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Saban should stay away from anything Japanese.
discostevex14 August 2001
This is probably one of the worst things I put in my VCR since the Celebrity Kids (who also released Macron 1 on video) dub of Macross: Clash of the Bionoids. Remember when Carl Macek put together 3 unrelated animes together to make the Robotech TV series? This is worse. Two unrelated animes, one of which is named GoShogun, are spliced together through shoddy editing.

Here's the plot: while attempting time travel, some dude ends up being tossed into a parallel universe, which uses scenes from the unnamed series. This releases some villains into our universe, which uses the GoShogun footage.

For some odd reason, there aren't any sound effects half the time, and a song that isn't played during the show(Something by Bananarama, I think) is credited in the end credits.

It took 6 writers, and still made very little sense. Luckily, I only payed 2 bucks for it.
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