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Season 1

28 Mar. 1968
Dark Deeds on the Northwest Frontier
Together with Doublett, Captain Virgin travels by balloon to the Northwest frontier. His mission: to save India for the Empire - and outwit the diabolical plans his adversary, the thoroughly evil Karl Von Brauner.
4 Apr. 1968
Russian Roundabout
During a mission to St Petersburg. Virgin finds a Prince who dreams of becoming Emperor of India. In a mission filled with intrigue and mystery, the agent puts paid to the man's dreams and once again foils Von Brauner's aspirations to greatness.
11 Apr. 1968
Entente Cordiale
When the Entente Cordiale is threatened by von Brauner's attempts to have the Duke of Albany killed when he visits the opera, Virgin and Mrs Cortez, impersonating the Duke and his wife, find themselves held prisoner by a group of Chinese white slave traders.
18 Apr. 1968
The Great Ring of Akba
Captain Virgin travels to Arabia alone, to meet a cruel usurper face to face - and finds himself held prisoner bat Van Brauner and Klaus Stiebeck. who puts him through their 'ordeal by animal': a deep pit filled with venomous reptiles.
25 Apr. 1968
The Amazons
An old British scientist and his daughters are trapped in their Amazon jungle fortress by Von Braunner, who's leading the local Indians against them. All looks hopeless until Virgin, Doublett and Mrs. Cortez arrive.
2 May 1968
The Rajah and the Suffragette
On the Indian frontier, Virgin is up against a well armed but mentally weak prince who is under the influence of an evil advisor working with VonBraunner against the British forces.
9 May 1968
Persuasion of a Million Drops
German agents seek to steal a chemical formula that causes temporary paralysis from a Swiss scientist, so that it can be sold to a sinister Chinese warlord. While Virgin and Mrs. Cortez's attempt to stop them, they are captured.
16 May 1968
Pride of Assassins
Von Braunner has arranged for an assassin to kill a Serbian noble and make it appear a better known killer-for-hire,Le Mec, is responsible. Virgin and Mrs. Cortez in turn enlist his help to thwart the plot.
23 May 1968
Across the Silver Pass of Gusri Song
In a strange "Shangra-La" type kingdom, their blonde goddess must marry a white warrior, as per an ancient legend,which Von Braunner intends to exploit, but Virgin comes on the scene and complicates things.
30 May 1968
The Pyramid Plot
Though married to a British officer, an Egyptian woman with Pharaonic delusions, along with Von Braunner, lead an army mutiny and insurgent plot to seize control of the Suez Canal.
6 Jun. 1968
A Fate Worse Than Death
Anarchist masterminds are brought to England by VonBraunner as part of a two-pointed plot to assassinate King Edward and the visiting Kaiser Wilhelm, and steal the crown jewels from the tower of London.
13 Jun. 1968
The Professor Goes West
Von Braunner kidnaps a scientist and forces him to look for oil in Texas, on the land of a trigger happy ranch boss named Big Jack, who has a nearby cowboy town under his heel. Virgin and Doublett are diverted there looking for the Colonel.
20 Jun. 1968
Wings Over Glencraig
Sightings of flying machines at a strange old Scots castle inspire Von Bruanner (now with a cowardly Italian princeling in tow) to try and seize the craft from the prickly laird of the manor, who is also an eccentric inventor. Virgin, Doublett and Mrs. Cortez are sent to secure the machine for the U.K. first.

 Season 1 

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