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The film starts off with Larry, Micheal Gambon's character, walking up to a theatre door on an empty wet side street in what appears to be the West End. He sits by the door, passing the time but is soon joined by a younger man, Simon (William Ash), also interested in waiting by the door. It soon becomes apparent that the two men are VERY early patrons for a show by "The Man of a Thousand Faces." As both sit waiting for the time to slowly pass, their attention gets diverted by the stunning Maria, played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. After much gawking at her beauty, the men decide to have a game of chess, during which Roger exits a taxi and starts to make his way to the group, as Granny turns a corner heading the same way. Determined not to be left in the cold, Granny all but runs to the forming line, nearly stepping on her dog. Alas, Roger (Hugh Jackman) beats her. Dismayed at her defeat, she scares away the newly advancing woman, who would be the last one in line. Having scared away the Granny and her dog, and seen the show, the trio regroups by the stage door, and Simon lines the goup for a picture, which one of the performers offers to take for them. After the smiles and laughing fade from the picture taking, the dog reappears and follows the cast member down the street, and the patrons put two and two together about Hunter Jackson, the Man of a Thousand Faces.


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