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Naive and Silly Romantic Comedy
Claudio Carvalho18 December 2010
In Rio de Janeiro, the reckless Flamengo fans Carlos (Carlo Mossy) and Beth Bombardeio (Dilma Lóes) are best friends. Beth leaves the house of her annoying mother (Lídia Mattos) and moves to the apartment of Carlos. They decide to travel to Bahia in Carlos's bike to camp in an isolated beach but when Carlos meets the hippie Angélica (Tereza Trautman), Beth decides to return to Rio. She is hired by the producer Claudio (Andrews Di Nigri) to dance in the Chacrinha's show. Meanwhile, Carlos meets the wealthy Lídia (Vera Fischer) and they have a love affair. Carlos watches on television Beth telling to Chacrinha that Claudio and she are going to get married. Carlos discovers that he loves Beth and leaves Lídia, sells his motorcycle and flies back to Rio de Janeiro.

"Essa Gostosa Brincadeira a Dois" is a naive and silly romantic comedy, but also another amazing journey to Rio de Janeiro in the 70's. It is pleasant to revisit my wonderful city and the healthy habits of my generation pre-fast food, eating fruits and vegetables instead of junk food. The beauty of Vera Fischer is astonishing and the gorgeous Dilma Lóes shows a great chemistry with Carlo Mossy. Lídia Mattos, who performs the mother of Beth, is the mother of Dilma Lóes indeed. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Essa Gostosa Brincadeira a Dois" ("This Delightful Game in Two")
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