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awesome!.. & not, just, for a TV. movie.
franklin-fuentes21 April 2016
upon, the orig. 'Network' Television airing of this TV. movie.. i really expected nothing. due, to the movies' subject matter, & content. there, just, weren't any expectations there. mainly, because these type of movies can easily/ quickly go wrong. while, only being a laughable "Mommy Dearest" type of disaster. not to mention, that Celeb. Bio-pix TV. movies are famous for their lack of promotion, casting Star power, emotion/ talent, & well written scripts/ book to television adaptations. re. this project.. i, "so", pleasantly surprised to have been 101% Wrong?! especially, for network TV... again, i was pleasantly pleased, & surprised, by this movies content. & it's amount?! & w. the addition of one (or, two) very small missing elements, this, def. could've cable, or been big screen ready! all actors, here, were really great. even, the smallest ones have met all of their marks! for me, the lead actors performances were simply divine. & should have def. been Award winning. you might not recognize this fact? but, it is Extremely difficult to mimic the actions, personality traits of a mild mannered person; like a Sonny Bono. still. the male lead; Jay Underwood, killed it. I MUST give proper credit to the female lead actress; Renee Fala, kudos! please, understand the Extreme difficulty of her undertaking the role of Iconic "character" Cher. every actress, (female) impersonator could "only" play Cher as a humorous spoof/ satire, a bad impersonation/ cartoon like character. or, as, just plain old' 'cheesy' badness. but, it's almost impossible to play such an iconic character as Cher. Renee is "the" single exception to this rule. her acting is so refreshingly, real. & also, the very Best kind of understatement. surprisingly, her portrayal of the odd, unique, eclectic, eccentric, flighty, scattered, emotionally distant, passively aggressive, irrational, reactive, defiant, sometimes difficult/ hard to please/ ungrateful, unpredictable, quick tempered, spoiled younger Cher, does not lead you to dislike her. quite, the opposite. it draws you in. & while, helping you to almost 'understand', relate to, & sympathize w. Cher's mindset. as, well as w. her point of view; re. 'her' potential happiness, her life, wants, desires, & needs. it also, shows us how two hopeful/ lovable/ misguided misfits use their imperfections as their strengths, how this (strangely) works in the best interest. & how this action makes all of their dreams realities. this keeps us all positively hopeful about our problems, wants, career goals, & unsatisfactory lives, this, alone, makes, both, of their performances big enough to fill any screen. i'd imagine that Renee's real life experience, as member of the band "Mazarines", may have helped her to play another musician, so flawlessly? still, i'm unsure if she actually did sing here? if not?.. her lip syncing was perfect. just as her careers as a Fashion Illustrator, & Costume Stylist, probably, helped her to feel very comfortable. & while, acting in Bob Mackie stage costume recreations. Renee, & Jay's, acting talents allows them, never, to be type casted (as, these people) after wards. while, their chemistry is tot. undeniable! but, while, not making it overbearing, annoying, too 'in your face. or, forced. Their Amazing acting still allows all involved to shine. these things are very difficult to do/ be. some great actors can do one of things well. if they can do all of these things?. they cannot do them simultaneously. yet, they seem to do these this w. such ease? last, i must add that this movies' minimalistic production, direction, & design, works so well here. it, actually, adds to it's genuine greatness. besides, deserving every award, possible. it def. does deserve an orig. Soundtrack too! mind you, i'm speaking as someone that has witnessed all of Sonny & Cher's career, during, it's orig. time. i just cannot say enough wonderful things about this production. i dare anyone to watch this. then, to 'not' love it?! important: the sheer Enjoyment of this is not limited to, 'only', Sonny & Cher fans! but, i must warn you that this movie, & everything mentioned here, will make love/ further understand Sonny & Cher!
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Sonny and Cher
riley4534 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
rosspaulhewittrobinson1987 you ARE from EARTH aren't you?! I can't believe you haven't heard that Sonny and Cher were a duo. Wow! Anyway, Did you know that it was the actors that were singing and not the real Sonny and Cher. They trained for months to perfect Sonny and Cher's voices.

It's a great movie though, Cher's dry humour works every time. Both actors perfected every movement of the real Sonny and Cher. It was cool to see how they rose from nothing to having everything.

It's a great film for a rainy day, a feel good film.

B +
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a good story
ross robinson31 October 2003
Sonny & Cher have to be one of the best lot ever. I enjoyed watching the sonny and cher story as i got to know why Cher was single after when she split up with Sonny. I was shocked to discover that Sonny had passed away after an accident in a skiing adventure. Now i know what the true story is with Sonny and Cher. I never knew that Sonny was married to Cher and never knew that they sung together. it all now gives me the ture story of one of the best singers and best couples of Sonny and Cher. God Bless you Sonny and Cher.
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Supposedly Based on Sonny Bono's book "The Beat Goes On"
1birrmikelisa30 December 2002
It would sure be nice to watch a movie or even read an article that got all the facts straight about Sonny & Cher. Even with all that has been written about them and especially Cher, one would think that the facts would be common knowledge. Alas! That is not true! Even when Sonny wrote the book the movie is based on they still got a few things wrong. The Beat Goes On did not get recorded just before the Tv show started, All I Ever Need Is You did, but they don't mention that. They just get the facts wrong. Next time spend a little time on your sequencing and pretend to care about your subject. Beyond the fact problem the story is nostalgic and the actors do a good job!
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daveethomas31 March 2002
I am dying to know what Renee REALLY looks like under the wig and makeup that made her so convincing as CHER. Is there nobody out there who can help me? Surely a publicity shot exists somewhere, who ever heard of an actress who DIDN'T want publicity?
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believable and entertaining
daveethomas14 March 2002
Having read other comments, I must say that although I agree in principle to many of them, I thought that BOTH Renee and Jay did a credible job and that although I agree that the lip-synching was (in places) off, it did not detract from the enjoyment. To my mind though, Renee was fantastic as Cher, and I lost myself in the story so much, I forgot she was just an actress, and I guess believed she was who she was portraying. What irritates me is that, since seeing the film, I have tried every avenue I can find to try to get info on her, but I cannot find a photo that tells me what she really looks like beneath the wigs and makeup that created Cher, or a biog. my e.mail adress is there if anyone would like to contact me with details of photo's/biogs that I may be able to download....Thanks to all, ESPECIALLY Renee for the enjoyment of watching her create Cher.
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Renee WAS Cher
daveethomas15 February 2002
I regret that I did not manage to see this excellent film untill 2002 although I see it was made in 1999. The actress that played Cher must have spent a great deal of time and trouble to 'nail' the part as well as she did. From the first scene in the club, until the last, on the 'David Letterman show' I was spellbound. in fact I argued with a friend of mine, who insisted that IT WAS NOT Cher in those scenes with Letterman, I was totally convinced that it was! I just wish it were possible to find a photo so that I could see what Renee looks like in real life, or indeed a biog of her. To close, WELL DONE GIRL!!!!
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The Love Story of One of the Most Famous Couples Ever
IrisNo112 August 1999
I thought that this movie was going to be very lame, but it was better than I thought it was. I didn't think that Jay Underwood could exactly match the REAL Sonny Bono's look, but Renee was a great Cher! I've seen the first episode of the Sonny and Cher show, and they made that different looking in the movie, but that is okay. I really enjoyed this tv movie! It's a lot better than it looks!
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I thought Renee Faia *was* Cher. Very believable; she really nailed it.
RBlaine13 June 1999
I thought Renee Faia *was* Cher. Very believable; she really nailed it. I always liked to watch Cher on the Sonny & Cher show and I felt like I was back in the 60's.
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Not Bad
Marie-1323 February 1999
I thought it would be really cheesier than it was. I like the fact that Renee who played Cher did an excellent job and Jay who played Sonny did an interesting job, though I had never thought of who would ever play him. Sonny seemed like an interesting man himself so to rekindle that seemed hard. I thought that the screen version of The Beat Goes On was pretty good. The lip singing was horrible, but unless you actually were the one who sang it, it would be hard to recreate. I especially like the end of the movie - I thought that was pretty classic. It was nice to show some footage of the real Sonny. I thought that it could use some footage of Cher too, but I guess since it was Sonny's book than it's ok. Last but not least for those who missed it, it was something worth watching for the two hours.
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