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2 Jan. 2013
Blood Ties
A patient with a mysterious tattoo turns up in Holby and triggers Luc's memories of being in Sierra Leone. Lilah has to work hard to get back Ric's respect and Chantelle searches for a venue for her New Year Eve party only to discover that Mary-Claire has designs on Rhys.
8 Jan. 2013
Luc struggles with coping and is ordered by Michael to see a psychiatrist or he will be reported. But Luc fails to hold up his side of the bargain after he gets involved in a patient's care and Serena fires him. Acting on a postcard from Eddi he decides to take some time off and leaves Holby. Elsewhere, Jac travels to Stockholm to track down Henrik and find out why he has turned down a lucrative deal that would benefit Holby - only to find out that the company is owned by his estranged and seriously ill father, Anders Lövborg. Will Henrik find peace with his father ...
15 Jan. 2013
Push the Button: Part One
Jonny and Jac's secret romance is going strong until she receives an invitation to Joseph Byrne's upcoming nuptials and the romance starts to unravel sharply and she turns to Sean Dolan. Henrik returns to Holby which threatens Serena's position of authority until Terence appoints her to a senior role. Elsewhere, Chrissie finds a lump on her breast.
22 Jan. 2013
Push the Button: Part Two
Jac is guilt-ridden over her one-night stand with Sean especially when she finds out he's married to a fellow paeds resident. Their patient Caitlin wastes no time telling Sean's wife Vanessa about their indiscretion just after Vanessa had informed Sean that he was to be a first-time dad. Meanwhile, Malick gets a shock when he's confronted by the new porter, Jake Patterson, telling him that Malick is his dad. Elsewhere, new F1's Gemma Wilde and Arthur Digby begin their rotation at Holby.
29 Jan. 2013
The Waiting Game
Malick tells his new-found son Jake he doesn't want anything to do with him as he prepares to take his exams that will lead him to be a consultant. Elsewhere, Ollie posts a party at Tara's home online and he gets more than he bargained for when the party is overtaken by unknown people.
5 Feb. 2013
Spence's Choice: Part One
A RTA involving a toddler, his mother and her boyfriend divides Michael's team as a suspected case of child abuse rears its ugly head. Elsewhere, Oliver asks Tara to move in with him.
12 Feb. 2013
Spence's Choice: Part Two
Serena's mother, Adrienne McKinnie, is admitted to Holby - Serena oversteps the mark by getting involved in the treatment much to Ric's annoyance. Elsewhere, the suspected child abuse case takes a different turn when the mother is diagnosed with suspected brittle bone disease which her son could also have inherited.
19 Feb. 2013
Ask Me No Questions
Luc Hemingway's former patient, Dean Delaney, returns to Holby looking for Luc and his ex-wife but when he finds that Luc has left and access is denied to his wife he takes Gemma hostage. Malick passes his consultancy exams but finds it difficult to acknowledge his relationship with Nathan Hargreave. Ollie asks Tara to go for an exploratory scan but Tara rebels and tells him she wants to do things her own way.
26 Feb. 2013
Serena's mum, Adrienne McKinnie, is back in Holby for her operation. After her operation and due to staff shortages she remains unchecked and suffers a stroke - which puts Chantelle in Serena's firing line. Gemma attends the Holby psychiatrist in order to continue her rotation. Although she feels fine she goes back to work even though not signed back and she has a a meltdown when treating a patient and later suffers an asthma attack.
5 Mar. 2013
Recovery Position
Jac returns from Japan after six weeks but the relationship between her and Jonny deteriorates almost immediately but a later incident brings them closer and Jac confesses her love for him. Malick's former college girlfriend, Anna Patterson, turns up in Holby complaining of stomach pains and also looking for their missing son Jake. A subsequent operation reveals cancer cells and a review that she has advanced bile duct cancer and secondary tumours on her liver. Ric advises her that she has weeks to live and tells Malick to make amends with his estranged son. Serena ...
12 Mar. 2013
Not Aaron
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19 Mar. 2013
Holby's Got Torment
Jac undergoes gynae surgery and discovers she has endometriosis and deals with it in her own usual gnarly way. But she finally gets a chance to do her pioneering surgery work and impresses Henrik who grants her funding. Malick and Jake attend Anna's funeral but afterwards Jake gets into a fight with a friend who is hospitalised. Sacha calls the police and Jake is charged with GBH. Malick tells him he has to move in with him. Elsewhere, Chrissie's scan results come back clear but relations between Chrissie and Sacha start to unravel.
26 Mar. 2013
Journey's End
Tara collapses again from a seizure and afterwards begins to doubt herself and her health and if she can successfully complete a Hertzig operation for Elliott. Elsewhere, Sacha and Chrissie's relationship is uneasy but she gains an ally in her step-daughter Rachel who gives her a better insight into their fractured relationship. Meanwhile, Chantelle believes everyone has forgotten her birthday.
2 Apr. 2013
The End of the Beginning
An anxious Chantelle awaits the hearing on the treatment of Serena's mother. Down in A&E Serena comes face to face with a journalist who's intent in ferreting out information on her action against the Holby Trust. The F1 prize deadline puts Gemma and Arthur on a high. Tara returns to Holby, even though she's on extended sick leave, but Elliott allows her to continue her research but not take on any doctoral rounds or procedures. Tara is forced to go to see a consultant neurologist but refuses to consider brain surgery to reduce the mass. But after a meltdown in the ...
9 Apr. 2013
Promises, Promises
Alan McLaren, a hot-shot consultant surgeon from Newcastle, descends on Holby to carry out a risky trial procedure on a very ill patient and threads on Ric's toes but in the process impresses Malick. Malick considers applying for a consultant general post in Newcastle but issues with Jake might throw process in jeopardy. Elsewhere, the son of a patient, arrives in Holby but he turns out to be a stalker of Gemma's who was warned to stay away from her. Elsewhere, Ollie and Tara decide to get married on the eve of her operation.
16 Apr. 2013
Great Expectations
Tara and Oliver get married and Tara opts for surgery performed by top neuro-surgeon Roxanna MacMillan. However, during surgery Tara develops a series of bleeds and dies on the table. Elsewhere, Gemma is drawn into the aftermath of a school shooting just as she prepares to leave Holby. Meanwhile, Malick comes clean to Jake about his relationship status.
23 Apr. 2013
Second Life
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30 Apr. 2013
Time Has Told Me
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7 May 2013
Only Human
Amanda Layton, the jailed girlfriend of a convicted murderer, is admitted to Holby with stab wounds unaware that her boyfriend has taken his own life. Elsewhere, Sacha's daughter Rachel is admitted after returning from holiday and after a number of tests Ric suspects that she may have leukemia. Meanwhile, Jac is having a day of hell with a frequent flyer patient but it leads to some surprising news for Jac - she's pregnant.
14 May 2013
The More Deceived
Gemma gets bitten by a goth patient and in the process of chasing up a psych consult on the patient meets new CT consultant Harry Tresler. Meanwhile, Malick meets with the mother of one of Amanda Layton's possible victims. Elsewhere, Mo pushes Jac to tell Jonnie about the baby.
21 May 2013
Divided We Fall
Sacha's daughter Rachel gets bad news and now must look towards a bone marrow donor; Jac struggles with whether she should tell Jonny that she is pregnant; Arthur tries to woo Chantelle with an old-style mixed cassette tape but he just cannot pull it off and Harry continues to needle Gemma.
28 May 2013
Back from the Dead
Jonny and Jac continue to bicker over the welfare of their unborn baby. Sacha and Rachel await the bone marrow results but when the results disappoint Sacha turns to Daniel - his young son - much to Chrissie's consternation. Malick tries to cover his tracks over his non-psych referral of Amanda Layton but when Hanssen uncovers the truth Malick's career hangs in the balance.
4 Jun. 2013
Malick attends the inquest into Amanda Layton's death at Coroners Court. But a jealous Dominic does a great deal of damage to him as the coroner hears his testimony. Despite this Malick continues in his pursuit of finding the body of Susannah Harris's daughter. Following his lead DCI Malcolm Green locates the body at Amanda's childhood home. Elsewhere, Gemma is having a nightmare day and her son Finn is the cause of many of her problems. But Harry comes to the rescue and Gemma has to reassess her assessment of him.
11 Jun. 2013
All Tomorrow's Parties
It's Sacha's birthday but Sacha is not in the mood to celebrate as he and Chrissie await to hear how suitable a match Daniel might be. When Sacha finds out information that could hinder the donation he withholds the news from Chrissie. Elliott discovers Oliver sleeping in the on-call room and attempts to send him home. But Oliver pleads for leniency and Elliott puts him on a minor case with Harry. Meanwhile, Michael's daughter Jasmine arrives from the US but he has to postpone plans to be with her when a young terminal patient presents in Holby and he is asked to ...
18 Jun. 2013
Follow the Yellow Brick Road
Alexandra Morrell, a Herzig recipient patient, re-presents in Darwin after collapsing at home. Daniel is admitted for his bone marrow procedure and Sacha attempts to hide Daniel's condition from Chrissie - who is already highly agitated. When she does find out it spells disaster for Sacha and Chrissie. Meanwhile, Ollie goes over the edge after being forced to confront his emotions over Tara and takes his ire out on Elliott.
25 Jun. 2013
Gemma volunteers for the night shift on Darwin as it's on her next rotation. But it doesn't go as smoothly as planned. Chrissie and Sacha reach breaking point and Oliver makes a decision after his erratic behaviour endangers a patient. Elsewhere, several patients gang up on Arthur to get him to ask Chantelle out.
2 Jul. 2013
The Journey Home
Sacha is all over the place since Chrissie left for a visit to her dad in Australia. Gemma and Harry have to work together and sparks fly between them but on the advice of a patient Harry goes easy on her. Sharon asks Elliott out to the opera but after a needling from his colleagues he cancels and then un-cancels after she helps his patient out. Michael's daughter Jasmine prepares to fly back to the US and Michael's terminal patient Seb takes a turn for the worse.
9 Jul. 2013
Mens Sana in Corpore Sano
Oliver seems to be resolute in the destruction of his career and also risks betraying his late wife Tara. Harry gives Gemma credit for his diagnosis of a patient to get her back in Serena's good books. Oliver and Harry go head to head for the Darwin C2 position. Antoine returns and works with Digby to save a blind woman's bowel and stop her becoming an invalid.
16 Jul. 2013
Make or Break
Arthur lands top of the F2 class exams so Antoine and Michael put him in charge of Keller for the day. But in doing so his friendship with Chantelle deteriorates. At the end of shift Arthur attempts to apologies to Chantelle but they are both mugged. Sacha finds out the results of Rachel's bone marrow tests. Jac's scheduled scan outside of Holby is cancelled so Jonny arranges for her to have it in Holby.
23 Jul. 2013
A Night's Tale
In the midst of planning a trip away with his friends Harry forgets that it is Mary-Claire's 30th birthday. But when Mary-Claire overhears Gemma and Harry talking she exacts her revenge - a pricey night out courtesy of Harry's credit card. Arthur struggles after the mugging as Chantelle returns to work. But Chantelle's determination to move on is threatened by a difficult patient and which makes her turn to Arthur. Meanwhile, Mo tries to get through William's first birthday but it is not made easy by the arrival of the daughter of an ex-patient's mother - who's ...
30 Jul. 2013
Never Let Me Go
Mo's patient Hattie deteriorates and Mo goes to desperate lengths to secure a heart for her. Jonny is far from happy with her decision especially after the donor's mother withdraws consent. Arthur diagnoses Wilson's disease in a patient under the watch gaze of Henrik and his former love, Maja Johansson. Henrik tells Arthur he is considering entering him for the National Junior Doctor's Award. Maja tells Henrik that his son Fredric is about to become a dad and she wants him to finally meet his son. Harry takes the lead in a case of a young man with a screwdriver in his...
6 Aug. 2013
Digby Dog
Arthur gets jealous of Chantelle's attention to his Wilson's disease patient Charlie. Serena's ex-husband Edward Campbell begins a stint in Holby and battle lines are immediately drawn. Meanwhile, Elliott's dog Samson is knocked down by Sharon. After Samson is operated on Elliott discovers he has bone cancer and has no option but to have him put down.
13 Aug. 2013
Old Wounds
Chrissie attends her latest scan but can she now lean on Sacha after all they've been through with Daniel and Rachel? Mo's decision to proceed with Hattie's heart transplant comes to the fore and she is made to face the consequences of her actions. Elsewhere, Serena is desperate to find a plus one for a high-ranking dinner after she finds out that Edward is also going to it.
20 Aug. 2013
All at Sea
Chrissie and Sacha's relationship becomes very strained and it comes to a head at his daughter Rachel's fund-raiser when he thumps an over-attentive Michael. Chrissie finally tells him she has cancer. Elsewhere, Serena's mum is re-admitted to hospital and has to face the facts that she may have to move in with Serena. Meanwhile, Elliott and Sharon look to going away until she tells him she is pursuing a PhD back in the US.
27 Aug. 2013
Good Day for Bad News
Sharon's last day in Holby is bittersweet for Elliott. Chrissie asks Sasha to go with her when she gets her scan results from Nathan. Nathan tells her that she has Stage 1 cancer and that her lymph nodes are clear. Serena finds out that Edward is going through a nasty divorce and eventually agrees him to join Ric's new surgical team.
3 Sep. 2013
Point of Impact
Chantelle's mediation with her mugger clashes with Arthur's stint as clinical lead of an appendectomy patient and he must choose which is more important. Ric calls out Harry and challenges him to prove himself but in doing so Harry endangers his colleagues' lives with his maverick approach to a patient with a rocket flare in his chest. An unexpected visitor to Darwin brightens up Elliott's day.
10 Sep. 2013
The Kick Inside
Jake Thompson gives Jac her 20-week scan but she gets bad news when he tells her that her baby has a diaphragmatic hernia. Edward encourages Mary-Claire to try and get into Ric's good books but when a mistake is made in theatre it rocks her confidence. Elsewhere, Arthur learns that being nominated for Doctor of the Year brings is not plain sailing. Meanwhile, new F1 Zosia March doesn't make a good impression with either her colleagues or her patients.
17 Sep. 2013
Contra Mundum
Still in shock after finding out about their unborn baby's diagnosis Jac and Jonny deal with the fallout in different ways. Malick asks Hanssen about becoming a consultant but Hanssen feels Malick hasn't proved himself yet and working with new F1 Zosia probably won't help his case. Chrissie starts her first radiotherapy session and finds a friend in fellow cancer patient Tim.
24 Sep. 2013
Chrissie's cancer treatment is affecting her and Sacha and Tim's conflicting advice doesn't help the situation. Hanssen asks Malick to work on a case with him despite his previous bad behaviour but with his estranged son Fredrik on his mind will Hanssen be able to lead by example? Jac is keen for everything to continue as normal until the birth of her baby and asks that Elliot and Mo respect her decision but a suggestion from Jonny could throw more problems in her way before she is ready to deal with them.
1 Oct. 2013
The Cost of Loving
Malick starts his first day on the job as a consultant and Serena celebrates her birthday but both are in for unwanted surprises. Sacha confides in Mo as he tries to remain optimistic about Chrissie's radiotherapy. Hanssen learns that he's become a grandfather but Chantelle's niceness to him and her dealings with a pregnant patient pushes him over the edge and he gives her a disciplinary warning. But Arthur tries to stand up for Chantelle as they head for the Young Doctor of the Year award but tragedy strikes on their way?
8 Oct. 2013
Like a Prayer
Chantelle is taken critically ill after the car accident and Hanssen is forced to switch operations and try to save Chantelle's life. Elsewhere, Jonny and Jac have to deal with a patient who is being dragged down by his overbearing mother and spoilt fiancée. When Bonnie Wallis, an old friend of Jonny's, swoops in as an agency nurse to assist them, will Jac appreciate the help? Later, Hanssen meets his grandchild.
15 Oct. 2013
If I Needed Someone
Malick struggles to come to terms with the fact he is now a patient and that his career may now be over. Elliot struggles to manage new mentee Zosia when she starts carrying out psyche assessments on his patients and Sacha struggles to come clean to Chrissie about his kiss with Mo.
22 Oct. 2013
Friends Like You
Harry has a difficult day when a childhood friend is admitted with a serious condition. Gemma brings her son to work once again but when he and medical drugs go missing she has to face the consequences with Ric. Meanwhile after clearing the air with Sacha, Mo tries to hide the fact she is online dating.
29 Oct. 2013
Flesh Is Weak
Chantelle faces her first day back at work after the crash. Despite looking forward to the comfort of her job she discovers her expectations were not all they were cracked up to be. Elliot has more trouble with Zosia when she interferes in one of his cases.
5 Nov. 2013
Last Dance
Malick feels as redundant as ever when his former mentor is booked into the hospital as a patient. Despite his injury it does not take long for him to start interfering on the case. Despite having booked the chapel for the vow renewal Sacha and Chrissie question if they have the commitment to make another go of things.
12 Nov. 2013
Arthur's Theme
Chantelle faces her biggest fear when Cameron is again admitted onto the ward. When Digby confronts her with his true feelings she realises things have gone too far between them and she must leave to put it right. Mo is shocked to see her online date turn up at the hospital with chest pains. When Sacha serves Chrissie with divorce papers she turns to Michael for comfort.
19 Nov. 2013
When Chrissie is offered the job of Director of Nursing it forces her to take stock of her life at Holby and comes to the decision to leave her past behind and make a clean break elsewhere. Meanwhile Digby struggles to manage an increasingly erratic Malick but will he be able to stand up to his mentor?
26 Nov. 2013
Sink or Swim
Serena has her hands full when a major incident takes place but is later shocked to discover the new CEO, Guy Self, has arrived without her knowledge. Will they get off on the right foot? Malick is furious when he discovers Jake is working at Holby again but when a particular case takes them both to the edge he realises he must make a clean break away from Holby.
3 Dec. 2013
Fait Accompli
Guy attempts to put his own stamp on Holby by hiring former colleague Colette Sheward as Director of Nursing. His clean break does not last long however when he is confronted by a case from his past. Jonny tries to lighten Jac's work load but can he keep across the extra cases? Serena faces a tough task impressing Guy when a particularly difficult patient arrives on AAU.
10 Dec. 2013
Heart of Hope
Edward turns nasty with Mary-Claire when she threatens to reveal their affair to Serena. Guy press-gangs Elliot into performing the Herzig operation on a patient but when it doesn't go well he is left questioning his ethics. Zosia uses Arthur's obsession with Chantelle to earn herself the spare room in his flat.
17 Dec. 2013
Father's Day
Fed up following his recent heartbreak Michael breaks all the rules to perform a transplant operation for a desperate father and his son. When Guy confronts him about it he walks away from Holby after being suspended. Under pressure from her sons father Gemma makes a crucial mistake with a patient and decides to quit to focus on her son. Edward continues to sideline Mary-Claire and blames her when a machine malfunctions.
24 Dec. 2013
All I Want for Christmas Is You
When Mary-Claire stands up to Edward and exposes him for the alcoholic bully he is can she persuade Serena to believe her. With Elliot still reeling from Zosia's revelation that Guy is her father she is determined she won't allow him back into her life following the death of her mother. But will a present from beyond the grave make her change her mind?
31 Dec. 2013
Ring in the New
When Guy continues to clash with Zosia he accepts their relationship is purely professional but is that what she really wants? Meanwhile on AAU both Serena and Mary-Claire face the difficult task of picking themselves up after being fooled by Edward.
18 Jun. 2013
A Night Like This
Furious with Sacha, is Chrissie about to do something she might regret with Michael?

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