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collection of skits

Author: James D from United States
27 December 2009

Your World As I See It, doesn' t seem like a movie, or even a TV-length episode presented in any sort of continuum. Instead, it seems like a compilation of short, discrete skits that probably originated from some type of variety show.

Each skit is preceded by a black screen and a title and ends with Astor Clemons (a highly sophisticated blue-blood also played by Jim Varney) saying "and that's your world as I see it." This repetition occurs every 45 seconds and can affect your will to focus on the thing; however, some of the sketches are quite funny and the phrase "this is your world as I see it" actually adds to the humor of the skits at times.

Astor Clemons obtuse, snobbishness contrasts with Ernest's light-hearted ignorance to produce some very funny (albeit short) sequences.

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Lost film of Jim Varney?

Author: Edible Fetus ( from Nova Scotia, Canada
8 August 2002

Since no one has commented on this movie, and it has even yet to recieve 5 votes I guess it is a rare film. Well, I just bought it second hand for $2.99. The box claimed over 40 short stories by Ernest. I figured it might be good for a couple of laughs. Well, not really. Jim Varney does some pretty funny characters, especially the baby, but this is not your standard Ernest film. For one thing, there are no credtis before or after the movie, so no idea if John Cherry, who directed all of the other Ernest films directed this one. Also the entire film is only 27 minutes long, which if you do the math, is less than a minute for each of the 40 short stories. Lastly, the "short stories" are not even short stories, each sketch is about 15 seconds long and between the sketches the character of Astor Clement narrates the show. This is the most irritating part of the tape. After every skit, Clement (played by Varney, as are all the characters) keeps repeating over and over "This is your world as I see it" and then he laughs. It gets really annoying after about the 20th time, but he never stops and then the movie just ends. I can't recommend this, but then again I can't guarentee that you would ever find it anywhere to begin with. You have already seen Varney play all of the characters on this tape before in other movies, so don't waste your time with this. I'll give it a 2 out of 10.

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It's Jim Varney! What's not to love?

Author: bug76 from United States
18 March 2011

Jim Varney plays a character I love to hate but still can't seem to stop watching: Astor Clement. Jim pulls off this hoity toity, snooty, know-it-all really well. Basically, Astor thinks he's smarter than everyone else on the planet. It's obvious with quotes like, "The shallow end of the gene pool, where you swim" or "Are you working class, a common person. I'm not." It's hard to believe that he is the same guy that is best known as Ernest P. Worrell, that lovable, clumsy, sweetheart of a guy that didn't have a pretentious bone in his body. There are some familiar gags in here and that's what makes it fun. Others actors doing the same gags in shows eventually become stale, but when watching an 'Ernest' film, I wait in anticipation to see when he will have the window slammed on his hands or if Vern pushes him from the ladder or when he gets electrocuted. Varney is comfortable and familiar, almost like Linus with his blue blanket. In 'Your World As I See It', Astor shows us what he thinks of our world as he sees it. Most of the time, it's to make fun of Ernest and his brain capacity which I do not like. For example: "If fish is brain food, then Ernest P. Worrell is using an unbaited hook." I still laughed but found myself talking to the t.v. telling Astor to stop messing with Ernest. Go figure. I know all these characters are Jim Varney but he plays them so distinctly, you tend to forget. So far, I've counted over 50 different characters and/or voices that Varney did for the 'Ernest genre'. I ask you this, can you find me an actor today that can do that? Can you find me an actor that can keep their lives together long enough to play even ONE character that well? Varney was a rare talent. He was truly gifted and had more skill in his one finger than most actors have in their entire body. Totally underrated and didn't get the credit he deserved. Though, true Ernest fans will still stick with his films forever.

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Fantastic Short Film Of JV's Many Roles

Author: cameronwsly from United States
25 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you thought Ernest Saves Christmas was good, you have too see this! Your World As I See It is a collection of mini episodes of Ernest and the gang. It is hosted by the smart scholar, Aster Clement who takes us down the hallways and mysteries of life. Jim Varney also plays who he is best known for, Ernest P. Worrell. Many other members of the Worrell family are also depicted.

Now it is true that this collection is not exactly perfect. The same "sharpening the knife" gag used in Ernest Goes To Camp is depicted. Stock footage from one Jim Varney's commercials featuring an easter bunny is also used. Another drawback is that the feature is only 27 minutes long and if you are a die-hard fan like me, you want to see more!

This short but sweet gem is still worth your time. It is perfect for any time or day when you need a good laugh. Jim Varney was always good at doing good clean slapstick comedy, without any form of vulgarity. So this is something you can watch with your family. It's a pity that Jim Varney suddenly died in early 2000 from lung cancer. He certainly could have done dozens more of Ernest skits to entertain the new millennium. So enjoy these great skits, they will crack you up. The last part with the thanksgiving turkey had me in stitches!

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