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Season 1

7 Jan. 1999
In the Beginning
Captain Thrice gathers together a crew.
14 Jan. 1999
Flower Power
A dying elderly lady asks for help.
21 Jan. 1999
The Twilight Tower
The Guardian traps the crew in his dark tower.
28 Jan. 1999
High Moon
Captain Thrice recalls his first encounter with Lavender Castle.
4 Feb. 1999
The Lost Starfighter
Sproggle tries out Roger's old space ship.
11 Feb. 1999
The Black Swat
The pirate Short Fred Ledd destroys the Paradox and captures the crew.
18 Feb. 1999
Double Cross
Dr Agon gets a wheeling-dealing junkyard owner to steal the Paradox' engine.
25 Feb. 1999
A Stitch in Time
A time machine proves useful in escaping Dr Agon.
4 Mar. 1999
Bird of Prey
A black hole turns Dr. Agon's falcon, Trump, into a gigantic version of itself.
11 Mar. 1999
Collision Course
A huge asteroid is on a collision course with Lyca's home planet.
18 Mar. 1999
Swamp Fever
Captain Thrice requires medication from a marsh-like planet.
25 Mar. 1999
Raiders of the Planet Zark
The Guardian lures the crew into a booby-trapped maze.
1 Apr. 1999
The Galacternet
A Galacternet website leads the Paradox into a web of deceit and a giant robot spider.
8 Apr. 1999
Brightonia on Sea
Short Fred Ledd strands the crew on a tropical planet.
15 Apr. 1999
Short Fred Ledd takes control of Sir Squeakalot and captures the crew of the Paradox for Dr Agon.
22 Apr. 1999
The Collector
A trip to Doodlebug's Supermarket leads to a confrontation with the android Colonel Clump.
29 Apr. 1999
Lost in Space
Roger gets back his old starfighter, courtesy of (and sabotaged by) Dr Agon.
6 Jan. 2000
Duelling Banjos
After crashing into a marsh, Captain Thrice must win a banjo contest in order to get out of it.
13 Jan. 2000
The Legend
On a desert planet, Captain Thrice awaits a clue to lead him to Lavender Castle.
20 Jan. 2000
Cloud of Chaos
A gas cloud causes Sproggle and Dr Agon to switch bodies.
27 Jan. 2000
Diamonds Aren't Forever
Short Fred Ledd goes to an ice planet in order to obtain a priceless, and dangerous, diamond.
3 Feb. 2000
Galactic Park
A theme park is a good place to relax, if you do not know that it is run by Dr Agon.
10 Feb. 2000
It's Sproggle's birthday, and even Dr Agon has a gift for him.
17 Feb. 2000
The crew finally finds Lavender Castle, but so does Dr Agon.
2 Mar. 2000
Sir Squeakalot again faces Dr Agon's spider robot.
9 Mar. 2000
Birds of a Feather...
Dr Agon gathers together the Paradox' enemies.

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