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Christian Science Monitor
The latter element joins with Crudup's excellent acting to make this deliberately scruffy tale a worthwhile experience if you can handle its explicitly sordid subplots.
Rolling Stone
A mesmerizing film spinning from hilarity to heartbreak.
Chicago Sun-Times
Jesus' Son surprises me with moments of wry humor, poignancy, sorrow and wildness. It has a sequence as funny as any I've seen this year.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Floats before your eyes like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The surprise is that, fitted together, these pieces make a completed picture.
Chicago Tribune
A story of faith and redemption, as viewed through the blurry and bloodshot eyes of a young man.
Mr. Showbiz
If you haven't seen his (Crudup's) work before, Jesus' Son could be the one that makes you his biggest disciple.
Entertainment Weekly
Another grotty drama about junkie love? Well, yes...I make an exception for Jesus' Son.
San Francisco Chronicle
It's so wonderfully silly, coarse and down-to-Earth that its radiance sneaks up only over time.
San Francisco Examiner
A dashing fusion of the literary and the cinematic.
New York Daily News
Movies about junkies are often brutal to watch, but Jesus' Son has such a light touch, you have little to fear. Little to gain, too.
Grim stuff, filled with great sorrow and tragedy, but it's never maudlin or weepy.

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