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Season 9

24 Oct. 2006
Before a Fall
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31 Oct. 2006
Shot in the Dark
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2 Nov. 2006
Fly Me to the Moon
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7 Nov. 2006
Sins of the Father
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14 Nov. 2006
One for My Baby
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21 Nov. 2006
The Unforgiven
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28 Nov. 2006
It's Been a Long Day
Enigmatic new surgeon Dan Clifford rocks up to Holby, but whose side is he on? Elliot is forced to confront his demons over Gina's death. Connie shatters Sam's world.
5 Dec. 2006
The Bitterest Pill
Dan Clifford continues to be suspicious of Abra who enlists Kyla's help to throw Dan off the illegal pig kidney transplant. Elliott, prompted by his daughter Martha, finally goes home and breaks down when he sees Gina's belongings. Connie tells Sam that she is pregnant but was only a sperm donor to her. Chrissie finds out that Sam has been having an affair with Connie and is non too pleased. Mark & Chrissie hold a service at Holby for Tricia.
14 Dec. 2006
Crossing the Line
Clifford continues to needle Abra through Kyla. Joseph asks Jac to go to the movies but she declines but later reconsiders her hasty decision when Clifford tells her how well connected Joseph is. Developing a jealous streak she gets Elliot's daughter Martha a job in St. James' when she sees her developing a crush on Joseph. Mark over-reacts on the ward which could jeopardize his chances at a job promotion interview. Jac finally gets Joseph to give her another chance with him.
19 Dec. 2006
The Good Fight
Elliott and his son James clash at the Holby Christmas Drinks but after talking with Mark he finally comes to term with his grief and says goodbye to Gina and scatters her ashes in the Peace Garden at Holby along with Martha and James. Lola plays dirty in her attempt to hold onto Leanne when Leanne's dad comes back into the picture. Nikki comes on strong to Matt making him question their relationship.
28 Dec. 2006
The Very Thought of You
Kyla tells Abra she found his anti-viral drugs and he tells her to keep it quiet until he can sort something out. Elliott questions Joseph about a kiss that happened between his daughter Martha and him but Joseph tells him it was of no consequence. Lola is concerned about Leanne's safety when Steve's bi-polar girlfriend Shania is re-admitted and there is no sight of Steve or Leanne. Lola and Dan go to his apartment and find him passed out and in a lot of pain. Dan & Lola do an emergency operation on Steve but he dies on the way to the hospital. Jac warns Martha off ...
2 Jan. 2007
I Know Thee Knot
Connie begins to suffer from morning sickness at the same time that she and Sam clash on the future of their unborn baby with Connie telling him she doesn't want to work with him anymore. Matt asks Dan to accept him on to his mentoring programme but Dan makes Matt jump through hoops before accepting him. Donna is on a health kick and Matt bets her ten pounds that she cannot walk 3 miles in her job but fed up of her pedometer not showing the results she wants she gets Maria to take pedometer with her on false pretenses - but Matt finds out. Connie comes around after ...
4 Jan. 2007
The Games People Play
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9 Jan. 2007
The End of the World as We Know It
Dan needles Joseph about the upcoming surgical associate job. Dan also pursues Abra and his accomplice Natalie over the drugs scam and this time he is determined to catch them. He invites Abra to a cigar bar and tells him what he knows and gives him a chance to leave before Sutherland exposes him. Dan tells him to leave without telling anyone which he does but Kyla sees him and chases after him but she's too late.
16 Jan. 2007
Face Value
Seeing a golden opportunity which will only enhance her career Jac works both Dan and Joseph to get a piece of the action. Meanwhile, Diane becomes paranoid in the presence of Dan's friend and fellow doctor Maddy Young, not helped by Dan.
23 Jan. 2007
Feast or Famine
Diane starts her new job as lo-cum consultant under the watchful eye of Dan Clifford. The patients revolt against hospital food and get pizza delivered which results in everyone who ate the pizza getting food poisoning. Kyla and Lola have a heated argument over Kyla's treatment of her son Harvey. Sam and Chrissie's relationship is tested when complications arise with Connie & Sam's baby.
30 Jan. 2007
Into the Dark
Jac and Joseph ask Chrissie to take on nurse Faye Morton and show her the ropes but are reticent in releasing information on her prior nursing jobs. Connie and Dan argue when Dan invades her theatre space. A patient takes offense to Dan's flirtatious manner and reports him but he gets her to drop it after he does a successful operation on her. Chrissie gets a shock when she discovers Jade in Sam's bed after they go back to his place and later tells Mark that she needs time away from Holby and Sam and leaves. Donna wins 20,000 after scratching a lottery scratch-card ...
6 Feb. 2007
Blood Ties
Donna continues to avoid a persistent Dean over his share of the 20,000 jackpot windfall. Donna also gets a shadow for the day in the guise of Paloma, a daughter of Dan's golfing buddy. Nikki comes back into Matt's life again when her dad is admitted to hospital after a fall. Sam feels the heat following Chrissie's shock departure and rumors over his alleged affair with 14-year-old Jade. Meanwhile, Faye appears to be settling well into Holby but is she too good to be true?
13 Feb. 2007
I Feel Pretty
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20 Feb. 2007
Can't Buy Me Love
The anesthetists take on the surgeons in the annual football rival match. Martha tells Elliott that she's not going back to university. Harvey and Kyla continue their spat and it reaches boiling point over the care of a battered patient and his wayward son leading to Harvey hitting her hard in the bathroom. Donna's plan to escape to Australia with her winnings falls flat when her winnings are robbed from the ward safe by a con artist and distributed to the football crowd from a height.
6 Mar. 2007
The Borders of Sleep
Agitated by the re-appearance of Jade in outpatients Sam takes his aggression on Faye but apologies later and they bond over a patient with retrograde amnesia but Faye turns him down when he tries to take things further. Sam then turns his attention to Maddy. Kyla and Harvey try to mend their tempestuous relationship. Bruno March, a cancer-ridden patient, insists on being taken to Holby instead of his hospice and develops a fixation on Jac - but Jac appears to know him. Lord Byrne does his career assessment review on Jac and is not impressed when she doesn't turn up ...
20 Mar. 2007
Lola's on the warpath particularly with Maddy and Matt but eventually realises that Maddy knows what she is doing and they call it quits. Matt secretly sees Nikki and gets Dean to cover for him raising Lola's wrath. Maddy becomes tired of everyone thinking that she is Dan's pet. Holby HR department try in vain to get in touch with Faye using her married name of Wilson. She gets Mark to tell them that Faye Morton and Faye Wilson are two different people after she tells him that her husband is violent. She then enlists Jac & Joseph's help on the matter. Jac goes behind ...
27 Mar. 2007
What Lies Beneath
Faye is questioned by Holby detectives investigating her husband James death and through a series of flashbacks Faye recalls how she met Joseph and Jac in Dubai and how she left her husband James for England. Meanwhile, Maddy and Dan have a bet that she cannot get someone to seduce Matt and prove that he's not gay. Also, Maddy's dad Simon absconds from prison and arrives in Holby with a stab wound to his neck.
28 Mar. 2007
The Holby staff treat the casualties resulting from a rival football match. Faye pleads with Joseph and Jac to give her more time before going to the police. Meanwhile, Matt's erratic girlfriend Nikki shows her true colors to Dean and Matt and which gets Matt suspended. Dean takes a job in Psych with Dr. Palma. Elsewhere, Ric's fiancée Thandie joins AEU and manages to get under Lola's skin to which Sutherland asks her to take some time away from Holby.
3 Apr. 2007
Is There Something I Should Know?
Jac and Joseph's relationship starts to sour when she goes drinking with Sam and doesn't return his calls. But when he tells her it is to have lunch with his parents her attitude to him changes. Diane and Ric's professional relationship is still at odds. Meanwhile, Faye gets drawn into Kyla and Harvey's destructive relationship.
10 Apr. 2007
Paranoid Android
Lord Byrne leads pioneering gall bladder surgery using robotics in conjunction with an American surgeon and Clifford. Jac, desperate to get into the surgery, goes to great lengths to get there and manages to upset Elliott in the process and opens Joseph's eyes to her manipulative ways. Later, at a cocktail party, she tells Lord Byrne that she and Joseph have broken up and he propositions her and she sleeps with him. Meanwhile, Harvey hits Kyla whilst drunk and she decides she wants him out of her life. Elsewhere, Lola and Sutherland come to blows because he won't ...
17 Apr. 2007
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Two medical students walk the line between life and death in order to experience the ultimate form of human power. Holby City does "Flatliners".
24 Apr. 2007
Leap of Faith
Maddie and Sam find Jade McGuire unconscious in Sam's apartment and rush her to Holby and put her in the care of Elliott Hope. Whilst treating her Elliott has a visit from DI Johnson of Holby Police Station inquiring the whereabouts of Jade and advising him of an incident involving Jade. Faye and Thandie clash over the treatment of a patient who has gangrene and Ric takes Thandie's side even though she is at fault and asks that Faye be removed from Keller. But Dan steps in and promotes her to sister. Meanwhile, Lola treats two female cousins who have been horrifically...
1 May 2007
Deep Dark Truthful Mirror
Kyla and Harvey continue to argue which escalates, and ends in tragedy, when Harvey finds saucy underwear hidden under their sink and goes in search of Kyla. Jess and Mark find Lola collapsed in the basement lift and Connie, although on maternity leave, manages to resuscitate her but tells her she has triple valve disease and needs to be operated on. Thandie continues to be antagonistic towards all staff and continues to misdiagnose patients. Connie's water breaks 7-weeks prematurely whilst operating on Lola and she delivers a baby girl. Chrissie arrives back at Holby...
10 May 2007
After the Fall
Harvey dies from his injuries sustained in the fall despite Dan doing his best efforts to save him. The police clear Kyla of any involvement but take Max into care because they saw her slap Max after she tells him about Harvey's death. Jac continues to play Joseph and Lord Byrne off against each other until Lord Byrne offers her an ultimatum - that she become his mistress.
17 May 2007
Connie and Sam continue to remain at stalemate over baby Grace leading Connie to challenge him to prove that he is Grace's dad. Mark refuses to celebrate Tricia's birthday with Chrissie. Faye forces Kyla to go back to work and then finds her case for Max's hearing has been brought forward. Kyla gets Max back after an emotional hearing but Max tells her he doesn't want to be with her and goes back to his foster parents. Thandie continues to make mistakes which are only compounded by a racist patient and his family and ends up blaming Maria but Dan and Elliott become ...
24 May 2007
The Human Jungle
Abra returns as the new AEU consultant much to the displeasure of Ric and Dan. Sam shows proof to Connie that he's Grace's dad. Jac's plan to manipulate Lord Byrne backfires on her when a consultant position, she felt certain she was going to get, is denied her on the word of Lord Byrne. Joseph asks Jac to buy a house together. Lord Byrne tells Joseph about his affair with Jac.
31 May 2007
An Affair to Forget
An increasingly bitter Joseph arranges for Lady Byrne to come into Holby as he has big news to tell her but ends up challenging his father to do so instead. When Lord Byrne refuses Joseph tries to get Jac to end the affair but she ignores him. Donna and Maddy attempt to throw Sam and Faye together but they turn the tables on Donna.
7 Jun. 2007
Another Country
Sutherland's financial cuts affect Darwin and Keller with an embargo on nursing staffing levels. On top of this Diane is shadowed by health care commissioner Professor Oliver Currie and it ends up going pear-shaped when she loses Isaac Skillen, her patient traveler, on the operating table. She quickly realizes that she has no-one to rely on at Holby. Sam uses his relationship with Faye to get a patient admitted for surgery.
14 Jun. 2007
Close Relations
Diane tenders her resignation and tells Elliott she no longer wants to be a doctor. Elliott tries to talk her out of her decision but she is adamant she wants to leave. Diane then proceeds to operate without supervision much to the ire of Ric and Jac. Sam tells Chrissie that he's seeing Faye and hasn't felt that good about anyone for a long time, which upsets Chrissie. Faye, in turn, lets Sam know that she doesn't appreciate her private life being discussed. Meanwhile, Lady Byrne becomes suspicious of her husband and confronts him.
21 Jun. 2007
Something's Gotta Give
News spreads around the hospital about Diane's car being hit by a freight train and her being killed instantly. Ric takes it the hardest leading to Thandie breaking off their engagement and to top it all the freight train driver is also brought to Holby with injuries which Ric has to treat. Chrissie is none too happy with Sutherland and his staffing shortages and on talking to Mark she decides that she is working to rule. Meanwhile, Lola returns to Holby and clashes with Abra initially but they put their differences aside over the treatment of an elderly actress. ...
28 Jun. 2007
The nursing staff of Holby (excluding Faye) and led by Chrissie and Mark stage a work to rule in protest of Sutherland's staffing cuts which causes more problems than it solves. Jac, still out to climb higher, tries to blame Diane for the misdiagnosis of a patient but Dan catches her out. Elliott tells Thandie that she is not doing her job properly and she accuses him of being racist towards her. Sutherland calls a board meeting but it doesn't go his way when Elliott calls for a vote of no confidence in him backed by Connie who lost a patient due to the shortages. ...
3 Jul. 2007
Past Imperfect
Diane's funeral takes place and the Holby staff attend except for Connie who gets a call from a hospital as she is leaving to say her father William Chase is in hospital. She hasn't seen him for 12 years since her mother died. She hires Maria to go with her and look after Grace. Their meeting is fractious but Connie sees that he is seriously ill and on oxygen for a lung disease condition and manages to persuade him to go to Holby for surgery after she tells him about his granddaughter. Meanwhile, Ric believes that Diane committed suicide and during a speech at her ...
10 Jul. 2007
Under the Radar
Dan's sister-in-law Louise starts a new job at Holby but discovers she is pregnant. However she is unwilling to tell Dan's brother Alex. Thandie brings a complaint against Elliott, who at the same time is dealing with the disappearance of his son James. Abra tries to treat a Chinese man but is blocked by Lola initially. Abra is also dealt a blow by Sutherland's replacement Jayne Grayson, the new CEO.
17 Jul. 2007
The Long and Winding Road
Dan acts as intermediary between his brother Alex and his wife Louise on the state of their marriage. Chrissie's boyfriend Anton pushes Chrissie to try and get Holby to dispense drugs that will help his father. Elliott attends the tribunal but is distracted as he awaits news on his son. Ric is not amused that Thandie wants to hold engagement drinks on the night of the tribunal.
24 Jul. 2007
The Q Word
Diane's former job of lo-cum consultant is up for grabs but Jac asks if Lord Byrne not interfere but he has other plans. When Dan challenges him on giving the post to Jac when it comes up instead of it being a fair job selection Lord Byrne brings up about his sister-in-law's ties with hospital which shuts Dan up. Lady Byrne signs the papers to start the wheel rolling on her divorce from Lord Byrne. Elliott gets distressing news from the Coroner's office and has to miss his mandatory session on racism so he sends Maddie to explain but she ends up being part of the ...
31 Jul. 2007
Temporary Insanity
Elliott and Maddie are suspended for two weeks by the Board but before Elliott leaves he tells Joseph that a deal was done to secure the position of lo-cum consultant for Jac by Lord Byrne in exchange for Lord Byron writing a letter to the board supporting Thandie's accusation. Joseph sets out to prove this and in so doing Jac's ruthless ambition shows itself in Lord Byrne's company. Ric tells Jac that he won't support her application for lo-cum consultant. Jac goes to Lord Byrne and asks him to recommend her for a position at Bath NHS but he tells her he will only ...
7 Aug. 2007
Bad Reputation
Ric and Thandie's wedding day does not run smoothly, as the medical drama continues. Connie reveals Thandie's fraud to Ric, who confronts his new wife about her lies and demands that she writes a letter to exonerate Elliot. Joseph, meanwhile, lashes out at Jac when she turns up at Lord Byrne's funeral.
14 Aug. 2007
Damned If You Do
Chrissie helps Sam pick out a necklace for Faye and afterwards Chrissie tells him she can no longer be friends with him as she still as feelings for him. Louise interviews for a consultant for her stent trial with Jac and Joseph in competition to get it. Dan is in favour of Joseph and when Jac senses that she is going to lose she tells and shows Louise the bruising Joseph dealt her previously and she is hired. Elsewhere, Abra ropes in Ric to do unauthorised surgery after the CEO turns it down but it doesn't go well but the process of securing these surgeries intrigue ...
21 Aug. 2007
Old Wounds
When a young man with Down's Syndrome is offered life changing surgery, it falls to Dan to talk him into it. Meanwhile, Connie struggles with some Chinese students, and an orphaned baby is left in Kyla's hands.
28 Aug. 2007
Guilt by Association
Lola reprimands Donna for her serious lack of dedication to her work and her gossiping. Joseph finds out that Sam and Chrissie are having an affair and tells him he has to choose one or he will tell Faye. Maddy's drug-addicted sister Hannah Mason is admitted to Holby and Jac covers for her when Maddy takes her off morphine and she suffers complications.
4 Sep. 2007
Friends Reunited
Maddie's sister Hannah turns up outside Holby with her comatose daughter Sunny and admits she gave her methadone to keep her quiet. Maddie admits her to E.D. and covers up the ordered tests from Ric but Sunny has a heart-attack and dies. Hannah admits to Maddie that Sunny had a heart condition since she was born. Maddie is disgusted with Hannah. An old school colleague of Jac's turns up on the ward for a routine op and leads Jac on only for him to tell her that he's happily married and paying her back for the torture she doled out in school to him. Outside she is ...
11 Sep. 2007
Trial and Retribution
Lola and Joseph try desperately to get Jac to make a sexual assault claim to the police about Alan Clooney but she refuses. Chrissie tells Sam their relationship is over because he would not end his relationship with Faye and it turns out to be a double blow for Sam when Faye tells him she knew about his affair with Chrissie. Louise and Dan's stent trial is in jeopardy and at the end of the day they kiss after she confessed earlier of having a big fight with her husband but Maddie sees them.
18 Sep. 2007
Lovers and Madmen
Dan and Louise try to fight their growing attraction for each other as they work together on the case for the stent legal suit. Sam bets Maddie that he can have Chrissie back again but Chrissie finds out what he is up to and plays her own trick on him with the help of Maria. Mark acts as intermediary between Elliott and his son James who turns up in Holby worse for wear. The situation is not helped when Mark finds out that James is injecting heroin and has serious money troubles.
25 Sep. 2007
My Aim Is True
Louise and Dan resolve to tell Alex the truth about their affair but Dan cannot go through with it at the end as he doesn't want to lose his brother. Mark and James both battle with their own drug addictions but each refuse to believe that they have a problem. Elsewhere, Lord Byrne's will is made public and he leaves 500,000 to Joseph but he remains bitter with Jac over the whole affair and the fact that she was also left a bequest in the will. Faye becomes close to Joseph but is she genuine or just after Joseph's money?
2 Oct. 2007
Duty of Care: Part 1
Abra's estranged father Cecil accompanies the latest patient Ezekiel to Abra and Ric's night-time surgeries but Abra has extreme doubts about doing the surgery. Joseph finds out that his father left his grandmother's prized ring to Jac and is none too pleased. Later, Faye steals it from Jac when she is sleeping and Joseph gives it to a couple who are marrying quickly before the husband dies of cancer.
9 Oct. 2007
Duty of Care: Part 2
Abra's dad Cecil is hospitalised and diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. He later finds out from Nina that Cecil has been funding the night-time operations. Kyla tells Ric that Cecil is Abra's dad after Abra fails to support her in her attempt to get Max back. Detectives begin an investigation into Maddie's niece Sonny's death. Mark tells James that he will tell Elliott about his out-of-control drug habit but James counters and threatens to tell the hospital authorities about Mark's cocaine habit. Dan manages to get Maddie off the hook with regard to her oversight in...

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