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Oct. 1964
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19 Sep. 2009
Camp Buzzard
Woody wants to send his rascal cousins to summer space camp, but can't afford it. Sam Buzzard overhears that and charges just $45 for 'Camp Buzzard', a fake, but affordable trip to Bora Bora for one. He soon experiences minding two woodpecker cadets takes more out of him than the money he get's for the rip-off.
19 Sep. 2009
Father's Day
Woody looks forward to Father's day, when his Scottish dad visits. But his father always wins their golf duel cup. This time Woody prepares to win, at all costs.
26 Sep. 2009
Mexican Chilly
Chilly Willy can't afford a ticket for a warm Mexican cruise with generous cuisine, so he tries his luck as stowaway, luggage or impostor. The canine purser is as determined to prevent him, but repeatedly gets outsmarted by Chilly and cruelly demoted by the captain.
26 Sep. 2009
Sleepwalking Woody
Woody is sleepwalking and keeps intruding Wally's home in the most inconvenient ways and places. Trying to get rid of the uninvited guest proves even worse for Wally.
26 Sep. 2009
Wally's Royal Riot
Woody is denied entry as paying customer at snobbish restaurant Chez Wally just because he's too 'common'. So he has an elaborate glutton, wrathful revenge posing successively as a hard-to-please lord, duke and queen.
10 Oct. 2009
Chilly and the Fur-Bearing Trout
Hearing Doug Nutt's TV show about the legendary fur-bearing trout, Chilly Willy tries bating one with his cloths, to get to his fur. He thus discovers that Lary the trout impersonates the species to steal and sell cloths. Willy, Larry and Doug chase each-other around.
10 Oct. 2009
Over the Top
Woody and Wally argue whether (Swedish) skiing is the greatest winter sport or snowboarding, and decide to enter the Inertia Camp free style Mount Inclined Plane competition, prize $50 and a year's supply oatmeal. Both play dirty, so the third competitor, a tobogganing skunk, has it easiest.
10 Oct. 2009
Woody fakes a neck injury. Culprit Wally is -condemned to nurse him to paparazzo Mole's satisfaction or go to jail for life. Woody pushes this virtual slavery ever further. Then something breaks, with spectacular consequences.
17 Oct. 2009
Baby Buzzard
While there's a $10,000 prize on escaped Buzz Buzzard's head, the fiend poses as a baby which a nanny confides to Woody's brand-new babysitting service, planning to rob the Woodpecker home. Woody soon recognizes the wanted criminal, and wants the bounty.
17 Oct. 2009
Bad Weather
Wally has bought a weather control shack, orders sunny weather and invites girl to a pool party. Woody hijacks the invitations, and gets the girls, who won't settle for Wally's measly mini-pool and garden. Angry Wally orders terrible weather at Woody's.
17 Oct. 2009
Bait & Hook
Chilly Willy opens a can of worms as fishing bait, only to be assaulted by the escaping bugs. So he answer's Clive's TV ad for bait, guaranteed or replaced by bigger and better. He keeps calling that clause, until Clive has to resort to an original type of bait Chilly didn't count on.
24 Oct. 2009
Automatic Woody
A TV commercial gets glutton Woody a desperate craving for butterscotch. Alas he has no cash. By the time he overcame the uncooperative ATM, all shops have closed. The candy and soft-drink vending machines prove even tougher opponents.
24 Oct. 2009
Chicken Woody
Woody feels his life is too hard. He decides to become a 'professional' chicken, just the job for a lazy glutton. Alas it also includes egg production. The roost's legendary reward for a million eggs proves the ultimate bird-nightmare.
24 Oct. 2009
Zoom-a to Montezooma
Montezooma Zoo's canine headhunter Smedley has on order for a penguin. Alas for him he plans to capture Chilly Willy, far too smart and elusive a prey. Perhaps just asking works better, making him in irresistible offer?
31 Oct. 2009
Date with Destiny
With Valentine's day ahead, both Woody and Wally desperately want dates. So each places an ad and battles for bathroom-access to improve their appearance and sabotage the other. As soon as Woody realizes who their date is, he takes appropriate measures.
31 Oct. 2009
Winnie at the Ball
Winnie won't accept a friend's claim she's too common to be elected It-girl. So she takes the crude course at Wally Walrus's Etiquette Finishing School, a dangerous occupation. The result is gross in our and other woodpeckers' eyes, but a hit at the annual walruses high society ball.
14 Nov. 2009
Woody buys supplies in Buzz Buzzard's rural general store for a trip to his ancestor Macpecker's forgotten goldmine. The crook quickly volunteers as unshakable 'guide' to find out the site, hoping to rob the gold. Both try everything to get rid of the other and keep the gold alone.
21 Nov. 2009
Party Animal
Woody plans a bagpipe appreciation party, extremely noisy. Landlady Meany waves his contract's no party-clause, seeking quiet so she can bake a soufflé. Woody poses as a noise police inspector, to send her on a wild goose chase, while he holds his Scottish decibels-extravaganza.
21 Nov. 2009
Queen of De-Nile
Winnie visits Egypt and is fascinated by the Pharaonic remnants. Trough clumsiness and luck she accidentally unearths the pyramid of Izzy, Tuth's architect who was buried with a swindled treasure. For archaeologist Wally and the mummy, it's a surprising and extremely painful experience.
5 Dec. 2009
K-9, Woody
Miss Meany invokes his infamous lease to make Woody mind her poodle. The pet is as mean to him as she is. Yet he panics when Wally Walrus steals the pooch, so Meany would rid him of his hated neighbor Woody. He also violates her last instruction not to feed the canine.
5 Dec. 2009
Ready for My Close-up, Mr. Walrus
Winnie answers a TV call for candidate-extras to turn up at a Hollywood studio. her bizarre accidents equally fascinate a producer and infuriate director Wally Walrus, he keeps being the accidental butt. They even end up trading places.
Bad Hair Day
Winnie has a successful hair dressing salon. In order to cope, she hires help. Alas she chooses the evil Buzzard. He deliberately uses a terrible 'shampoo' which ruins hair, in order to drive her customers away, to his brother. Until Winnie finds out and has her revenge.
Bonus Round Woody
Woody enters a lumber yard scavenger hunt, unpleasantly surprised his adversary is even worse cheater Buzz Buzard. Both deceive, steal and lie at every tour chasing for items indicated by cryptic clues. Yet a hurtful truth decides the contest.
Brother Cockroach
An uninvited cockroach moves in with Woodie and whines about the fact that he has never has it as good as him. Woddie throws him out, sanctimoniously ordering him to find a job. To Woodie's surprise, the bug returns 'home' as an ever more successful bread winner, only to experience his landlord's parasitic side in the form of greedy rent.
Cable Ace
Woody Woodpecker absolutely wants cable TV to watch his 'ancestral' Highland Games, but can't afford a subscription. So he tries every ploy and scam to enjoy his dumb Swedish neighbor Wall Walrus's cable. Bad luck and the cable company mole outsmarting Woody bring him in big trouble.
Chilly and Hungry
Chilly Willy discovers his neighbor and natural predator the polar bear has turned posh and vegetarian. So the glutton penguin tries his luck exploiting the bear as shelter and heat source. Willy thus becomes dangerous temptation to his 'base' carnivore instinct.
Crash Course
Woody is appalled Winnie sold her big screen TV to pay for flying lesson with foreign star pilot Wings. So he tricks Wings away and poses as him. When Winnie sees trough his charade, she calls his bluff. That proves an extremely dangerous game for both of them.
Downsized Woody
Mother nature is so fed-up with Woody's substandard pecking record, that she demotes him. Woody become a pigeon, but he can be promoted back if he does well. The captain of the team mistrusts the apparently lazy newcomer's amazing achievements in soiling. By the time he finds proof, it's too late- or is it?
Electric Chilly
After Chilly Willi mail-orders an electric blanket, he discovers his igloo has only one power outlet. So he plugs it in at neighbor dog Smedly's home, instead of his TV. That calls for a response in kind, and so on, leaving neither more than a few moments to enjoy any program.
Fake Vacation
Woody decides to dips into his life savings for a long vacation. Crook Burt Buzzy sells Woody a $5,000 package to the nonexistent German Polynesian islands. The whole thing consists of cheap imitation in the buzzard's home, but crafty, apparently satisfied Woody keeps coming back for more.
Gopher It
Woody has a sophisticated routine and equipment to play golf. However today, two rascal gopher youngsters play tricks on his balls. A veritable war rages over the links until their ma returns home.
He Wouldn't Woody
Trying to drill holes in a petrified forest, Woody gets a concussion which causes a personality change. He now proves a perfect neighbor for Walter 'Wally' Walrus. However when Woody beats Wally in every Swedish pastime, he proves too perfect for Wally to keep appreciating.
Medical Winnie Pig
Winnie Woodpecker is inspired by the Wood Peck ER TV show to apply for a career in hospital. A crazy scientist, who urgently needs a cloning subject, lures her as 'student', actually testing her suitability. It proves a painful trial- for him.
Mirage Barrage
Woody accidentally find genie Wallicini's lamp and rubs it. The genie's small print results in great frustration, and the wish to take his place. Once a genie himself, Woody is even less accommodating. The ensuing battle of wishes and selfish pseudo-compliance satisfies neither.
Woody's old car breaks down. The nearest dealership offers a good alternative for $500, but he's skinned. Buzz Buzzard's neighboring bowling alley offers a $500 prize to whoever beats the champ, Buzz, and pays a $5 entrance fee. However the entire alley is packed with all kinds of cheating tricks and equipment.
Tee Time
Woody is training to win a life-membership at a fancy golf club. Alas that is hardly compatible with neighbor Wally Walrus's tuba playing practice. each tries as hard to sabotage the other as they train themselves.
Temper, Temper
Woody is hell-bent to train for the Highland games inside given the bad weather. Alas his landlady Mimi, who is in temper management therapy, insists on total quiet. So their battle for the board-house begins.
The Legend of Rockabye Point
Chilly Willy has a shipload of fish. To guard it against polar bear Charlie, he hot a bulldog with a frightful bite. Charlie finds the dog's only weak point is falling to sleep hearing the melody of rockabye baby. So Willy must try to interrupt the lullaby.
Wally Walrus realizes he has a serious temper problem and follows a TV shrink's video course. To his surprised delight it works, and even get nemesis neighbor Woody off his back. However the shrink also offers a video for victims of the first method, and Woody happens to see that TV AD.
Wiener Wars
When Woody Woodpecker's favorite hot-dog cart owner decides to sell off his business, the glutton bird decides to buy it for $500 rather than buy inferior dogs from Wally Wiener. The competition doesn't take kindly to the newcomer, to put it mildly. Soon both carts are wrecked, and the street corner looks like a war-zone. The wreckage however inspires an investor to make the enemies an irresistible proposal.
Woody and the Termite
Mother Nature warns Woody Woodpecker he is way behind on his tree hole pecking quota. So he buys a modified termite from a scientist, which can bite holes in no time. Alas the monster is determined to devour entire trees, so if can't control it his entire home forest will be wiped out.
Woody's Ship
Attracted by free food, Woody accepts a summer job as ship cook. It turns out to a pirates ghost ship. His sass convinces the captain Woody must be punished, but the tame crew is out of cruelty practice. Woody convinces them a woodpecker is useful, even takes over command.
Ya Gonna Eat That?
Woody is hungry, but neighbor Wally Walrus refuses even a taste of his rich barbecue. Hearing the IRS frightens the scrooge, who hides his provisions, Woody masquerades as a food tax inspector so he can make the glutton believe all his food stocks must go or he'll end up in jail, reduced to prison food.

 Unknown Season 

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