to kill herself.
11 Aug. 2000
Beware of Dog
Chiana returns from a Commerce Planet with a cute little creature called a Vorc that is said to be capable of hunting down parasites which may have inadvertently come on board with the crew's supplies. Aeryn thinks Chiana was swindled; the Vorc appears too scatterbrained and unimposing to hunt parasites even if Moya had parasites - and Aeryn doubts Moya does. But Crichton soon encounters a hostile beast eating its way through one of Moya's walls. However, when he tells the others about the sighting, they are reluctant to believe him. Crichton is having an increasingly...
18 Aug. 2000
Won't Get Fooled Again
Crichton has returned to Earth. Or has he always been on Earth all this time? People from his past and present appear. Is this some trick, if so who is behind it and why.
25 Aug. 2000
The Locket
The crew finds a cloudy area where they might be able to hide from Peacekeepers. Aeryn goes into the area to check it out. She returns a few hours later, much older. And tells them to leave the area. Now they have to figure out how to escape the cloud before they suffer the same fate as Aeryn
8 Sep. 2000
The Ugly Truth
A ship is destroyed by Talyn while Moya's crew is aboard. Talyn, with Crais, starburst away while the rest are captured by another ship. Each member of the crew is interrogated in turn. The one who fired the shot will be executed. Who's telling the true version of the events, and will the guilty party be punished?
15 Sep. 2000
A Clockwork Nebari
Rygel and Aeryn return from a planet to Moya accompanied by another Nebari who aims to take Chiana back. The crew is temporarily mind-cleansed except the Pilot but they put a collar on him and thus take over Moya to attain the nearest Nebari territorial post. Chiana learns that her brother is alive. Crichton who is not affected by mind-cleansing thanks to Scorpius' chip, makes Chiana reveal the reason she is being chased: she knows of her people's plot to infect the galaxy with a deadly contagion. Crichton must work together with Pilot and Rygel, quickly recovered due...
4 Dec. 2000
Liars, Guns and Money: Part 1: A Not So Simple Plan
D'Argo finally gets a lead on his son, Jothee. He will do anything to get him back, but Jothee will be sold as a slave. They need a lot of money to buy Jothee's freedom. The crew will steal from a depository to get the money they need to free Jothee. Stark, back from the dead, is the author of the plan.
11 Dec. 2000
Liars, Guns and Money: Part 2: With Friends Like These...
Scorpius bought the lot with D'Argo's son just before Moya arrived and demands Crichton in exchange for Jothee. They plan to buy help of the beings they encountered before to break into repository, for the stolen money. But this money turns out to be alive and eats the ship. Then Crichton makes the ultimate deal.
18 Dec. 2000
Liars, Guns and Money: Part 3: Plan B
The crew is going to break into the depository to free Crichton. Crichton is being tortured for wormhole technology. Nothing is going like planned with those mercenaries but unexpected arrival of Talyn helps them to break free. They get rid of Scorpius but their losses are too big, among which Crichton's sanity.
19 Dec. 2000
Die Me, Dichotomy
The neural chip in Crichton's head is driving him insane. He pleads with D'Argo to kill him. They take him to a healer to have the chip removed. The chip takes control of Crichton, and someone on Moya will pay the price before Crichton can regain control of his body. Scorpius arrives just after they start the procedure to remove the chip.

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