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A poetry of love, longing and affirmation bleeds through the music of Cuba, and some of the best sounds the island ever created are captured with embracing humanity.
New Times (L.A.)
Infectious, intoxicating joy is the emotion conveyed in every frame of this ravishing, exuberant documentary.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
I've never seen another movie that so clearly expresses the sensual sustenance that great folk culture provides its practitioners.
A 140-minute film masterpiece.
This soothing, elegantly-crafted film is such a marvelous piece of work.
At the end, we're left with a desire to hear even more of this music and hang out a little longer with these musicians.
TV Guide
Cleverly mixes footage from various recording sessions and interviews with live performances in Amsterdam and New York City's Carnegie Hall.
Entertainment Weekly
What the film leaves unexplained is how this joyous musical outpouring, which predated the revolution, could fare under a system with a pathological distrust of beauty.
Austin Chronicle
Buena Vista Social Club is obviously intended less as a concert film than as a set of cinematic liner notes about the vanishing musical culture.
Chicago Sun-Times
It is a touching story, and the musicians (some over 90 years old) still have fire and grace onstage, but, man, does the style of this documentary get in the way.

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