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A Sign of Things To Come

Author: zeitler001 ( from United States
29 October 2000

Based very loosely off the 1985 film "The Goonies", this game is among the most unique titles offered by the NES. It managed to help define a genre back in the day-- the side-scrolling free-form adventure. This game has no defined "stages" and no "bosses", as expected from the traditional side-scrolling formula, but rather allows you to go anywhere and see anything-- provided, that is, you have found the tools necessary to reach that area. It is very reminiscent of Nintendo's "Metroid" series in that regard. Later effort "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night", also by Konami, would bring this genre to its current level of perfection. I am surprised that such an original style of game, that is, this kind of adventure, is not more frequently imitated. But in any event, I suppose it is best to enjoy what we have in "Goonies II"-- if you can find it.

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The best sequel that was never was

Author: tomakalinus from Chicago, IL
9 August 2004

This is not only an excellent continuation of a movie series but also an excellent game on its own merits. Unfortunately, this game was largely overlooked by video gamers of the time, lost in the rush of such classics as the "Zelda," "Super Mario," "Metroid," "Mega Man," and "Castlevania" games. In a crowded market, there was simply no room for it, which is quite a shame.

The first "Goonies" game was released only to the arcade and had largely incoherent gameplay. It was not the best movie adaptation ever, to say the least. However, Konami took some of the basic concepts from the first game and adapted them to the 8-bit Nintendo system to create this masterpiece.

You control Mikey, the young hero played by Sean Astin in the movie, as you go to rescue all 6 Goonies, plus a mermaid named Annie, that have been captured by the Fratellis, the villains from the film. This is what I love most about the game: it's a perfect blend of side-scrolling action elements (like "Super Mario") crossed with quest and exploration elements (like "Zelda" or "Metroid") as you try to hunt down where each of the Goonies are, collecting items and unlocking hidden doorways that will help you in your search. In a masterstroke of design, there's even a "front" world and "back" world to each area you explore, which means there's as twice as much area to search through.

Admittedly, some people just didn't like this game. Some found the "kiddie" elements made the game too easy; others felt frustrated with the quest elements, feeling that they were too hard. For me, this game had exactly the perfect learning curve. It was difficult enough to consume hours of my young life over the summer of '88, yet it's one of the few games I've ever beaten without having 30 free lives and another player by my side.

The music in this game is perfect. At the start of the game, of course, you hear an 8-bit version of Cyndi Lauper's classic "Good Enough," the theme from the Goonies movie. As you move into each successive area, though, the music is creepy and/or evocative of the area you're in. I wish I could credit the composer of this magical score; sadly, this was back in the day when video-game music composition was given short shrift (thankfully, that trend is reversing).

This is also one of the few games to have a really nice, long ending. Even a game with mind-blowing "cinema scenes" like "Tomb Raider" totally cheats with a nondescript ending. But "Goonies II," like "Super Mario 2" and a handful of others, remembers to have a nice payoff.

In conclusion, I found this game very satisfying, and if Richard Donner ever gets his proposed "Goonies" movie sequel off of the ground, I hope that he makes a nod somewhere in the script to this game, the only "Goonies" sequel we've had for many years.

If you have an 8-bit Nintendo (and if you don't, shame on you!), and especially if you're a fan of the '80s, this game is worth picking up on eBay or at a garage sale or Goodwill store near you. Every time I pop the game into my system, it's 1988 all over again.

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An Odd Idea Becomes An Odd Yet Adventurous Game

Author: TheFishy from Washington, DC
9 July 1999

The idea was this. Take a brilliant film that is like a bedtime story caught on film and make a sequel to it. Except this sequel isn't a's a video game follow up to a movie.


It almost works though. After "The Goonies" scored 61.4 million in 1985 a follow up is made in 1987 on the classic, 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. It has a stranger plot involving mermaids, rescuing the other "goonies" and the Fratilly's breaking out of prison. While this isn't exactly Hollywood material, it's not really anything at all.

Goonies 2 is a side scrolling game which offers lots of adventurous action, strange puzzles and even some hints of RPG action. The concept is simple. Find boys, unlock some mermaids prison cage, get the Fratilly's BACK in jail, don't die. It's more difficult then it sounds.

With mind bending puzzles that have you warping from one part of the game to another it can really engulf you into the gameplay. While at the same time confusing the hell out of the player.

The game is just another side scroller with adventure elements and a movie license. But from the cheesy Sidney Lopper music from the film, to the excellent shots of the Fratilly brothers and even just the concept of the game itself brings back that old Goonies fun.

The controls are just like every NES game made after the amazing Super Mario Brothers. And with all the twists and turns this game takes it's got above average as replay goes with side scrollers. Not to mention the puzzles and thrown in RPG elements that also add fire to this games spark. But what happens when side scroller meets RPG/Puzzle elements? Like I said, it's an odd game. But it's still enjoyable.

Some Final Words:

Graphics: Nothing special. Some nice "cut scenes" and freaky enviorments in RPG type screens. But just NES graphics. Grade: B-

Sound: Sidney Lopper's song from the film helps a lot. Very creepy the movie! But a whole new musical score has been done for this sequel-to-movie video game. Yes! Grade: A-

Play Control: NES=no innovation. Grade: C

Gameplay: Somewhat repetitive yet mindless and fun. Saved by puzzles at times. Grade: B

Replay: Sure. I keep mentioning it. But the RPGS and puzzles make it better. The twists make it above average...and maybe even beyond. Grade: B+

OVERALL: Interesting idea. Odd game. Odd is fun in this case. What else do you expect from a game based on a movie called THE GOONIES?

Overall Grade: B-

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For a video game movie this one was rather fun.

Author: Aaron1375
17 August 2009

This game had lots of elements to it and made for a rather good side scrolling adventure game with quest elements added as well. You also had computer game like stages where you had to look for stuff in these rooms to find your friends and equipment to help you get to other areas of the strange world. The game has you as the lead Goonie going in this strange world to find your other buddies, plus a mermaid which in the end seems like a strange inclusion, but what the heck it is a video game. The areas have good variety to them as I remember a fire based area, an ice one and an underwater one too. The game was not all that difficult as far as maneuvering the side scrolling levels, however, sometimes finding stuff in the rooms was a bit annoying for a kid anyways. While this one is not the classic other Nintendo games were it was still a lot of fun to play, I liked how they had quest type things to do along with the typical Mario like levels. Certainly better than other movie games made like the super horrible "Total Recall" video game.

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A Great follow up to the Film.

Author: JMG-2 from Miami Beach, FL
25 July 2001

I used to play this game alot as a kid. Somebody gave me this game and I remember being psyched because the box art was cool and it was "The Goonies" I used to find it very fun because it combined different styles into one game. At one point it is a side scroller then it shifts into first person "Shadowgate" style when you are solving puzzles which was pretty awesome at the time. It is very challenging though so don't plan on getting through the whole thing in one sitting. If you still have your NES up and running and never played this game I advise you look it up at a Funcoland and purchase it because it is worth it, especially if you're a fan of the script.

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A game that truly brings the power of the Goonies to life!

Author: ( from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
5 December 2000

Goonies II is a tremendous video game! The music and the game play were very good considering the time the game was released. It conjours up the same fun atmosphere the film provided and stays true to the goonie legacy. My only wish is that there would be a Goonies II film made one day.

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Very good game.

Author: hunt5223 from Michigan
12 January 2000

One of the most amazing games of it's time. Not so great by today's standards. But then in 10 years, we are going to look back at what we have now and think it's blah. In it's 8-bit day it had some of the best control, graphics, variablity, and largeness of game. The storyline was pretty bad though.

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Game Gives Movie a Bad Name

Author: latkaman from United States
18 April 2005

Naturally, Goonies is one of the best movies ever made. So you would think the original NES game would be quite genius. On the contrary, this sad excuse for a game wasted many hours of my life and failed to offer any entertainment value. I luckily did not purchase it, but inherited it from a friend. If you are in a similar situation, try it out and see for yourself. However, I would not recommend spending a penny. The graphics were poor and the plot tried to replicate that of the movie. I have not actually sat down and played Goonis II recently, but I recall it also being rather difficult. Not Difficult as in challenging, but difficult as in just poorly made.

My Suggestion: Just stick to the movie.

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