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10 Oct. 1992
Surprised to Be Dead
A traffic accident leaves 14-year-old independent street tough Yusuke Urameshi dead. His ghost watches the scene and recalls events leading up to his death. As he accepts his situation, Boton the Grim Reaper shows up, but her pink robes, baby blue hair and cheerfully chatty nature are not what Yusuke would've expected.
17 Oct. 1992
Koenma of the Spirit Realm! A Trial Towards Resurrection
In Spirit World, Yusuke meets Koenma, the toddler-appearing son of King Yama, who presents Yusuke a chance for coming back to life through a spirit egg that will feed off his soul's energy. If Yusuke's energy is good, a spirit beast will hatch that will guide him; if not good, a monster will emerge to devour him. In the meantime Yusuke struggles to tell those closest to him in the living world not to cremate his body.
24 Oct. 1992
Oitsumerareta Kuwabara! Otoko no chikai
While waiting for his spirit egg to hatch, Yusuke's estimation of Kazuma Kuwabara rises stemming from the rare opportunity to observe his goofy rival dealing with two teacher going out of their way to hurt him, expel him and ruin a friend's life.
31 Oct. 1992
Requirements for Lovers
Sayaka the spirit investigator checks up on Yusuke's progress, particularly looking into Yusuke's relationship with Keiko, which seems entirely one-sided. An emergency arises putting Keiko's life and Yusuke's chance for a return in jeopardy, and Yusuke must make a consequential decision.
7 Nov. 1992
Yusuke's Back
To reclaim his body, Yusuke must enter the dreams of the three people who want him back the most and convince at least one of them to kiss him on the lips before tomorrow at midnight or else he'll remain a spirit hovering over his comatose body for the next fifty-two years.
14 Nov. 1992
Three Monsters
Yusuke gets his first assignment as Spirit Detective: Three criminals have stolen dark artifacts from King Yama's vaults in Spirit World. They must be caught and the items returned - a tall order, especially for an untested, first-time Spirit Detective like Yusuke.
21 Nov. 1992
Gouki and Kurama
Yusuke confronts two of the three artifact thieves, but dealing with them couldn't be more opposite. One strives brutally to eat his soul; the other wins his heart without trying.
28 Nov. 1992
The Three Eyes of Hiei
Hiei, the last and feistiest of the three artifact thieves, attempts to weaken Yusuke by first attacking Keiko. He starts transforming her into a demon but finds that attacking Yusuke's friends only magnifies, not weakens, Yusuke's fighting abilities, making their confrontation more interesting. Aid later comes to Yusuke from an unexpected source.
5 Dec. 1992
The Search Begins
Master Genkai is retiring and looking for one last apprentice to whom to pass along her special psychic fighting powers. Koenma wants Yusuke to enter her contest for that apprenticeship, not only to gain those special powers but to discover a homicidal master criminal named Rando who's surely to be one of the contestants as well. Arriving for the qualification tests, Yusuke meets a familiar acquaintance.
12 Dec. 1992
Kuwabara's Spirit Sword
Genkai's final test is a tournament between the eight finalists, fought one-on-one in her pitch black dojo until opponents are either dead or incapacitated. All the while, Yusuke wonders which one may be the homicidal Rando in disguise.
19 Dec. 1992
Hard Fights for Yusuke
Following Yusuke's first fight, Genkai moves the semi-final round to an ancient battleground where spirit energy overtakes the body, making it the best place to use spirit power.
26 Dec. 1992
Rando Rises, Kuwabara Falls
Kuwabara and Shorin face-off in the semi-finals of Genkai's tournament, which goes directly into the final match with Yusuke; however, when all seems said and done and a winner about to be declared, Rando the human-hunter finally appears, portending dire consequences for all those still alive.

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