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Entertainment Weekly
Watching Bounce, you look at him (Affleck) and believe how much he's got at stake, and you look at Paltrow and know why.
Chicago Sun-Times
In movies with this story structure, all depends on the precise timing of the delay and the revelation, and Bounce misses. Not by a lot, but by enough.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Roos introduces the possibility that perhaps two partials add up to the whole truth, and in so doing creates a provocative love story that sticks with you long after the credits roll.
Christian Science Monitor
The movie is well acted, deeply moving, and unlike some love stories, it doesn't feel forced or contrived.
Miami Herald
There's nothing in Bounce you haven't seen before, but the movie is surprisingly unsentimental, the Paltrow factor cannot be denied.
Baltimore Sun
Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow are so immensely appealing, and their chemistry together is so unforced, that their presence alone makes a movie worth seeing. Thankfully, Bounce has even more going for it.
Charlotte Observer
For the first time since "Chasing Amy," I realized why people like Ben Affleck.
New York Daily News
After a few movies in which Paltrow was in danger of becoming a caricature of herself, she's back in rare form.
Boston Globe
Something is missing in Bounce, the muted dynamic of which calls forth a perhaps inevitably muted reaction.
San Francisco Chronicle
Surprisingly tepid and soapy.
USA Today
Truth is, Affleck and Paltrow flunk Chemistry 101. They aren't believable even as a fake couple.

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