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Early morning masturbation for uneducated, ignorant, right-wing, hillbillies
aschein8118 October 2010
Fox and Friends is a morning news....err, I mean entertainment show on Fox News on weekday and weekend mornings. The show is essentially an imitation of classic national morning shows like The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Early Show, etc. The only difference is that whereas on morning shows like those you get respectable anchors and journalists who actually report stories in their context to give you accurate information, the hosts on Fox and Friends are all right-wing conservative tools that preach right-wing talking points throughout the show's entire 3 hour running time.

The fact that Fox and Friends has conservative bias actually isn't that big of a deal. All networks have journalists that exhibit some level of bias - as one can never completely get rid of their own biases and views. The biggest problem with Fox and Friends is just how badly it "dumbs down" its information and talking points, as if it believes its audience is made up of elementary school students. Wasn't there a kids TV show with a purple dinosaur called "Barney and Friends"? I think I know where this show got its title from...

The anchors literally over-simplify every issue without any kind of intellectual depth, and consistently preach bigotry, ignorance, and hate for its White, Christian, rural, uneducated, and southern / western audience. Jon Stewart of The Daily Show rips on their ignorance on a weekly basis - for no other news show has the amount of stupidity that this show has. In fact, if the hosts on this morning show were hosts at any other morning news show in America, they would surely be fired for their sheer stupidity and ignorance.

It's often entertaining to watch just for the sake of seeing how ignorant they think their hillbilly audience really is. While the other networks and morning news shows interview award-winning authors, historians, doctors, etc. because they believe their audience seeks out knowledge and education....Fox and Friends is busy interviewing country music singers, NRA members, NASCAR drivers, and Christian gospel singers.

The educational level of the hosts is also quite fitting for the show's audience level. Brian Kilmeade took 6 years to finish a degree in Communications, and his concentration is in sports - not anything like history or politics. Steve Doocy has a B.A. in Journalism, as he was a weatherman for many years - but also knows nothing about history or politics. Gretchen Carlson is the most educated of the 3, but her degree is in Sociology - and also has no background in history or politics. If one looks at the knowledge and educational background or anchors on CNN or MSNBC and compares them with Fox News - it isn't even a close comparison. Fox and Friends is a show for the "country, folksy" crowd - the same people who think Sarah Palin is qualified to be VP because she is just a "regular person." Quite scary, but the audience for this show is those kind of people. Higher education is bad because it will brainwash you and turn you into a liberal, and staying in your small town with your Bible and church is what's good for you.
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Does everyone believe this ?
rick-93912 June 2007
"I'm stuck with what the vast majority of Americans watch"

Does everyone believe this, reason being I hear this allot and I just don't buy it at all.

There are estimated 301,139,947 people in the United States (thats three hundred and one million, one hundred and thirty nine thousand, nine hundred forty seven for the wingnuts reading this).

I'll use Sunday for example because most people are home, and have time to watch television while worrying how their going to make this months house payment because they're making the same salary they did 5 years ago.

"According to Nielsen Media Research, NBC's Meet the Press with Tim Russert remained the most-watched Sunday talk show, a position it has held for nine straight years. In 2006, Meet the Press averaged roughly 3.8 million viewers, 33% more than second-place CBS's Face the Nation, with 2.8 million. ABC's This Week, which concludes the traditional roundtable format with clips from late-night comedy talk shows, averaged 2.5 million. In last place was Fox's News Sunday, with an average of 1.3 million in 2006."

301,139,947 Population of the US - 1,300,000 Fox Viewers Sunday ------------- 299.839.947 People Not Viewing Fox News Sunday (thats 299 million for you wing nuts) 150 569 974 I'll cut this in 1/2 to account for children, sick etc (thats 158 million for you wingnuts)

So 150,569,974 (thats one hundred fifty million, five hundred and sixty nine thousand, nine hundred and seventy four for the wingnuts reading this) who theoretically aren't watching Fox. This is a minority?

See thats the problem with these fanatical wingnuts they pull figures out of the air and call their statistics a "majority" when nothing could be farther from the truth. The facts remain that people who use words like "fair and balanced", "majority", "libs" and hang out and use statistics from free republic type websites, fail to understand the real world, they're not a majority, even if I go further and cut this in half again to equate 1/2 Democrat 1/2 Republican that would be 75,284,987 (seventy five million, two hundred eighty-four thousand nine hundred and eighty-seven for the wingnuts reading this) far from a majority of Americans.

It's incorrect thinking and ego stroking, perpetuated by the 1/2 truths by wingnuts (left and right) and their favoite cable noise machines is why this country is so divided. Wake up folks its not about right/left, it's about right and wrong.
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Humor and chit-chats for retarded chimps
toddrandall682 February 2006
I have really only seen this dull show a couple of times so I really shouldn't comment on it. Lets see, where do I start: Fox News rips off idea from the networks, hires socially and physically unattractive hosts, files Bushbot talking points for use throughout the day, and invites the utterly unfunny, boring, and reprehensible talk radio "gem" Mancow to fill up 15 minutes on the show. I'm actually not sure if mancow is still on the show since he is so incredibly boring, but if he is not, I'm sure it is another boring right wing talk radio loser is. It sure is easy to entertain uneducated right wing dolts, so although this show (and entire Fox News) sucks, they sure have settled on a big money maker for all the racist, conservative, dimwitted viewers.

Do they still have that flag flying in the corner? Pimping pseudo patriotism has always made me want to vomit.
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Numerous Left-Wing junkies living in a bubble
deneh23 April 2016
Fox and Friends is the only Morning show which actually report the facts about what is happening on the political scene, in addition to reporting on some news items which actually could make a positive difference in ones life. Those who will not appreciate the show are only those who are contented to living in a bubble,and letting the current administration single handily screw up Americas standing in the world to a point of being laughed at around the globe, and has given all of our kids the biggest financial debt to be filled of all time. My kids, your kids, and all of our grand kids will be paying higher taxes, and living on less and less money than we ever did, all because of the way this administration has squandered all our resources to a point of more than 2 TIMES as much as ALL the other presidents put together. Fox and Friends Great Show for the wanna stay informed on how to prepare themselves for the future, and especially on how to vote to help our kids to crawl out of the mess the Obama crowd will be leaving us in. Fox and Friend is only a show for the "Want to stay informed" crowd, but if you are content to living in a bubble, like most left wing junkies, then you are better off just to stay away, and Pay the tab.
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Strap on your seatbelts, we're taking a HARD RIGHT TURN!!!!
bux24 March 2003
At first blush, FOX Network's entry for the morning coffee klatch seemed like it would be a "fair and balanced" friendly little morning talk-fest. However, as have most of FOX Net's shows, the hosts here seem now to pick up the White House Talking Points on the way into the studio. What we have now is long on editorializing and short on news, humor, and friendly chatter. This one needs a major shake-up.
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Infotainment at its best
codeE28 October 2004
Fox and Friends has the slickest production of any of the morning shows, while others look like a boring newspaper they look like glossy covered magazine. Fox and Friends on camera talent all have the best hair by far. They also have the prettiest woman of any morning show or any news shows hands down. There core morning team consist of The Weather Guy, The Sports Guy, and The VJ. Light and fluffy is the banter and the tone but the subjects are weighty ones. When it's time for a serious subject they go to Mancow. The bumper music has lots of electric guitar and has a rockin vibe to it not that classic news music that sounds like Indiana Jones. They do, like every other morning show, cover all of what there going to say in the first 10 min. and then go into a loop for the remainder of the show. Most interviews are the basic, "Here is so and so, buy there book." News used to be food for thought but now its turned into fastfood for thought. Fox and Friends leads the way.
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Steve, E.D. and Brian, the Best!!!
mykidsmom3200113 January 2006
I watch Fox and Friends every morning, and it is just great! Entertaining, hilarious, and serious when it needs to be. Brian is by far the most humorous, but Steve is very funny as well. In fact, it is their back and forth banter that is the anchor of the show. If you don't listen carefully though, you will miss it, it is that quick. I imagine leftys' will dislike some of their commentary, but hey, they can always turn on the Today Show, Good Morning America, and the Early Show. I'll stick with Fox and Friends thank you. They make me laugh in the early morning. No small feat. What I love about the show is that you can tell that they really LIKE each other. Not like Katie Couric and Matt Lauer. Now there's a couple that you KNOW don't see each other socially! The show is just fun, while still giving you the news. That's why they are no.1 in the cable morning news slot. I love Fox and Friends!
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Morning fluff, just like the rest
Stincil29 June 2013
How the previous review escaped scrutiny by IMDb is astonishing. I thought such despicable displays of hatred would be weeded out of the review boards. Ignorant hillbillies? Really? Then, is it okay to refer to the viewers of GMA as scum-sucking libs? The network morning shows, like F&F, are fluff. They are all biased. But, according to the previous reviewer, a scum-sucking liberal, GMA, et al., are high minded political commentary.

F&F, not to be confused with Fast & Furious, is something to wake up by while I drink coffee before work. The network morning shows are left-wing propaganda. I don't need that in the morning.
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They should call this Mein Kampf
newchristmasdreams26 September 2017
One sided on everything. Republicans are always good hard working Americans and every Democrat is looking for hand outs. FOX NEWS has help divide this country and make everyone angry & they same time. Not only have they have "Idiots" as host they also have them spew Propaganda material from the GOP.

What is very sad there us enough fools in the UNITED STATS that believe this channel as being "Balanced" and it is anything but.

If look at the demographic for FOX NEWS the average viewer is white trash and rich white trash. To know what you are how much money is in your bank account?
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The only morning show that tells it like it is...the Truth.
dingram-7676129 December 2016
Fox and Friends is a morning news and entertainment show on Fox News on weekday and weekend mornings. The show is essentially a more truthful version of classic national morning shows like The Today Show, Good Morning America, CBS This Morning... The only difference is that whereas on other network morning shows like those you get left-wing commentators for anchors who actually report extremely slanted stories in their context to give you edited and often untrue information, the hosts on Fox and Friends are straight shooters who tell the journalistic truth with supporting talking points. The show does have a conservative slant, but the conservative slant is told without leaving out the facts, as opposed to some of the other morning shows.

The best thing about Fox and Friends is that they don't "dumb down" the information and talking points they way they do on ABC, CBS, and NBC morning shows.

The anchors go in-depth at times, yet keep it simple enough so you can watch the portions you want to. No wonder this is the highest-rated and most watched cable morning show.

It's always entertaining to watch just to get the straightforward facts you can't get from any of the network shows. While the other networks and morning news shows are biased and often leave out the important facts,....Fox and Friends is busy interviewing business professionals, politicians, authors, educators, health professionals, and a variety of news-makers. Brian Kilmeade is outstanding. Steve Doocy is experienced and interesting. Ainsley Earhardt is refreshingly superb.
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Dress code
Lynda17 March 2017
Love the show, watch it almost everyday on my treadmill, but Ainsley your outfits are beginning to become somewhat Un professional.tooo tight, way to short, with my new TV I can see pass your thighs which I cover up if I'm baby sitting that morning.

Take some advice from Ivanka and have her dress you. She is always professional looking without looking cheap.

But you do a great job, just start looking the part.
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Excellent News Show
obamasuxs12 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The most honest reporting of the News of all the Morning shows. The most fair and balanced morning news show. Brian Kilmeade writes excellent books about History. Brian Kilmeade also hosts a Radio talk show. Steve Doocy is a knowledgeable questioner of guests. Ainsley Earhart brings her down home wisdom to the show, she will go far in TV news.
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Most facts based show out there!
chevy-7609230 September 2017
What made me a fan of Fox is when they were the only ones reporting the facts regarding high profile shootings that matched what I heard in . trials that I watched.They don't just report "witness accounts" They allow facts to speak the truth not emotions. They care more about protecting victims than they do protecting criminals. They are very supportive of our four fathers and our constitution and equally as supportive and protective of what it means to be American and they don't alter hat meaning for political purposes. They are the most trust worthy news network and the only network that will always have the "good guys" back! If you are a person with a record you will most likely prefer other networks because fox is all about accountability and not making excuses!
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Ainsley ignores Steve
elizabethacrosby11 September 2017
Why is it that Ainsley ever hardly looks at Steve Doocy yet is so friendly with Brian. It is very noticeable. I watch this show every morning and can't figure out why this is. It should be corrected because it doesn't look good for the show. I love all three of them but don't understand why she is like that.
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Genial morning chitchat
evening131 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I have always pretty much enjoyed this crew.

Steve Doocy is such an understatedly pleasant screen persona. And Gretchen Carlsson may be a former Miss America but she is usually focused and intelligent in her interviews, though she often comes across as a squeaky-clean and at times holier-than-thou goody-goody. The weakest link in the team has always been Brian Kilmeade, a silly man who mistakenly believes that he is funny.

I have recently heard that Ms. Carlsson will be leaving the "curvy couch" to host her own show. I think she's talented enough to pull it off. I can't quite see how Elizabeth Hasselback, her scheduled replacement, will be able to fill the older blonde's pumps. On "The View" she often comes across as childish and lacking in depth.

UPDATE -- 04/12/2016 -- After at least a decade of watching this show, I have defected to CBS This Morning. Elizabeth was a Rhodes Scholar compared to the newest female anchor on the set, Ainsley Earhardt. She has the blonde hair and gleaming white teeth Fox seems to require for this job, but she is shockingly ill-equipped to conduct a meaningful interview. A real let-down...

FURTHER UPDATE -- 03/14/2016 -- I found the CBS show to be unwatchable. It's shamelessly partisan and a waste of time. Now I pass some morning time before leaving for work by catching snatches of my DVR'd films.

ADDITIONAL UPDATE -- 12/9/2017 -- I disapprove of the actions with which Bill O'Reilly was accused, but, once Fox News sacked its headliner, I felt little to no urge to tune in to the network. Where it once offered something unique, Fox in general has made itself irrelevant. A true loss for free-thinking viewers!
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I am not a big fan of morning shows.
mm-397 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I am not a big fan of morning shows, and I have the same opinion about Fox and Friends. Morning shows follow the same genre with the same clichés: Funny side stories, funny back and forth with the hosts, the same public interested stories, and the usual out rage stories to get the viewer pumped. I only listen to fox and Friends if a huge news story just happened. Sports,talk radio, and news radio all fallow the same tired radio formula. I have lost interest in morning radio. Fox and Friends is just another Talk Radio show. Something to listen to when you are driving in the car and tired of listening to classic rock. I give Fox and Friends a four out of ten. The market is over saturated with such shows, just like late night comic shows. Is there anything new the media can produce?
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Found Fox & Friends 2 yrs Ago...Glad I did
aswilliams405 February 2018
Didn't watch News channels much at all; It was during one of them Historical Elections times in America and WoW hard to find News going on Around the world that Americans are involved. Our soldiers are Everywhere Nice to Keep up! Finally; My husband mentioned Lou Dobbs; started there; then Varney in mornings; then Fox and Friends about 1 year 1/2 now. I like it; It feels like American News show in America; Seems Real Pro Truth; In your face News; political or otherwise. Glad I found a good Morning Coffee America News Show.
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Fox & Friends w/ Coffee My 1 Yr Anniversary
aswilliams4030 November 2017
I wished I'd found out about Fox News Years ago; however; I'm not interested in Politics; I'm interested in the direction of this country; and the way it has been going for decades; if nobody has noticed; you aren't awake. Our Country has being going bad for 30 + years; Finally; a news outlet that tells you what is going on; if it happens in Syria North Korea & is Pro America. The hosts are chill; cool; and professional enough for me; as a southern gal; I don't like it when people look uncomfortable doing their job; sometimes; I'd like to see more in casual clothes; without ties 1-2 days a week; as most time I'm watching; I'm still in my pj's drinking coffee. Love the show; the hosts; the Pro America; the Positiveness they promote for MAGA; Putting America 1st; and they don't mind mentioning our Father; the Almighty God; on TV; in God we trust country. Nice!
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I like the program but have a suggestion
cmunschauersecure15 August 2017
your anchors would sound more intelligent if they cut back on the expression " I'm going to double down on this" or "Could you weigh in on this."

Were I in college I would have been considered low on the vocabulary index.

Also the constant flapping of Kimberly's admitted gorgeous leg and stiletto heels, right at the side of the table, is starting to not be just a novelty but to add to the sexy bimbo imago overtaking the station.

They are INTELLIGENT. They are "dumbing down" on how this appears. Dr. Munschauer
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