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Sex & Nudity

  • There are Great Fairies who are female characters that come out of fountains wearing scantily clad leaf-dresses and brown boots. Nothing explicit is shown, but they are still nearly naked.
  • Some female enemies wear strapless bras.
  • In the Spirit Temple, there is a large statue of a female figure. Link cannot use his hookshot to grapple to the statue, except for the statue's breast areas. This is purely an "easter egg", ("The Dev Team Thinks of Everything") and is not important to gameplay or story.
  • Princess Ruto is shown completely naked, both in her child and adult forms, though nothing obtrusive is shown (no nipples, genitalia, etc.). However, all Zoras save for King Zora do not wear any clothes. The 3DS remake of this game gives Ruto some scant clothing to cover her chest/breasts at the very least.
  • The Gerudo thief Nabooru wears a form-fitting outfit that shows cleavage.
  • 3/10

Violence & Gore

  • A very considerable amount for a Legend of Zelda title, especially one rated "E for Everyone". Link fights and kills various monsters with weapons and items ranging from swords to explosives to a bow and arrows. Monsters bleed blue or green blood when attacked.
  • The Bottom of the Well and Shadow Temple dungeons are a haven for death, it seems. Dried, red blood can be seen in the central room of the Bottom of the Well mini-dungeon. The area in question appears to be a closed-off torture chamber with prison cells, piles of human skulls and a wooden St. Andrew's cross, where some of the blood is seen at its base. Countless human skulls are used as a wall motif/skin for both dungeons' walls in specific areas.
  • When defeated, Ganondorf vomits green blood. The blood is red in the Japanese port.
  • When Link's life force is brought to zero, he will fall over dead. This is all the more gruesome and disturbing when Link is a child. If his energy runs out in the water, he will appear to choke due to lack of oxygen and turn over, dead.
  • A soldier will die in front of Link after Zelda makes her getaway.
  • American/European Edition: 5/10 Japanese Port: 6/10


  • 0/10
  • There is no profanity in the game...
  • ...Unless you consider the game's protagonist screaming "HUYAAA" "HIYA" "HEUE!!" And the such as offensive. (10/10 Best thing on IMDb)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 1(?)/10
  • There are empty bottles shown in back alleys. But who is to say these were alcoholic beverages? Perhaps they were milk bottles from the milkman.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are a number of scary scenarios all throughout the game.
  • The ReDead is a zombified monster that can paralyze Link with a horrific scream before slowly plodding up to him and attacking. Said attack is it leaping onto him and biting his head.
  • The aforementioned Bottom of the Well and Shadow Temple dungeons are designed as dark, foreboding and fearful areas built around death, hatred, and darkness.
  • Much of the Forest Temple, though designed around a forest/nature motif, is dark and creepy as well, particularly the battle against Phantom Ganon.
  • Link's emergence from the Temple of Time seven years later as an adult after Ganon has seized power can give the player a sudden burst of fright and dread; the Hyrule Town Market and the surrounding areas have been reduced to a derelict dead zone populated by ReDeads (it has been debated whether or not the ReDeads are the reanimated corpses of townsfolk who didn't make it out when Ganon attacked). Buildings are ruined and destroyed. Trees and shrubs are dead. A raging, frightening wind constantly blows in this area. Dark clouds hover over everything. While this is the only place in Hyrule this destroyed, it is still a notably scary place/location.
  • 6/10
  • The best age for you child to play this game is 8-9. Violence, some frightening scenarios.

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