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Great movie! Portrays the gang culture excellently

Author: la_descarada from Canada
9 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this movie after reading the original book Party Girl and i was pleased with it. Although the movie doesn't fully go through everything in Kata's transformation from badass homegirl to trying to escape the life it did a good job in the time it had. The lead actresses were fantastic in their roles, although some of the other actors could have been better. The movie really makes you feel what these girls are going through, and that nothing is black and white. It's heartbreaking to see Ana trying to tell her mother she's pregnant and then being killed. Personally, i think Jay Hernandez (kikicho) should have had a bigger role but overall the movie was very good.

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Author: peanutbutternpoppa from United States
28 October 2007

this movie was one of the best movies I've seen yet... you people write bad reviews because you don't know what its like to live like the girls in this movie. it has a positive ending but in real life half of these people end up dead... so don't hate because you thing its stupid try being a real gangster and live life how we do before you start with your negative remarks. I'm glad that they make movies that show how people live there lives with out sugarcoating it. and about the was either steel or make money some how right?? at least they were not prostituting themselves.well i recommend this movie to any one who wants to see the truth about girls in gangs.

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Easy To Believe

Author: TBelton1 from United States
3 May 2005

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie; it was accurate to "La Vida Loca" the crazy life that street gangs live in East LA, and was predictably tragic. At first glance I felt that actor Jay Hernandez (Kikicho) would have been better suited for the role of the 9th Street Gang leader Pocho played by actor Abel Soto; however Soto did such a great job in the part I ended up changing my mind. The plot centers around the wild street life of two girls, (Kata) Katrina Gibson & Anna, who seem to be courting trouble throughout the movie. They are supposedly affiliated and tight with the 9th Street gang, but they rarely are found in the company of the gang and frequently say and do things to tick off many of the gang members, most notably the gangs leader Pocho (Soto.) This was the only point that didn't follow logic at times, although it is explained in part by the girls attachments to the gangs leaders; Pocho wants Anna & Kikicho is after Kata. The acting in this movie was excellent; especially by Soto, Hernandez, and Gibson in that order. The funeral scene in the church was unbelievable as the gang poses for photos around the coffin of one of its fallen members (I won't spoil it as to who this ends up being.) This scene was saying so many things at the same time, and should be watched 2,3, perhaps 4 times to take in everything that is happening. I give it 9 stars out of 10.

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awesome and timeless movie

Author: lil_miss_juggalett_nevea from United States
23 January 2006

this is the type of movie for hugging up on the couch with you best friend or you group of friends and just kicking back to enjoy together its a beginning to end movie that leaves you feeling just the way the Kata must feel and feeling all the way through the victories and losses the girls go through as if they were your own well written well played and the choice of actors was head on like they were made for the roles they play so mt over all review is excellent... my favorite character is Kikicho (Jay Hernandez) he is the exact way i would depict my own best friend. so grab some munchies and a couple sodas and curl up for a great movie and a sure timeless classic in my own opinion and i cant wait to see it again definitely something i recommend to everyone

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i absolutely loved it.

Author: harlingenhoney from United States
23 October 2006

I honestly don't know why people are hating on the movie. To me...I'm from the Vally in Texas where everything that happens in the movie,happens around me everyday. Gangs fighting,can't talk to another gang member not from your own, getting jumped in....all that stuff. This movie, Livin' the Life..or Party Girls..whatever you wanna call it, this movie just opened the eyes of hopefully every white person out there so they can know that being Latina/Latino isn't as easy as they think. Sometimes the only jobs we can get is as bricklayers or painters. This movie is so real to me...i felt like I was in it. And it was so real to the people at my school, they even made a movie, TOOTHPASTE, and it was on the cover of every newspaper nationwide.

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Living The Life

Author: chancey187 from United States
2 January 2005

I think the movie was good because it shows how we gang banger really are and for those who dislike the move its cause you peeps don't understand what goes through are mind or why we get in, in the 1st place. another reason I like this move so mush is cause the did shots at my aunts house it was Anas house in the movies (the one that was San Antonio Tx) remember. But mush love for the people who came out in the move. And when you decide to make another movie like that hit up my e-mail you should know it. Because you could probably use my aunts house again and maybe ya'll will consider letting me be in it I could show you actresses to acted more like a gang member.Lol.


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great movie bout 2 girls in a gang and the outcome of being in one

Author: karla_rangl from United States
19 July 2009

i really do like this movie its my favorite it is so realistic no matter what other people say it is and i think there should be more movies like this because a lot of people can relate to this type of movies but thats just my view of this movie but even though a lot of people mite not like it. its based on actual things many young Latino people go though its better than those movies where the main person is a white chick and she gets a happily ever after which a lot of people don't get to have one, and a lot of teens are join gangs these days also so this movies shows what real gang life is like almost though for some its better and others its worse it varies on the gang and the person but i say this is a great movie or at lest thats what i think , truthfully this is my favorite movie of all time and all movies i would defiantly recommend this movie, but i would recommend it to people like me, i just think there needs to be more movies like this one , with this theme and Hispanic actors it just better

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Where Are All The Role Model Men?

Author: soutexmex from Austin, Texas
23 May 2004

Being a middle-aged Hispanic male, I am probably not the intended audience of this film, based on a popular young adult book, but I watched it anyway and was surprised how engaging it was until the twist in the middle of the movie and then it kind of dwindled after that. It seemed the main character waffled back and forth about her true feelings. Perhaps she was confused about her future but I don't think the lead actress was good enough for the audience to feel sympathetic towards her dilemma. I guess being at an age where I could be the characters' father, I was amazed at the lack of Latino men in positive role models. For the two main characters, there was no father, uncle, cousin, no man who espoused constructive ideas. Instead, we get gangbangers who abuse their own women. Okay, maybe that's the way it is in this society but in order to have drama, you need conflict between competing ideas. None of that was shown which shows the difference between this film and the mid-90s Allison Anders' film, 'Mi Vida Loca' with its similar theme.

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Author: thatsghetto from Topeka, KS
15 July 2004

I watched this movie strictly because of Jay Hernandez and wished I had the hour and a half of my life back. Jay is only in the movie a short time and hardly recognizable with the goatee they have him wearing. The entire plot of the movie is dumb, and unrealistic. I think that someone envisioned this movie as being a "Boyz in the Hood" or "Menace 2 Society" for girls but it doesn't even come close. The silly subplot about the dance routines only wastes more time and serves no purpose. If you're looking for a female coming of age story check out "Thirteen", a Jay Hernandez is hot movie "crazy/beautiful", a gangster movie, "Boyz in the Hood" even if you've already seen them before I promise you're better off than watching this clunker of a film.

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