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The Bettys are:
  • Diane - "Mood Swing" Betty

  • Kansas - "White Trash" Betty

  • Cleo - "Stalker" Betty

  • Hannah - "Virgin" Betty (with optional horse and saddle)

  • Fern - "Terminator" Betty

  • Lucy - Richard Nixon

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The premiere of the movie was held in Minnesota, where the movie was filmed. The entire audience was given Betty Doll masks, like the ones the girls used to rob the bank in the movie.
Uncredited writer Lona Williams based Cleo's obsession with Conan O'Brien on herself. Williams admits to admiring O'Brien while he was a writer on The Simpsons (1989) and she was an assistant to the producers.
Lona Williams wrote the original screenplay for this movie, and was an executive producer. After a falling out with producers, her name was removed from the project.
The movie is only 73 minutes long, with two minutes of "where are they now?" and six minutes of credits for a running time of 81 minutes.
References are made to the films Backdraft (1991) and Scream (1996), both staring W. Earl Brown, who plays the Terminator in this film.
The "illegal" dismount in the bank isn't really illegal. A cradle with 2 catchers from shoulder height does not require a separate head and shoulders spotter. Extended stunts (when the bases' arms are extended up over their heads) require the extra spotter.
Sugar & Spice was supposed to be a black comedy about murdering for money, but the producers thought it too similar to Jawbreaker (1999), another teen black comedy, so the screenwriter re-wrote the script to what it is now. Mena Suvari commented, "Even though it doesn't have murder its still influenced by Heathers (1988)."
The characters of Jack and Diane seem to be named after the fictional characters of John Mellencamp's song: "Jack and Diane".
The writing credit was changed to "Mandy Nelson" shortly before the film's release.


The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

When Conan O'Brien was told that the character of Cleo was to be obsessed with him, he happily agreed to pose for a picture with Melissa George in character. A still photograph of O'Brien and Cleo is shown during the closing credits.

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