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Season 8

18 Oct. 2005
The Outsiders
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8 Nov. 2005
More Equal Than Others
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15 Nov. 2005
Butterfly Effect
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22 Nov. 2005
Bird on a Wire
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29 Nov. 2005
Learning Curve
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6 Dec. 2005
Comfort of Strangers
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13 Dec. 2005
Prometheus Unbound
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20 Dec. 2005
The Long Goodbye
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3 Jan. 2006
Mother Love
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10 Jan. 2006
Pride Before a Fall
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17 Jan. 2006
Yesterday Once More
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24 Jan. 2006
Brother's Keeper
Jess returns to work after the death of her son but finds her newfound determination put to the test when young patient Archie presents with a lacerated spleen and she suspects possible child abuse. Meanwhile, Mark tries to deal with the news that Chrissie is not his daughter.
31 Jan. 2006
Connie's old school boyfriend Peter Holland arrives in the emergency department with a case of rheumatic fever and reveals childhood secrets about Connie. Mark and Lola become very involved in the treatment of two young brothers who have been beaten up. Elsewhere, Mickie loses her drunk patient Liz.
7 Feb. 2006
I'll Be Back
New nurse Kyla abandons a patient during a critical period and the rest of the team want answers. Meanwhile, in a bid to get Ric's support Jac and Diane go head to head in their procedures.
14 Feb. 2006
Flight of the Bumblebee
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21 Feb. 2006
Out on a Limb
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28 Feb. 2006
We Gave Her All Our Love
Jac is not pleased to see new consultant Nick Jordan and it's obvious the pair have a history. Later, Nick treats one of Ric's cancer patients while Ric is out lecturing at the university. But there's trouble on the horizon when he goes against Ric's chosen course of action and performs a risky operation. Elsewhere, Matt is dealing with a difficult patient. The young girl tests his patience to the limits but he finally manages to win her round, which impresses Lola.
7 Mar. 2006
Into Your Own Hands
Mark gets over involved in a case which causes disastrous consequences. Meanwhile, Nick Jordan rocks Diane's world which may affect her relationship with Ric.
14 Mar. 2006
Let It Shine
When Nick learns that Ric is away from Holby for the day he is determined to get one over on him. Meanwhile, Kyla learns that the best way to be a leader is to be herself.
21 Mar. 2006
Leap in the Dark
Elliot battles with his personal fears as he tries to get Sandra Wilson well enough to accept a new heart whilst doing everything he can to get concert recital tickets for his ill wife Gina. Matt finally admits to Mark what he really thinks of him. Meanwhile, Donna is bowled over by new physiotherapist, Justin, but will she heed Kyla's warnings about him?
28 Mar. 2006
Snake in the Grass
Nick continues to cause trouble by working on a patient with a cardio thoracic (CT) condition. When the patient's condition deteriorates, Jac decides not to involve Nick again and doesn't page him. Nick is furious when he finds out. Elsewhere, Chrissie is concerned by Mark's erratic behaviour and tells him to take some time off. Matt and Dean both apply for the student scholarship but their lax attitude doesn't impress Joseph.
4 Apr. 2006
Passing On
Nick and Ric both use underhand tactics to get Diane on side. Nick wins Diane round by letting her perform a difficult procedure for the first time and therefore saving the patient. After the operation Nick asks Diane out for a drink but she refuses, for now! Meanwhile, Connie is devastated when the new device she is championing cannot save her patient Sandra. Elsewhere, Kyla brings her son Max into work as he is diabetic and his blood sugar reading is high. The stressful day gets to her and Justin sees a chance to escape.
11 Apr. 2006
Quality Time
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18 Apr. 2006
Ric risks his friendship with Diane in an attempt to save her from Nick Jordan's clutches. Meanwhile, Joseph finds himself in trouble at work and Matt makes a career changing decision.
25 Apr. 2006
Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged
Diane is determined to prove Ric wrong about Nick Jordan and a desperate Tricia tries to keep the truth from a suspicious Chrissie.
2 May 2006
Short Cuts
Joseph struggles to stay in control as tension builds between Nick and Ric. Donna is thrilled to have a new man in her life but can Justin really give her what she truly needs?
9 May 2006
Lead Us Not Into Temptation
Sam draws Chrissie and Matt into a risky game in order to secure a heard for recovering alcoholic Dillon Ellis. When Helena Bosman is readmitted to hospital Nick assigns the follow up surgery to Diane who covers up a potential problem in order for Ric to see Nick in a better light. It all goes pear-shaped when Helena has a massive brain hemorrhage and is declared brain-dead. Meanwhile, Donna refuses to work with Justin as Kyla tries to keep a lid on her returning feelings for Justin.
16 May 2006
Games of Chance
An inquest into the death of Helena Bosman throws the spotlight on Nick and Diane. Meanwhile, Sam plays a practical joke on Joseph.
23 May 2006
One Tender Kiss
Diane feels the full force of Nick Jordan's betrayal when her career hangs in the balance. Matt tries to get out of debt but only gets into trouble with Connie and Reg attempts to get Donna to go out with him fall flat and she ends up going off with Justin again.
6 Jun. 2006
Abra returns from Africa ready to turn over a new leaf. Tricia vows to make a go of it with Mark but gets bad news from Diane - her cancer has returned. Mickie learns she could clear Diane's name but it is to no avail and puts her chances of getting a reference for her medical school application in jeopardy.
7 Jun. 2006
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29 Jun. 2006
Promises to Keep
Elliot lets his personal feelings get the better of him when Gina is re-admitted. Sam is put on report but continues to do things on his own terms - will he learn his lesson?
6 Jul. 2006
The Truth Will Out
Nic Jordan steps up his campaign to get back into CT. Mark tries to save Chrissie from a painful truth, but unearths shocking news about Tricia.
11 Jul. 2006
Extreme Measures
Jordan helps Connie save the day when a black tie charity dinner turns into a disaster zone. In an attempt to ingratiate himself with Kyla, Justin offers to look after Max.
18 Jul. 2006
I Am Not What I Am
Matt is thrown out of his rented accommodation with his landlord retaining his medical books until he pays his back rent. He signs up for clinical trials to make a fast buck but the consequences are dangerous. Lola wants to save young mother Kerry Peters to keep her baby from going into care.
25 Jul. 2006
Looking After Number One
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1 Aug. 2006
Lola makes a drastic decision regarding baby Leeanne's care. Reg wonders if Bradley's intentions towards Donna are honourable. Jac works closely with Joseph.
8 Aug. 2006
It's the day of Michael Beauchamp's appeal. Connie, Michael's wife is keen to press on with daily work on Darwin, however her mind is obviously elsewhere. She leaves the hospital to attend Michael's appeal, which he wins. Connie returns to work after the appeal, to operate on a dancer who has a heart infection due to an abortion which she had earlier in the year. Michael turns up at the hospital and gets into a scrape with a journalist, landing himself in AAU with a head injury. Connie visits him and tells Michael they will talk later. Connie is on Darwin when Michael...
15 Aug. 2006
Team Holby
Connie's heart battles her mind as she wonders if she should stay at Holby. Mark learns to respect the way Tricia wants to handle her cancer.
22 Aug. 2006
Horses to Water
A late-stage Motor Neurone Disease sufferer arrives on Darwin. It turns out that she has undergone brain stem treatment abroad to try and correct her MND. Surgeon Elliot Hope, whose wife is also a MND sufferer is impressed by the patient's story and informs Gina. Connie and Joseph are very skeptical on the brain stem treatment, however Elliot tries to persuade his wife to take the chance. In the end she agrees to go abroad to try brain stem treatment in a bid to control her MND. Elsewhere, it's Matt's first day as a qualified doctor on Keller. His first patient, ...
29 Aug. 2006
Bad Blood
Ric warns Lola of the danger of becoming involved with her patient's father Trevor Heron. Connie begins to feel broody and sets her sights on Sam Strachan much to the annoyance of Chrissie. Meanwhile, Matt desperately tries to clear his name and nearly starts an all out war with the nursing staff.
5 Sep. 2006
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Lost
Kyla loses her cool under pressure with Chrissie as she is monitored by her son's social case worker. Mark's engagement proposal doesn't go as well as he had planned and Sam finds himself as the "meat in the sandwich" between Chrissie and Connie.
6 Sep. 2006
Better the Devil You Know
Mickie's love life takes a turn for the better when she falls for patient Kim Felix. Steve Spence is re-admitted to Holby and Lola becomes concerned for his baby daughter Leanne and proposes herself as temporary foster mum to Leanne until Steve gets clean. Elsewhere, a determined Chrissie pursues Sam unknowing of his secret involvement with Connie. Meanwhile, Abra returns to Holby and clashes with Ric over the treatment of Kim's long-lost brother Pete Golding who is awaiting a viable kidney transplant. When the transplant fails Abra offers Pete an illegal transplant.
12 Sep. 2006
Star Maker
Abra's patient Pete Golding agrees to Abra's illegal kidney transplant. Mickie makes the biggest decision of her life by helping Abra and putting her fledgling romance with Kim in jeopardy. After surgery Ric gives her a glowing reference for her to leave and study at Newcastle University Medical School. Kim decides to relocate to Newcastle with her. Recovering MND patient Margaret Wrightman dies as a result of her aortic valve treatment. Elliott worries how this news will affect Gina as she prepares to fly to Singapore for the same stem cell treatment that Margaret ...
19 Sep. 2006
Just Another Day
Lola is determined to gain custody of Leanne and goes to extreme lengths to impress social worker Frankie Weston including asking Ric to pretend that they live together. Meanwhile, Tricia asks Mark if his offer of marriage still stands and accepts.
26 Sep. 2006
Now or Never
Roger is back on AAU but his immune system is dangerously low due to his HIV. His son, Zak, also returns and after a few home truths from his dad, he makes peace with him but Roger dies leaving Zak devastated. Elsewhere, Tricia finds out that Mark plans for them to get married today, and she's not pleased when she learns he organised the wedding because she is about to "kick the bucket". After talking to Roger's son Zak, Tricia realises she's not ready to give up and she and Mark finally tie the knot. Meanwhile, patients on AAU are having adverse reactions to drugs, ...
3 Oct. 2006
Taking Liberties
Gina Hope tells Connie that she wishes to go to an assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland and enlists her help in filing the application. Connie at first refuses but after hearing a taped message than Gina made for Elliott she agrees. Matt continues to question the validity of the drugs available in Holby and enlists Reg's help. They run tests on samples from the Holby pharmacy and find that the drugs are below par in nearly all cases and nearly results in Ric losing an obese man on the operating table.
10 Oct. 2006
If the Heart Lies
Ric pursues Bradley Hume over the dodgy drugs after he sees him being gifted expensive champagne by a pharmaceutical rep. Connie gets involved in Gina's plight after she gets her acceptance letter from the assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland. Meanwhile, Sam works out where he stands with Connie.
17 Oct. 2006
Connie arrives with a very determined Gina in Switzerland but Connie is in turmoil and rings Elliott who flies out to Switzerland to be with Gina in her last hours. Elliott also tells Connie he knows she's pregnant. As Bradley's position at Holby becomes increasingly shaky, Reg opens his heart to Donna.

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