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9 Jun. 1992
Graduation Day at the Institute of Studio Makeup Ltd.
Interview with the President of and a graduating class from The Institute of Studio Makeup, Ltd., Hollywood's premiere makeup school.
5 Apr. 1994
Episode dated 5 April 1994
Items include an interview in the New York CNN studios with Carrie Fisher concerning her new book 'Delusions of Grandma'.
24 Aug. 1994
Episode dated 24 August 1994
Items include Richard Lewis talking about working with John Candy on his final film Wagons East (1994).
23 Sep. 1994
Episode dated 23 September 1994
Items include former SNL writer Alan Zweibel talking about his book 'Bunny Bunny' about his working relationship with Gilda Radner.
12 Oct. 1994
Episode dated 12 October 1994
Items include 'Grease Monkee' Davy Jones talking about his role in a stage version of Grease and his lifelong hobby of being a jockey racing horses.
25 Nov. 1994
Episode dated 25 November 1994
Features an item on the passing of Cab Calloway and the TV Movie Fatherland (1994)
9 Jan. 1995
Episode dated 9 January 1995
Features a preview of the 1995 revival of 'Get Smart'.
18 Feb. 1995
Episode dated 18 February 1995
Bill Tush visits the set of Casper (1995) and meets some of the flesh and bones cast.
17 Mar. 1995
Episode dated 17 March 1995
Features an item on the TV Movie My Brother's Keeper (1995).
5 Apr. 1995
Episode dated 5 April 1995
Interviews include Lorne Michaels defending rumors that Saturday Night Live may be finished and Johnny Depp about working with Marlon Brando.
27 Apr. 1995
Episode dated 27 April 1995
Items include a look at the making of Back to the Future: The Ride.
2 May 1995
Episode dated 2 May 1995
Interviews include Andy Garcia and Alan Arkin talking about their new film Steal Big Steal Little (1995).
11 May 1995
Episode dated 11 May 1995
Items include Jon Lovitz promoting the second season of The Critic (1994).
16 May 1995
Episode dated 16 May 1995
Items include a set visit to Lea Thompson's new sitcom Caroline in the City (1995).
22 May 1995
Episode dated 22 May 1995
Bill Tush visits the set of the Olsen Twins first big screen outing It Takes Two (1995), known during production as 'Me and My Shadow'
29 May 1995
Episode dated 29 May 1995
Includes a visit to the set of Muppet Treasure Island.
31 May 1995
Episode dated 31 May 1995
Includes an item on Richard Pryor's new autobiography.
14 Jun. 1995
Episode dated 14 June 1995
Top billed Ron Jeremy talks about his career and Jim Carrey about playing The Riddler.
19 Jun. 1995
Episode dated 19 June 1995
Previews summer movies including Apollo 13, Batman Forever and the 'controversial' Pocahontas.
13 Jul. 1995
Episode dated 13 July 1995
Previews include 'The Indian in the Cupboard'.
16 Jul. 1995
Episode dated 16 July 1995
Bill Tush interviews Isabella Rossellini.
28 Aug. 1995
Episode dated 28 August 1995
Bill Tush visits the set of 'The Substance of Fire' and talks to Sarah Jessica Parker and Roger Rees
7 Sep. 1995
Episode dated 7 September 1995
Gary Sinise talks about his greatest acting challenge to date: playing the title role in Truman (1995).
29 Sep. 1995
Episode dated 29 September 1995
Dutch director Theo van Gogh talks about his 1994 movie 1-900 (1994).
12 Oct. 1995
Episode dated 12 October 1995
Actor Stephen Collins acts as a special guest anchorperson for this installment.
21 Oct. 1995
Episode dated 21 October 1995
Items include Raul Julia's final film 'Down came a Blackbird' and Alyssa Milano and Connie Sellecca talk about 'The Surrogate'.
23 Oct. 1995
Episode dated 23 October 1995
Features an item on the 20th anniversary of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
25 Oct. 1995
Episode dated 25 October 1995
Items include Tim Curry promoting the computer game 'Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster'.
4 Dec. 1995
Episode dated 4 December 1995
Features items on Toy Story and Things to do in Denver when you're dead.
9 Jan. 1996
Episode dated 9 January 1996
Features an item on Patrick Stewart's appearance on Sesame Street.
19 Feb. 1996
Episode dated 19 February 1996
Features an item on the NPR Playhouse radio dramatization of Return of the Jedi.
29 Feb. 1996
Episode dated 29 February 1996
Featuring Pawprints in cement, including those of Micky Dolenz, Marisa Tomei, Britt Morgan and Frasier's dog and Tracy Scoggins cat.
27 Jun. 1997
Episode dated 27 June 1997
10,000 Maniacs perform Rainy Day, Even With My Eyes Closed, Big Star, and More Than This from their new CD "Love Among the Ruins"
18 Jul. 2000
Episode dated 18 July 2000
Halle Berry, Famke Janssen & James Marsden are collectively interviewed for X-Men (2000).

 Unknown Season 

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