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Mr. Showbiz
It's a lock to pile up the honors during Hollywood's annual awards season next spring (at the Golden Raspberries and the MTV Movie Awards).
San Francisco Chronicle
Is it worth seeing once? Sure.
Chicago Tribune
Scientology or not, the movie is a battlefield bummer that makes you want to revolt.
USA Today
The script, based on a novel by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, is deeply dumb, depressingly derivative (ripping off "Planet of the Apes" the most) and just plain nonsense.
Boston Globe
So heavy and lifeless that you keep waiting for those three little front-row kibitzers from "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" to appear at the bottom of the screen to start goofing on it.
Baltimore Sun
An underlit, overlong, underwritten and overloud albatross of a movie.
Entertainment Weekly
Just a lumbering, poorly photographed piece of derivative sci-fi drivel, full of grunting extras scampering around in animal pelts and more dank, trash-strewn sets than I ever care to see again.
New York Post
Goes from being tediously terrible to downright gigglesome.
Chicago Sun-Times
Awful in so many different ways.
Rolling Stone
With this kind of epic ineptitude -- hell, the flick is set in the year 3000 -- you go for "worst of the millennium."
Compounded by a dated visual style, patched-together special effects and ludicrous dialogue, Battlefield Earth is a wholly miserable experience.
New York Daily News
One of the darkest, ugliest, most uninvolving and incomprehensible major-studio fantasies I've ever seen.

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