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Jackie Chan's Oddest Fight, Comic Book Artist Jack Kirby, And More -- The Lrm Weekend

  By David Kozlowski   |   7 July 2017

Welcome to Issue #3 of The Lrm Weekend, a weekly column highlighting cool and unique videos about film, TV, comics, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, animation, and anime. We also want to hear from you, our awesome Lrm community! Share your favorite videos to: @LRM_Weekend and we'll post your Tweets below!

Last Issue: 6.30.17

Why do we love superheroes, martial arts, fantasy, and sci-fi? The big fight scenes, of course. Every week we'll bring you an epic brawl from the recent or distant past -- we want to hear from you, share your favorite fights with us!

Jackie Chan's The Legend of Drunken Master (1994) Bonus: Jackie Chan Talks About Bringing Film To America

The original Chinese language movie poster from 1978!

What Is It?

Drunken Master II is a 1994 Hong Kong kung fu film directed by Lau Kar-leung and Jackie Chan, who stars as Chinese folk hero, Wong Fei-hung.
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Martin Scorsese Pens An Impassioned Defense of Cinema In Response To A ‘Silence’ Critic

Martin Scorsese Pens An Impassioned Defense of Cinema In Response To A ‘Silence’ Critic
Filmmakers who look up to Martin Scorsese for his work just got another lesson in how to gracefully respond to a negative review. In a stirring essay for The Times Literary Supplement, the publisher of a mixed “Silence” review that ran back in January, the renowned director defends cinema as commensurate with the great works of literature, music, and art.

Read More: ‘Silence’ Review: Martin Scorsese Delivers a Gorgeous Crisis-of-Faith Drama

Cinephiles may ask themselves if such a fervent response is even needed, especially at a time when one is more likely to read an impassioned defense of television’s artistic merit. Tls, after all, is one of the oldest and most prestigious literary magazines in the world. It stands to reason that their film critic would hold literature in higher esteem than cinema. But Scorsese is not taking it anymore. He writes:

“Over the years, I’ve grown used
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Glow Trailer: Alison Brie & Co. Lay the Smack Down in New Wrestling Comedy

Glow Trailer: Alison Brie & Co. Lay the Smack Down in New Wrestling Comedy
“Are you hiring actors to play wrestlers, or are we the wrestlers?” a confused Alison Brie asks in the first (slightly Nsfw) trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Glow.

The answer? “Yes.”

The series, a fictionalized behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the kitschy television series called Glow (aka Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), follows Brie’s Ruth, a struggling actress in 1980s Los Angeles whose last-ditch attempt to land a role — any role — brings her to a casting call for “unconventional” women. She soon realizes she’s auditioning for a female version of the highly popular World Wrestling Federation, led by
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Hong Kong goes West - When Hong Kong film makers attempt to break the Western market - part 3

2000’s Even though Rush Hour was a critical and financial success, Jackie Chan chose not to solely focus on the American market. Following Rush Hour, Chan would go on to star in the romantic comedy Gorgeous (1999), a very different Jackie Chan movie. He would also produce Gen X Cops (1999) as well as appear in the film in a small cameo. On his return to Hollywood, he would star in Shanghai Noon, a Wild West set action comedy that surpasses Rush Hour in a number of ways, with even better action and a great co-star in the form of Own Wilson. Shanghai Noon also had fellow Hong Kong movie star, and member of the seven little fortunes Yuen Biao working behind the scenes on...

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Exclusive: Poster For Hou Hsiao-hsien's Gorgeous Cannes Winner 'The Assassin'

Gorgeous, hypnotic, spellbinding....those are just some of the superlatives that have been used to describe Hou Hsiao-hsien's "The Assassin." The director's martial arts magnum opus has been years in the making and the wait has been worth it. Winning Best Director at this year's Cannes Film Festival and picking up accolades at each stop at various festivals around the globe (it most recently stopped at the Toronto Film Festival, where it was one of our favorites), the picture has earned incredible buzz and demands to be seen on the big screen at an arthouse near you. Read More: The 20 Most Anticipated Films Of The 2015 Cannes Film Festival Today we have the exclusive poster for "The Assassin," which you can check out below. Chang Chen and Shu Qi lead the movie that follows an assassin who has been trained in exile and who is sent on a mission back to her hometown.
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Jet Li Faces The Supernatural In Fengshen Yanyi

Also known as: Investiture of the Gods, The Apotheosis of Heroes, The Canonization of the Gods

Fengshen Yanyi is the latest movie which will feature legend Jet Li going up against the supernatural, something even i did not see coming (But im glad it did). The director will be Wilson Yip (Ip Man), the movie will be based on the 16th-century Chinese novel by Xu Zhonglin about a declining Shang Dynasty set in (1600 BC–1046 BC) and the rise of the Zhou Dynasty (1046 BC–256 BC).


The novel is a romanticised retelling of the overthrow of King Zhou, the last ruler of the Shang dynasty, by Ji Fa, who would establish the Zhou dynasty in place of Shang. The story integrates oral and written tales of many Chinese mythological figures who are involved in the struggle as well. These figures include human heroes, immortals and various spirits (usually represented in avatar form like vixens,
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We Want You to Have a Gorgeous Piece of Frank Frazetta Art

This year during SXSW in Austin, filmmaker Robert Rodriguez will unveil an amazing collection of art from the legendary Frank Frazetta, whose work not only defined the look of a number of properties — including Edgar Rice BurroughsTarzan and John Carter of Mars series — it also influenced a number of wonderful projects, from The Legend of Zelda to He-Man. Rodriguez, a Frazetta superman himself, is set to direct a remake of Frazetta and Ralph Bakshi’s Ice and Fire. This art show, which will be available to anyone (not just SXSW badge holders) will show off a number of original pieces from Frazetta alongside Frank Miller, Drew Struzan and Sebastian Kruger. To call it a star-studded affair fails to show proper reverence. It’s a legend-studded affair. Information about the show can be found above. It will run in downtown Austin for a week during the South by Southwest Film Festival. There
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Kingsman: Bond with a Gangster Swag (Featuring Brad Allen “Gorgeous”)

Kingsman: the Secret Service is the fifth directorial effort from director Matthew Vaughan and yet another film that I thoroughly enjoyed. I should mention that I have been a fan of Mark Vaughan’s work since Layer Cake, one of my favorite British gangster movies and Vaughan’s first feature. So I admit I’m a little biased, I loved Kick Ass, I really loved X-Men: First Class, and I was so excited when I heard about this film. Yes, I know I left out Stardust, yes, it’s because I really didn’t like it.

Based on yet another comic by Mark Millar, Kingsman is a breathtaking re-imagination of the whole British spy genre…and then some. Interestingly enough this is not the first Mark Millar project Vaughan has helmed, the first being Kick –Ass 1 (the better one). Vaughan is also credited as “co-plotter” on The Secret Service, the
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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi Marries Jionni Lavalle -- See Stunning Wedding Dress!

  • TooFab
It's official -- Snooki is a married woman! Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and her longtime love Jionni Lavalle tied the knot today in a "Great Gatsby"-themed wedding in where else ... New Jersey. Snooks wore an off-white lace gown for the ceremony at the Venetian in Garfield, NJ, sharing the photo above on her official website. We gotta say, she looks Gorgeous.According to Us Weekly, the bridesmaids wore black gowns with bows on them.The couple exchanged vows in front of family and friends including Snooki’s "Jersey Shore" cast mates, Jenni "JWoww" Farley, Sammy "Sweetheart" Giancola and Deena Cortese, who all served as bridesmaids. Last weekend, there was a mini-"Jersey Shore" reunion at Snooki's '20s-themed rehearsal dinner. The bride-to-be looked gorgeous in a long, flowy white gown, while the other ladies all wore black for the fancy soiree. The pint-sized reality star also shared a pic
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'The Grandmaster' Trailer: Before He Trained Legends, He Had to Become One

Gorgeous cinematography? Check. Jump cuts and slo-mo? Check. Longing, lovelorn glances? Check. Chinese director Wong Kar-Wai's distinctive style is as present as ever in the new American trailer for his martial arts biopic "The Grandmaster."

The film stars Tony Leung (a frequent Wong collaborator) as Ip Man, the kung fu master who trained Bruce Lee. During the Japanese invasion of 1936, he clashes with Gong Er (Zhang Ziyi), a trained master in her own right.

The trailer showcases several dazzling fight sequences choreographed by Yuen Woo-Ping ("The Matrix," "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"), including a balletic sequence in the rain. "Before he trained legends, he had to become one," the trailer's voiceover intones.

"The Grandmaster" opened in China earlier this year and kicks into U.S. movie theaters on August 23.
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Mr. Peabody, Sherman, Rocky & Bullwinkle return as Mars Attacks Judge Dredd while Zombie Animals not under Locke and Key encounter The Red Star

To coincide with the theatrical release of DreamWorks Animation’s 3D comedy adventure Mr. Peabody & Sherman on March 7, 2014, Idw Publishing along with long with DreamWorks Classics and Bullwinkle Studios have partnered together to bring Rocky & Bullwinkle, Boris & Natasha, Snidely Whiplash, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, and Dudley Do-Right back for comic book fans commencing this fall.

Jay Ward’s characters and concepts are landmarks in animation storytelling, and they remain as funny and relevant as ever,” said Idw President Greg Goldstein. “The phrase ‘fan-favourite’ is often overused, but in this case, it’s well-earned and justified. We’re thrilled to add these brands to our ever growing list of all-ages titles.”

Mega-City One has to contend with an invading army of Martians; however the alien force may have underestimated the capabilities of the local law enforcement officials, in particular a certain Judge Dredd. Featuring the creative talents of Dredd writer “Action” Al Ewing,
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The Shipping News: Darry O’Brylinson, Fandom Fatigue and an Ftm Dean Winchester!

Happy New Year, AfterElton! Shhh, it’s totally still a New Year! Some of us still have our Christmas trees up. *cough* It’s a great and exciting moment for fandom, with shows coming back from hiatuses, Valentines’ Specials in the works, and lots of buzz in the air. Let’s hop to it! This week, we talk about the good, the bad, the problematic, the Darry O’Brylinson, and the Holy Crap Underage Wtf.


AfterElton may be giving it up for The Backlot, but Vhelton lives on as “Vhot.” Worried about how to continue shipping AfterElton/VH1 after this week’s epic name change announcement? Fear not! The people—and our beloved VH1—have spoken, and Vhelton is still vHOT. We expect your fanart to evolve accordingly. E Online says no to “fantasy” pairings: Having awarded its prize last year to Faberry, the beloved femslash pairing of Glee,
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Blu-ray Review: First Two Seasons of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in HD

Chicago – With Emmy nominations coming out this week and the cast appearing at San Diego Comic-Con last week, CBS’s mega-hit “The Big Bang Theory” has been in the press more often than it typically is in the middle of its off-season. Add to this bizarre mini-wave of publicity the fact that Warner Bros. has corrected an oversight and recently released the first two seasons of the Emmy winner on Blu-ray, having previously been available only on DVD (the 3rd and 4th seasons were released on Blu-ray already). Both sets are light on special features but offer multiple viewing options (Blu-ray, DVD, Ultraviolet), which should make Leonard & Sheldon addicts very happy.

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete First Season

Photo credit: Warner Bros.

The Big Bang Theory: The Complete First Season”

Rating: 3.5/5.0


Physicists Leonard and Sheldon understand everything from the inescapable gravitational pull of a black hole
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DVD Playhouse--June 2012

By Allen Gardner

Harold And Maude (Criterion) Hal Ashby’s masterpiece of black humor centers on a wealthy young man (Bud Cort) who’s obsessed with death and the septuagenarian (Ruth Gordon) with whom he finds true love. As unabashedly romantic as it is quirky, with Cat Stevens supplying one of the great film scores of all-time. Fine support from Vivian Pickles, Cyril Cusack, Charles Tyner, and Ellen Geer. Fine screenplay by Colin Higgins. Also available on Blu-ray disc. Bonuses: Commentary by Hal Ashby biographer Nick Dawson, producer Charles Mulvehill; Illustrated audio excerpts from seminars by Ashby and Higgins; Interview with Cat Stevens. Widescreen. Dolby 2.0 stereo.

In Darkness (Sony) Agnieszka Holland’s Ww II epic tells the true story of a sewer worker and petty thief in Nazi-occupied Poland who single-handedly helped hide a group of Jews in the city’s labyrinthine sewer system for the duration of the war.
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Kate Upton Shows Off High Fashion Side

  • Access Hollywood
Kate Upton Shows Off High Fashion Side
Gorgeous Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl Kate Upton is showing off her high fashion side.

The stunning blonde posed in a series of new photographs for Harper's Bazaar, taken by famed photographer Terry Richardson, who has worked with Lady Gaga.

In the shoot, which shows off old-Hollywood inspired looks, Kate can be seen posing with "Parks and Recreation" star Aziz Ansari and actor and 30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto.

Click Here to see more of the photos.

Copyright 2012 by NBC Universal, Inc. All rights reserved.

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten ...
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To all the fans of Jackie Chan, don't expect to see much action scenes. To all those who are looking for a seriously good film from him, well, you should consider skipping this one. In fact, although his skills in martial arts are impressive, the same thing can't be said about his competence as a scriptwriter and an actor.

Bu (Shu Qi) lives in a fishing village of Taiwan. One day, she finds a bottle in the sea. This bottle contains a message written by Albert (Tony Leung), a man who is asking his potential soul mate to come in Hong Kong in order to meet him. However, when she arrives in his apartment, Albert tells Bu that he was looking for a man. Eventually, Bu randomly runs into C.N. (Jackie Chan), a business man who likes to jump from one woman to another. Obviously, both C.N. and Bu bonds.
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