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Chicago Tribune
Scientology or not, the movie is a battlefield bummer that makes you want to revolt.
Boston Globe
So heavy and lifeless that you keep waiting for those three little front-row kibitzers from "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" to appear at the bottom of the screen to start goofing on it.
Shot after shot photographed at wobbly, off-center angles for no particular reason, weigh every action sequence down with super-slo-mo in lame imitation of "The Matrix" or end every single scene with a vertical wipe.
Yet the overall look, though derivative ("The Matrix," "Blade Runner," "Waterworld," etc.), rates as Battlefield's one non-guilty pleasure.
Portland Oregonian
A ghastly, unappealing mess that lacks a single absorbing character, engaging story line or entertaining snippet of dialogue.
The film is Travolta's baby, but indifference and boredom is everywhere.
The dialogue is inane, the acting wooden, and Roger Christian's directing choices are a lesson in sci-fi film cliché.
TNT RoughCut
The only danger in seeing this film is in busting a gut at its unintentional hilarity.
In the pantheon of cinematic train wrecks, from "Ishtar" to "Waterworld," set a place at the table for Battlefield Earth.
Rolling Stone
With this kind of epic ineptitude -- hell, the flick is set in the year 3000 -- you go for "worst of the millennium."

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