Shanghai Noon (2000) Poster


Plot Keywords

princess rescue
chinese 19th century
traitor forbidden city
train imperial guard
china nevada
1880s disarming someone
stick fight stylized violence
parkour action hero
hero kendo
spear pistol
revolver showdown
violence fistfight
brawl karate
kung fu two man army
tough guy quick draw
shootout gunslinger
cross cultural relationship american indian
chinese opera wyatt earp
miracle mexican standoff
church bell hearse
noose hanging
massage whiskey
cat house badge
bullwhip spaghetti western spoof
spurs marshal
sidekick limbo
knife reference to john wayne
spit sheriff
stampede escape
urine cattle
jail cell shotgun
antler bar fight
cheating card playing
saloon sign language
western town sword
face paint sioux tribe
crow indian hand to hand combat
tomahawk river
snow mountain range
outlaw gang torture
liquor hooker
oyster treason
braid ponytail
railroad stagecoach
paper money explosion
safe dynamite
inter cultural noodles
six shooter train ride
book servant
language learning fairy tale
arranged marriage royalty
temple urination
bathtub english subtitles in original
city name in title time in title
gun duty
racism brothel
drinking game teepee
kidnapping gunfight
duel native american
double cross bloopers during credits
cowboy disguise
peace pipe funny horse
train robbery bell
vulture drunkenness
jail break posse
drinking contest chopstick
mirror murder
wanted poster howdy partner
horse sword fight
buddy gold
gunfighter honor
slavery horseshoe
reverse footage slave labor
safecracker outlaw
martial arts ransom
surprise ending

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