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I don't get this...
idontknowhannadamn20 March 2003
When the movie started out I thought it was going to be another boy band spoof. It was at first. But then I realized they weren't so much making fun of them as they were saying how hard it was to be in a boy band. It was like they had written the script as a comedy but got bored and changed it to a drama. It also had a few long conversations that are hard to stay awake for. I just don't get the point to this movie because it lacks a strong plot.
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God, what dreck...
TheOneTrueJody15 December 2002
Perhaps...perhaps...if you are three, have no experience of watching anything more than "Barney" or "Teletubbies," and still derive a great deal of pleasure out of sticker books, you'll find this film a treat. For the rest of us, the eye candy of the five cute leads simply does not fill the void left by an inane script, tepid vocals and dancing right out of a 3rd grade recital.

A great idea squandered, the lack of budget and the on-the nose writing of the script further erode whatever good will the amiable cast of had-to-be-hungry-or- else-we-wouldn't-take-these-roles-without-bags-over-our-heads actors endear.

If you can watch this thing with the fast forward on, which I did, more power to you.
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Two movies in one...
TobyS7 November 2001
The first half of Wonder Boyz plays like a Disney Channel movie and is as bubble gum sweet and hokey as you can get. Whereas the second half turns dramatically more serious. I much preferred the second half. Kenny's breakdown gave a glimmer of what a legit film on the whole boy-band phenomena could've been. Unfortunately such instances are few and far between. The music, except for the cover of "Lean On Me" is pretty bad (although, I am led to believe that this was intentional). In fact, "Lean On Me" is a damn good remake that I wish was available on CD. I mean, if O-Town can seriously put out a song called "Liquid Dreams", then I have to believe this remake could be a hit, no matter who actually sang it.

Wonder Boyz- Good idea, childish execution. Full of plot holes, but then I didn't expect anything Oscar caliber. Oh, and the boys...yea they're cute (Especially Kenny).

My grade: C+
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fubared122 August 2003
First off, ALL of the boys (and most of the men) are obviously gay in real life, so there must have been some fun going on when they were making this. Unfortunately, it doesn't show in the finished product. Maybe the guys were too pre-occupied with having sex to think about acting, because there is none here. Oddly enough the one openly 'gay' member of the group in the movie is also the most unattractive. The director really should have made this a soft-core gay porn film, because it probably would have made more money that way. The music is dreadful as is the so-called 'singing'. The guy who does 'What a Wonderful World' should be castrated for butchering a good song. A waste of time for all.
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Cute boys, fluffy movie
Glenn19 April 2001
This film tries to be funnier than it is, but I actually didn't think it was terrible. It has its sweet moments and I think it's a decent commentary on the whole pop music world that exists these days. Having seen 2ge+her I would say that this film is actually better, even if the lipsyncing is just as bad. For one thing the boys in the band are way cuter, and the story has a lot of different elements to it. I liked the fact that the guy who left because he was gay ended up being bigger than the band, and I thought that whole angle was handled well. The Asian parents could have been edited down quite a bit though as they seemed to drag the pace down too much. Obviously this is not an IMPORTANT film, but it was a fun diversion.
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One of the weirder independent films I've seen
Cyprus3866 March 2001
Since I love independent films, I decided to give this one a try. "Boy Wonderz" has to be one of the weirder films I've ever seen. Take five guys, add an extra syllable to their names (except good ol' Kenny) and presto! An instant spoof of the average boy band. The "Susie O'Connell" bit was pushing it into spoof land, but if you've seen (or actually care about) the TV movie that started 2ge+her's career, this will be a been there, done that type of thing. See, I prefer my spoofs available to rent, and lesser known.
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Great flick for teens
december_guy16 February 2001
I saw this film with my niece who's 10 and she loved it. I thought there were some interesting angles taken on the boy band phenomenon and what they had to deal with. The acting's solid, the boys acted like they were in a real band. The music wasn't that great though and that's where the low budgetness really showed through. It's a very sweet film and anyone who's into boy bands will appreciate it.
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Cute, funny, and intriguing
blondeprincess2921 August 2003
Ok, I'm not saying this movie sucked and I'm not saying it's the best, but I thought it was good. In a way, it reminded me of the MTV series and movie "2gether". Although it wasn't as funny as "2gether" it had it's moments, especially their song "I want your panties". I liked how they had issues among the guys in it, where one is looking for his real parents, one is rumored to be gay and a publicist isn't happy about it, and so on. I thought Coltin Scott (he played indy lee) was the best actor in it, and before i watched the movie, he was the only one i was familiar with, he's been on soap operas before, such as 'general hospital" and soon on "guiding light", and he's a cutie. Anyways, if you like comedys and boy bands, check this out, I'm sure you'll like it as much as I did.
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A very entertaining movie with a great message!
gsager627326 August 2001
"Boy Wonderz" or "This is the Disk-O-Boyz" is a very entertaining film. It gave a realistic view of young men in the entertainment business. There was a creative thread of humor throughout the movie. The point of view from the adoptive parents of Sammy and Indi was touching, cute and very funny. I liked the way Kenny finally came to terms with his inherited attitude about the sexual orientation of Dylan, his friend and fellow band member. Each character was written and portrayed realistically. The music really made the movie for me, I even came to like the "I Want Your Panties" song. Being the mother of one of the actors, Hallie Sager, I was allowed to be near the set during the making of the movie. What an experience! The music! The dancing! The energy! A movie could have been made about the making of the movie. From comments by one of the actors the writer, director, Morris Simm, was incredible in his approach to helping the actor feel his or her part. I hope to see more of his movies in the future. Suzanne Sager
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Funny movie, better than I expected
bcanyon1618 February 2001
Boy Wonderz is a movie about growing up in a band and it's very funny. I love N Sync and now I love the diskoboyz. its fun to see that even super popular guys in boy bands have problems. It's a good date movie. My boyfriend's into hiphop and stuff but he liked it, too and thought it was very funny. The movie really makes you feel good. Even though it has some similarities what's on TV this was better.
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