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15 Apr. 1998
Onna no hakaba shomu ni ka
After an unfortunate incident where a collision with the President leaves him flat on his back, new employee Sawako Tsukahara is demoted to the GA2 (Shomuni) department. Will she be able to cope with her new colleagues?
22 Apr. 1998
Konya wa raburabu settai
Tsukahara's still finding life in GA2 tough, but when dashing billionaire's son Mr Ukyo joins Manpan, things start to look up. Until, that is, Tsukahara mistypes the date for one of Ukyo's important meetings.
29 Apr. 1998
Amida de? risutora
Rie predicts that a "purple moth" is coming. Meanwhile, Manpan has started a cost-cutting exercise and the girls of GA2 ensure that all other departments stick to their budget, no matter what. This is not well received.
6 May 1998
Ai to kanzou no sai kensa!
Ume's attitude is a major problem for GA2. During Manpan's medical examinations, diagnosis of a terminal case of liver cancer spreads panic, but who is the unlucky employee?
13 May 1998
Go kainin da ga chichioya fumei
Someone in GA2 is pregnant, but who? Tsukahara's father arrives at Manpan but is mistaken by Terasaki and Nonomura for an irascible shareholder. When he leaps to the wrong conclusion after receiving news of the pregnancy, chaos ensues.
20 May 1998
Konya wa H ni zenin mofuku
After the death of Manpan's Chairman, excitement rises amongst the directors as they jockey for position to be the next company President. A small, irritating, soccer-mad boy takes a shining to Chinatsu.
27 May 1998
OL no kadou kotobuki taisha!!
A business protégé approaches Manpan for two reasons. Firstly, he wants to go into partnership in a mutual venture. He also wants to find one of the company's female employees, who he met some time ago, falling in love at first sight.
3 Jun. 1998
Inochigake!! no shanai renai
Horoscope fever hits Manpan and it's all down to Rie's magazine column of predictions. It seems that even Rie can't escape fate when she finds her own destiny becoming entwined with that of Terasaki.
10 Jun. 1998
Joshi saiyou wa kone nomi
A burglar is on the prowl and GA2 are co-opted into security duty. They discover a very nervous interviewee and offer advice. Meanwhile, the annual poetry competition gets underway, but can anyone stop Nonomura from retaining his crown?
17 Jun. 1998
Shaun o kake ta miai
Manpan has received threatening faxes, so security measures are implemented. Terasaki and Nonomura have been tasked with matchmaking Ukyo to a family friend of the president, but he's already handcuffed to Chinatsu and there's no key.
24 Jun. 1998
Gyaku sekuhara sou kougeki
Ume's Arabic language skills lead to her being transferred to the Overseas Department. Meanwhile, GA2 must become cheerleaders to support Manpan's Tug-Of-War team and a visitor's wandering hands become too much for the secretaries to bear.
1 Jul. 1998
Yappari tousan!!
A massive theft from Manpan's San Diego branch leaves the company open to a take-over bid by the Sameshima group, who want something in the Manpan building. How can GA2 find it first, when they don't even know what they're looking for?

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