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‘The Punisher – Season One’ Review (Netflix)

After The Punisher was introduced into the secons season of Daredevil, the anticipation that he would get his own show was high. Now that it is here though, does it live up to our hopes? The answer for the most part is yes, but read on to find out why Marvel fall into a familiar trap with their new Netflix show…

When Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) tries to leave The Punisher behind him, it doesn’t take long before he has to take action against wrongdoers. When this catches the attention of Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) Castle finds himself once again hunting down the people behind his family’s death, as it seems his vengeance was ended a little prematurely.

While I may say some negative things about the show in this review, it is important to point out that Jon Bernthal is perfect as Frank Castle. He can convey the emotions needed for Frank Castle,
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Wrestling Daily News Roundup: Triple H’s Wrestlemania Opponent, Huge Return on Raw, Royal Rumble Main Event Plans, Landmark for Roman Reigns

Liam Hoofe with a round-up of the latest wrestling news…

Triple H’s Wrestlemania Opponent

The ending of Survivor Series was an absolute mess, I think most wrestling fans would agree on that. While it could be argued that the match was booked as to get Braun Strowman over, most of us can agree that once again, Triple H stole the limelight.

Wrestlemania feuds are often started at Survivor Series, though, and with Triple H screwing pretty much everybody in this bout, and then having a confrontation with Braun Strowman- fans were left a little bit confused as to who his Mania opponent would be. Rumoured opponents for Hunter have been Shane or Kurt Angle in recent months, and with him attacking both of these men at Survivor Series, things still remain unclear.

The rumours circulating today are that Triple H will face both Braun Strowman and Kurt Angle (sorry,
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WWE Raw Review 20/11/17 – New Intercontinental Champion, A Surprise Return, Two Shocking Debuts

Liam Hoofe Reviews last night’s WWE Raw

Welcome to Monday Night Raw, or has it appears to be becoming once again, The Stephanie McMahon Show. This week’s episode began, like many before it, with Stephanie McMahon coming out to the ring to address the fall out of Survivor Series. She officially branded Raw as the A-Show before confirming that Kurt Angle is 1000% (not possible, Steph) staying on in his role as Raw Gm. She was then joined by her husband Triple H, who was quickly followed by Kurt Angle.

Angle instantly got in Hunter’s face before Jason Jordan’s music hit to zero response and the former American Alpha member hit the ring to challenge Triple H to a match. Triple H took off his blazer and claimed that he was scared of no-one before Braun’s music hit and out comes the monster among men. Braun
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Celebrity Big Brother USA Three More Possible Female Participants Revealed

  • OnTheFlix
Hey,"Big Brother" fans. More updates on the casting for the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother USA edition are now starting to trickle in a little more often these days. We've got a new one that just came in from thesun.co.uk site. They're telling us that former MTV's "The Hills" star Stephanie Pratt is currently in talks with the CBS Big Brother producers to participate in the first ever USA Celebrity Big Brother edition. They say that their sources confirmed it by saying, "While Steph's been in La, she has been seen by the producers of the new Us version of Celebrity Big Brother. The producers see her as a heritage reality star. One of the original global reality stars who has continued in reality TV both in the Us and UK. It's expected to be a huge show in the UK when it's shown over here." For
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WWE ‘Survivor Series': Watch The Shield Triple Power-Bomb Kofi Kingston From the Ropes (Video)

  • The Wrap
It’s a new day, yes it is. Three-man WWE tag-team The New Day did not survive the opening match of Sunday’s “Survivor Series.” Fellow threesome The Shield just dropped the opposing trio — some members from greater heights than others. The “Monday Night Raw” representatives conquered the “SmackDown Live” one in pretty killer fashion — just ask Kofi Kingston’s back. And neck. And whomever will have to help him walk to and from the bathroom tonight. Also Read: Becky Lynch Shares Next Milestones for WWE's 'Women's Revolution' Watch the recently reunited Shield — Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose — triple power-bomb the.
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The Miz: I'm King in WWE, Not Brock Lesnar

  • TMZ
[[tmz:video id="0_07mi7yj4"]] Brock Lesnar's good and all ... but he ain't an Mvp WWE superstar like, say, The Miz -- this according to The Miz. Here's the deal ... we got Miz chillin' in the Big Apple, and asked him to pick the winner of this weekend's "Survivor Series" main event -- Lesnar vs. A.J. Styles. Miz went with Brock 'cause they wrestle on the same show -- "Monday Night Raw" -- but made 1 thing very clear ... "He
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WWE ‘Survivor Series’ Heads to Los Angeles in 2018

  • The Wrap
WWE ‘Survivor Series’ Heads to Los Angeles in 2018
Start planning your 405 freeway commute now: Los Angeles has landed next year’s WWE “Survivor Series.” With it, the city’s Staples Center in Downtown L.A. also gets “Nxt TakeOver,” “Monday Night Raw” and “SmackDown Live.” The shows take place over four consecutive nights in November. Here are the dates: “TakeOver”: Nov. 17 “Survivor Series”: Nov. 18 “Monday Night Raw”: Nov. 19 “SmackDown Live: Nov. 20 Also Read: Becky Lynch Shares Next Milestones for WWE's 'Women's Revolution' This year’s “Survivor Series” takes place Sunday in Houston. Matches there include Universal Champion Brock Lesnar versus WWE Champion Aj Styles, Raw
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Why The Punisher Films Failed

With Netflix’s The Punisher on the horizon, James Turner looks back at the previous live-action adaptations of the Punisher to see why they failed…

The Punisher (1989)

Rotten Tomatoes rating: 28%

Let’s get the worst of the bunch out of the way first.

Set five years after the murder of his family, Frank Castle, known to the public only as the Punisher, has made a name for himself killing criminals. 125 of them to be exact. And now he’s going to… just kill some more people, basically.

Part of what makes the Punisher such an interesting character in the comics is the fact that he so finely walks the line between being a hero and a villain. Though we often find ourselves rooting for Castle, we also recognise that his methods leave no room for criminal’s rehabilitation. He’s pretty damn effective and reducing crime, but he’s even
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Is Super Mario Bros. the worst adapted property ever?

Anghus Houvouras on Super Mario Bros., and whether it is the worst adapted property ever…

Like any publication or website, there are a number of daily discussions about hot-topics that should be featured on Flickering Myth. A good editor surveys the pop culture landscape and looks to see what the contributors can offer to generate excitement and opinions about what’s happening in the entertainment world. Just this week there were conversations around the forthcoming Netflix Punisher series and what supporting features could be written to capitalize on the buzz.

My first thought was to examine the previous attempts at adapting The Punisher. All three had something in common: they’re all terrible. And not just terrible, uniquely terrible. Dolph Lundgren’s Punisher is terrible in a completely different way than the Thomas Jane version, while there aren’t enough words to describe the ludicrous and hilarious Punisher: War Zone.
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The Punisher: All of the Different Frank Castles Ranked

Ahead of The Punisher on Netflix, Ben Robins ranks all of the different Frank Castles…

In an almost unprecedented act of genius, Marvel’s long lost, secretly loved but consistently butchered anti-hero The Punisher is finally getting his own ultra-violent spin-off series. And with star of just about every crime/drama movie/series in the last few years Jon Bernthal returning to re-don the skull-soaked tee after his first bow in Daredevil season 2, it feels like the perfect time to revisit all of the temporary Frank Castles that came before him.

Because it seems that Bernthal is actually here to stay, something that can’t be said of any of the hard-nosed actors that leapt into the role before him. In fact, Bernthal’s return to the role is the first time anybody has ever played the character more than once in an official context. Although as you’ll soon see,
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Asuka debuts in Boom! Studios’ WWE comic book series in February

Following her recent Raw debut, WWE Superstar Asuka is set to make her mark in Boom! Studios’ WWE comic book with a four-part storyline showcasing the Empress of Tomorrow’s rise from Nxt to the main WWE roster. The arc will feature as a back-up story beginning in WWE #14, which also begins a new story based around the groundbreaking Women’s Evolution.

Writer Tini Howard (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink) and artist Hyeonjin Kim (Sisters of Sorrow) spotlight Asuka’s rise through the ranks of Nxt beginning February 2018 when the issue goes on sale. From Osaka, Japan, Asuka recently debuted on WWE Monday Night Raw after serving as the undefeated Nxt Women’s Champion for almost two years.

“My story follows Asuka from her debut in Nxt to Raw where she is today,” says writer Tini Howard. “I can’t help but love Asuka—she’s a larger-than-life character that
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Kevin Feige Reveals How Women Could Contribute to the Marvel Universe After Phase Three

  • Indiewire
Kevin Feige Reveals How Women Could Contribute to the Marvel Universe After Phase Three
As the Marvel Cinematic Universe readies for its Phase Three finale — the culmination of what will end up being a 22-film run of interconnected feature films, starting with 2008’s “Iron Man” and concluding with its still-unnamed fourth Avengers feature, set to open on May 3, 2019 — the multi-billion dollar blockbuster machine is already looking to the future.

But even with a pair of “post-Phase Three” films already on the docket, including a Spider-Man sequel and a third Guardians of the Galaxy film, the future of the McU still looks overwhelmingly male, and Marvel’s bent towards superhero (not heroine)-dominated features doesn’t seem to be changing directions. Yet.

Before Phase Three wraps, the McU will finally roll out its first superheroine-centric feature: the Brie Larson-starring “Captain Marvel,” which will open just before that final “Avengers” film. The long-rumored feature will also mark another sea change for the company, as it
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Kurt Angle to Return to WWE Ring After 11-Year Hiatus, Replacing Roman Reigns at ‘TLC’ PPV

  • The Wrap
Kurt Angle to Return to WWE Ring After 11-Year Hiatus, Replacing Roman Reigns at ‘TLC’ PPV
WWE legend Kurt Angle, the current general manager of the pro-wrestling promotion’s flagship television series “Monday Night Raw,” is set to return to in-ring competition this weekend after an 11-year hiatus. Angle, who was made a playable character in the Tuesday-released “WWE 2K18” video game, will replace Roman Reigns in Sunday’s “TLC” main event, joining Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose in a 3-on-5 handicapped match against Braun Strowman, Intercontinental Champion The Miz, Cesaro, Sheamus and Kane. Additionally, A.J. Styles will replace Bray Wyatt in a match against “The Demon” Finn Balor. Both Reigns and Wyatt
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WWE TLC 2017 Predictions

Liam Hoofe with his predictions for this Sunday’s WWE TLC event…

WWE Raw presents TLC this Sunday night, the company’s annual PPV which has, in recent years, been the company’s final stop on the PPV calendar. This year’s show, though, is the final pitstop before we reach Survivor Series next month and the card, the main event aside, feels slightly cobbled together.

The absence of the Universal title and the fact that the Intercontinental and Tag Team champions are both in the main event means that the card consists of a large number of grudge matches, with the woman’s division and the cruiserweight division getting some much-needed attention.

The big talking points of the night are the debut of unbeaten woman’s star Asuka, and the return of The Shield to in-ring action. The main event will definitely be worth staying up for, but what
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Samoa Joe to pen story in Boom! Studios’ WWE #13

Boom! Studios and WWE have announced that January’s WWE #13 will feature the WWE comic book writing debut of Samoa Joe in a story co-written by Michael Kingston (Headlocked) and illustrated by Michel Mulipola (Headlocked). Joe and Kingston’s story will go behind the scenes of how the Superstar first joined Monday Night Raw, while the issue will also contain a story by writer Kevin Panetta (Zodiac Starforce) and artist Daniel Bayliss (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) about this year’s Festival of Friendship featuring Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens.

“As a lifelong comic book fan, it’s a thrill to partner with Boom! Studios on the official WWE comic book series and tell the true story behind my journey to WWE,” says WWE Superstar Samoa Joe. “Ever wonder how Triple H really convinced me to make the jump? Now you’ll get the real story, from me and my incredible co-writer Michael Kingston.
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'The Punisher': Everything You Need to Know About Marvel's Vigilante Antihero

'The Punisher': Everything You Need to Know About Marvel's Vigilante Antihero
Black clothes. White skull. Smoking guns. These are the gloriously simple ingredients behind the Punisher, the no-holds-barred antihero who'll soon be starring in one of the fall's most anticipated series. As played by The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal during the second season of Netflix's Daredevil, the gun-toting vigilante stole every scene he was in, making the network's relentless campaign of teases and trailers damn near irresistible. But like every major superhero, he's taken a long strange trip from his comic-book origins to his modern-day multimedia superstardom. Below, you'll find
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