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Entertainment Weekly
Almodóvar's masterwork, is a spectacular synthesis of everything that has always interested him -- proud women, lovely boys, beautiful drag queens, grand movie stars, gorgeous frocks, wild wallpaper .
New York Daily News
Almodovar is adept at weaving together strands you'd never guess would match.
New York Post
The year's best foreign-language movie an absolute must-see.
A surprisingly satisfying combination of bawdy sexual humor, genuine emotion and a plot with mechanics so excessive that Almodóvar himself calls it "a screwball drama."
Rolling Stone
Pedro Almodovar's transfixing tragicomedy -- the best foreign movie of the year -- is also the best showcase for actresses in ages.
Chicago Sun-Times
The characters have a weight and reality, as if Almodovar has finally taken pity on them--has seen that although their plights may seem ludicrous, they're real enough to hurt. These are people who stand outside conventional life and its rules, and yet affirm them.
Philadelphia Inquirer
This is more than a movie: It's Almodovar's design for living.
Chicago Tribune
Generous in spirit and always engaging as it demonstrates that no matter how difficult life may become, there's no excuse for being drab.
Christian Science Monitor
Some will find the movie's sexual antics too explicit and unconventional for comfort.
San Francisco Examiner
Almodovar imbues his Harlequin-novel-meets-Marvel-comic-book melodramas with something more than a wink and a smile, and it's beguiling.
No one else makes movies like this Spanish director.
USA Today
Mothers definitely get their due here: Birth mothers, adoptive mothers and mothers-to-be - with the only men in sight (save for one young fatality and one old eccentric) being those who wear flashy makeup and sport breasts

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