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Notorious bestiality porn with Linda Lovelace.

Author: HumanoidOfFlesh from Chyby, Poland
19 March 2006

The plot of "Dogarama" is very simple:a future star of "Deep Throat" Linda Lovelace is pleasured by a German Shepherd.Personally I don't know what to think about this film.It's cheaply made,taboo-breaking and utterly sickening.Bestiality is still considered as a taboo in many countries and such stuff is simply illegal.I read that Linda Lovelace was so ashamed of starring in two bestiality flicks "Dogarama" and "Dog One" that she later claimed that she was forced to have sex with her pet dog.She didn't like to talk about those two infamous stag films.For a long time she even denied that such movies existed.Anyway,being a fan of extreme cinema I always wanted to see this piece of filth.Now after watching it I can safely say that "Dog F'cker" is not worth checking out.It's not enjoyable,not arousing,it's just sick.Still fans of Linda Lovelace should check it out.5 out of 10 and that's being generous.

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Not worth the struggle

Author: rfade from United States
11 March 2005

What can you say about a grainy, poorly filmed 16mm stag film, where the best and most attractive performer is a German Shepherd? Nothing that would be positive. Avoid this travesty at all costs. In any case, it would be difficult to find, since bestiality remains a taboo and illegal subject in the USA. I strongly suggest IMDb to re-visit their weighting formula for establishing ratings, since an 8.8 rating for this piece of fecal matter is absurd! I am, by no means, a prude and have spent many hours enjoying the classic porn movies of the 70's & 80's; but this is inferior product even by the looser standards of the (then illegal) stag loop.

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Another side of Linda Lovelace

Author: baertooth from United States
21 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoiler Alert: The plot is simple. Linda has sex with a guy who "finishes" without her, leaving her unsatisfied. He then gets dressed and leaves as they exchange flipping each other off. After he leaves she turns to the dog for love. Where she was merely having sex with the aforementioned guy, she makes love to her canine companion. A lot of the cinematography is trying to capture how she has to satisfy herself with her human lover, but when it comes to having relations with the dog, it's between two lovers in contrast.

I won't get into the long story of how I saw this movie or it's moral implications one way or another. I wrote this review because I've seen the movie, happened upon a link to the IMDb entry of it, and thought I would add this for posterity sake and this IMDb entry didn't seem to do it justice. But I do think, as with Linda Lovelace's other movies, that she is an actual actress that can portray her part. As I said above, the point of the movie is she is a dog lover and this little slice of story is the contrast between human and dog lover in her life and I think the movie pulls that off.

She claimed to have been coerced into making this movie and denied it's existence. When this rare movie was brought to light, Linda finally admitted her participation but said her ex-husband forced her at gun point to star in the movie. As part of my viewing of the movie, we tried to answer that point and one good observation was made. She knew what she was doing and so did the dog. It wasn't the first time for either. And I think that was a major facet of this movie, maybe not intentionally so, but when someone heard about the movie it was natural to first wonder, does she really do it? And then if one sees it, then wonder turns towards does she like it? And that's the thing about this particular movie. If she's coerced, she is one of the best actors or actresses that has ever lived. She does not hold back seems very enthusiastic in what she does. She just doesn't seem reserved in anyway like you would expect someone who has a gun against their head would act. And if it was anywhere near the first time she ever committed such an act with a dog, it wasn't clumsy at all for either of them and that's odd. At least that's how it came off to me.

But there is one part when her human lover pushes her away like she's unequal to him and as if to say "I'm finished, stay down." Is it a sign of what was really going on behind the scenes and how she was viewed by those around her (as a sex object) or was it intentional to demonstrate the contrast between the human lover and the dog's relationship with Linda? It's hard to say.

That being said, there are three things that were kind of worth seeing the movie for. The first is for some reason I got a kick out of the music score they used. It's not the usual "boom-chakah-bow-bow" porn music of the 70s but a kind of whimsical, almost Disney like influenced light-hearted music. Very out of place and makes watching what's going on even more bizarre. The second thing is the scene between Linda and her human lover when they flip each other off. It's amusing. The last thing is Linda's acting job. She pulls off what the point of the film was trying to make (albeit a point that's hard to grasp considering the emotional juxtaposition most people will experience seeing something so taboo).

Other than that this movie doesn't really bring much to the table. I did give it a six overall because she does act in the movie and I think she actually pulls it off and the fact there is an actual point being made and not just a flick containing (interspecies) carnal relations. But it is a crappy movie otherwise.

I do consider this to be a must see for extreme video viewers like me. It's also probably a must see for those who are interested in bestiality or are interested in seeing all the legendary Linda Lovelace movies. For all others this review pretty much tells you everything you need to know so you don't have to bother.

I just want to add that I do not condone violence against women and a real man would never use his strength to force those that are weaker then themselves to be degraded. If it's true what Chuck Traynor did, may he rot.

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Lovelace and Her Pet

Author: Michael_Elliott from Louisville, KY
25 May 2011

Dog 1 (1971)

Attempting to attach any sort of star "rating" to a "film" like this would be pointless. If you thought Divine crossed the line during the ending to PINK FLAMINGOS then you really haven't seen anything as this early Linda Lovelace (DEEP THROAT) flick features her having sex with a German Shepard. I'm really not sure what to say about this notorious film other than the obvious and that this thing just crosses any sorts of lines in regards to good taste. It's fair to say that certain subjects are taboo and what one person might find disgusting another might be turned on by it. I'm sure there are those who enjoy seeing a woman do everything imaginable with a dog but I'm not one of them and I can't even wrap my mind around the idea of anyone enjoying this type of thing. The short runs around 20-minutes and features Lovelace doing everything you can think of to this dog and the dog is doing it in return as well. I couldn't help but wonder what on Earth Lovelace was thinking. I know in later years she accused various people of drugging her in DEEP THROAT but she certainly doesn't appear drugged here and often times it appears she's really into what she's doing. There are several times when the dog appears to be trying to get away yet she pulls him back into the action before he finally gets into it. There are numerous sex scenes and in the end this is just a really pointless film. I'm sure some might be offended that I'd find their "turn on" to be a completely vile thing but I simply can't help. The term taboo could be used for countless things but bestiality has to be near the top of things that most will be repulsed by. I've never seen anything like this before and if it were for the notoriety of Lovelace I wouldn't have watched this. I do know I won't be seeing another.

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What you expected!

Author: Theo Goodbody
16 June 2014

This film is simple girl get screwed by guy does not satisfy her so she has to f*ck the pooch. The footage is what you would expect from a 16mm, grainy poor quality, but lets be honest your not watching this the the video sharpness, its Linda Lovelace in all sorts of position with a dog.

One thing to add is this although she latter on said she was forced to do it by gun pointed it pretty clear this is not true, sure she felt guilty, but the hole time she's smiling and those little touches like rubbing she self while have the sex , guiding the dogs and his penis into the right places, if this had been forces it would have been quite different.

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Linda Lovelace "Dogfucker"

Author: csmineatlast from United States
18 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I give this grainy flick a high rating just because it is so unbelievable: major adult star in a bestiality movie. It is very graphic: Linda is INDEED having sex with the dog in nearly every position one can imagine in a porn flick. There even is a minimum of a plot (very minimum). Not only is the flick grainy, but what few versions exist out there have no sound. I have read there are better versions with sound. That may or may not be important. Even the grainy stuff makes the point. For me it puts to rest any notion that she was coerced (not to say that didn't occur in other movies). Beastiality is mostly illegal now, so one must take care to view it. (It was made in a time when such things were more liberal). However I just had to view it for myself. My curiosity is sated.

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Linda Lovelace Bones A Dog...

Author: EVOL666 from St. John's Abortion Clinic
2 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

yup...that's about it with DOG F!CKER. This notorious stag loop shows Linda Lovelace of DEEP THROAT fame coupling with a German Shepherd.

This short film starts out with Linda getting' boned by Eric Edwards, and then the pup comes in the picture. The good dog does his deed by first licking and then mounting a seemingly willing Ms. Lovelace...

Honestly - there's nothing all that notable about this film other than it's relative rarity - and the fact that it shows a woman having sex with a dog. It gets relatively good marks from me because anything involving a chick boning an animal is worthy of at least a 6/10 - and that's really all DOG F!CKER is worth. Not as notable as the Bodil Joensen films of the same "genre" - or any of the Euro stuff either...6/10

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Disgusting film made under coercion

Author: curibe-1 from United States
14 September 2009

Linda Lovelace was the victim of a sadistic woman hater, Chuck Traynor. I don't understand how having sex with a dog (which is animal abuse, as well) can be found to be entertaining or funny. Linda Lovelace was a virtual prisoner who was coerced into making these films. I know some people will criticize this comment but I feel strongly that these types of films fuel the fire of hatred and further misogynistic feelings towards women. This society continues to portray women as sexual objects as opposed to human beings. We call ourselves "civilized" however I feel we have a long way to go before we can ever scratch the surface of being civilized.

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top breeders recommend it because it's solid meat.

Author: MIKEHILL38 (MIKEHILL38@HOTMAIL.COM) from manchester, england
19 January 2004

this little known, rarely seen stag reel features an early appearrance from linda lovelace with a canine companion prior to her legendary performance in 'deep throat' and who later was tragically fated to pass away from multiple injuries sustained in a car accident in 2002. r.i.p. linda babe.

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