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15 Oct. 2013
If I Needed Someone
Malick struggles to come to terms with the fact he is now a patient and that his career may now be over. Elliot struggles to manage new mentee Zosia when she starts carrying out psyche assessments on his patients and Sacha struggles to come clean to Chrissie about his kiss with Mo.
22 Oct. 2013
Friends Like You
Harry has a difficult day when a childhood friend is admitted with a serious condition. Gemma brings her son to work once again but when he and medical drugs go missing she has to face the consequences with Ric. Meanwhile after clearing the air with Sacha, Mo tries to hide the fact she is online dating.
29 Oct. 2013
Flesh Is Weak
Chantelle faces her first day back at work after the crash. Despite looking forward to the comfort of her job she discovers her expectations were not all they were cracked up to be. Elliot has more trouble with Zosia when she interferes in one of his cases.
5 Nov. 2013
Last Dance
Malick feels as redundant as ever when his former mentor is booked into the hospital as a patient. Despite his injury it does not take long for him to start interfering on the case. Despite having booked the chapel for the vow renewal Sacha and Chrissie question if they have the commitment to make another go of things.
12 Nov. 2013
Arthur's Theme
Chantelle faces her biggest fear when Cameron is again admitted onto the ward. When Digby confronts her with his true feelings she realises things have gone too far between them and she must leave to put it right. Mo is shocked to see her online date turn up at the hospital with chest pains. When Sacha serves Chrissie with divorce papers she turns to Michael for comfort.
19 Nov. 2013
When Chrissie is offered the job of Director of Nursing it forces her to take stock of her life at Holby and comes to the decision to leave her past behind and make a clean break elsewhere. Meanwhile Digby struggles to manage an increasingly erratic Malick but will he be able to stand up to his mentor?
26 Nov. 2013
Sink or Swim
Serena has her hands full when a major incident takes place but is later shocked to discover the new CEO, Guy Self, has arrived without her knowledge. Will they get off on the right foot? Malick is furious when he discovers Jake is working at Holby again but when a particular case takes them both to the edge he realises he must make a clean break away from Holby.
3 Dec. 2013
Fait Accompli
Guy attempts to put his own stamp on Holby by hiring former colleague Colette Sheward as Director of Nursing. His clean break does not last long however when he is confronted by a case from his past. Jonny tries to lighten Jac's work load but can he keep across the extra cases? Serena faces a tough task impressing Guy when a particularly difficult patient arrives on AAU.
10 Dec. 2013
Heart of Hope
Edward turns nasty with Mary-Claire when she threatens to reveal their affair to Serena. Guy press-gangs Elliot into performing the Herzig operation on a patient but when it doesn't go well he is left questioning his ethics. Zosia uses Arthur's obsession with Chantelle to earn herself the spare room in his flat.
17 Dec. 2013
Father's Day
Fed up following his recent heartbreak Michael breaks all the rules to perform a transplant operation for a desperate father and his son. When Guy confronts him about it he walks away from Holby after being suspended. Under pressure from her sons father Gemma makes a crucial mistake with a patient and decides to quit to focus on her son. Edward continues to sideline Mary-Claire and blames her when a machine malfunctions.
24 Dec. 2013
All I Want for Christmas Is You
When Mary-Claire stands up to Edward and exposes him for the alcoholic bully he is can she persuade Serena to believe her. With Elliot still reeling from Zosia's revelation that Guy is her father she is determined she won't allow him back into her life following the death of her mother. But will a present from beyond the grave make her change her mind?
31 Dec. 2013
Ring in the New
When Guy continues to clash with Zosia he accepts their relationship is purely professional but is that what she really wants? Meanwhile on AAU both Serena and Mary-Claire face the difficult task of picking themselves up after being fooled by Edward.
7 Jan. 2014
Self Control
When Jac goes into labour early everyone hopes that the baby will be alright. Meanwhile Ric goes to a school reunion and meets an old flame. Has he left it too late?
14 Jan. 2014
There is shock on Keller when doctor Dominic Copeland returns to Holby to retake his first year. Will Arthur forgive him for what he did to Malick? Mo's sister Adele joins AAU as the new healthcare assisstant but will there be trouble between them? Meanwhile Colette discovers Guy cut corners to give her the nursing job and now she must prove herself to somebody from HR.
21 Jan. 2014
Life After Life
Jonny is shocked when Jac prioritises her patients over her daughter on the day of her big operation. Arthur attempts to sabotage Dominic in a bid to get him thrown out of Holby. Meanwhile Mo and Adele clash when Mo pulls rank when they deal with a difficult patient.
28 Jan. 2014
Prince Among Men
New registrar Raf Di Lucca arrives on AAU and makes an impression when he takes on a revolutionary procedure. Sacha comes under pressure from Guy to help Zosia make it as a surgeon and Jac struggles to bond with Emma.
4 Feb. 2014
Things We Lost in the Fire
Arthur is undermined by Dominic when they treat a patient with a mystery illness leading to a near fatal situation. Harry's father is admitted to Holby leading Serena to create an opportunity to impress Guy. When Jonny is cut out of the loop by Jac he teams up with Bonnie to make his voice heard.
11 Feb. 2014
Eat Your Heart Out
Under pressure from Raf, Harry desperately tries to find his speciality when he stumbles across a bariatric patient. On the day of Emma's christening Jac is left with a difficult choice when a patient with a rare heart condition arrives at Holby.
18 Feb. 2014
Zosia is excited when she gets the chance to treat a psychiatrically vulnerable patient but will her own vulnerabilities be exposed? Harry tries to shake off his bariatric patient who is developing an obsession with him. And when Jac tells Jonny her salary gives her rights over Emma he vows to gain a promotion by exposing her as a bully to Colette.
25 Feb. 2014
Anything You Can Do
Jonny faces a tough first day as clinical nurse manager when he has juggle a number of difficult patients and a grumpy Jac breathing down his neck. Guy and Zosia hit another snag in their relationship when she discovers his ulterior motive in allowing her to assist in a transplant operation. Raf continues to clash with Harry over his attitude to medicine.
4 Mar. 2014
In an attempt to impress Guy, Dominic takes on a case involving a patient from his past, but what will be revealed? Its Bonnie's 30th birthday but she is forced to re-evaluate her relationship with Jonny when he prioritises his work and Emma before her. Ric reaches out to Jess in an attempt to make up for lost time.
11 Mar. 2014
Exit Strategy: Part One
Ric struggles to take a back seat on the day of Jess' operation but when he finds out her husband David is abusing her how will he react? Guy and Zosia clash when she questions his ethics when he operates on a patient in an attempt to keep the Tressler foundation funding. With their relationship under strain Jonny must make a big decision if he is to keep Bonnie in his life.
18 Mar. 2014
Exit Strategy: Part Two
Ric is in deep trouble after covering for his daughter over the hit and run. When her husband takes a turn for the worse will he stand back or will the surgeon in him take over? Meanwhile Guy and Zosia's relationship hits an all time low when she backs a patients complaint about him. As news of Jonny and Bonnie's engagement breaks the real question is how will Jac react?
25 Mar. 2014
Green Ink
New pharmacist Amy Teo arrives at Holby and attracts Harry's attentions unaware that she is already married. To Raf. It is the day of Bonnie's hen night but things turn sour when Jac turns up and questions why she is so desperate to get Jonny down the aisle. Arthur and Dominic continue to clash on Keller but how will they react when the patients are put at risk?
1 Apr. 2014
The Cruellest Month
Its the day of Jonny and Bonnie's wedding but will Jac let him go? When they get stuck operating on a patient when he should be at the ceremony and with Bonnie increasingly anxious will the day end in tragedy? Zosia is struggling with anniversary of her mothers death but will she be able to cope?
8 Apr. 2014
The Win
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15 Apr. 2014
Cold Heart, Warm Hands
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22 Apr. 2014
Battle Lines
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29 Apr. 2014
Wild Child
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6 May 2014
My Name Is Joe
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13 May 2014
No Apologies
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22 May 2014
Keeping Mum
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27 May 2014
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3 Jun. 2014
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10 Jun. 2014
In an attempt to help Harry pass his assessment Amy covers for him when he makes a mistake diagnosing a diabetic patient. Jac is furious when she leaves Elliot in charge of Emma only for her to go missing. Meanwhile Arthur discovers Jesse and Zosia's relationship.
19 Jun. 2014
Little Star
Jac hears some home truths from her mother on the day of her and Johnny's hearing over Emma. What will she do? Meanwhile Sacha and Estelle grow close after they go to the seaside in an attempt to hide from the press after the story about Joe hits the papers.
26 Jun. 2014
Every Dog Has Its Day
Raf discovers the truth about Amy and Harry when he uncovers their lie about the diabetic patient. Elliot is forced to face up to his own medical problems when he treats an eccentric fisherman-cum-singer, whilst Colette warns Jesse off Zosia.
30 Jun. 2014
All Before Them
Its the day of Harry's assessment but after the fallout from his affair with Amy will Raf allow him to pass? Jesse cools his relationship with Zosia following a stark warning from Colette and Elliot buries himself away with his Herzig project worried he will run out of time before its completion.
9 Jul. 2014
When Jonny announces he intends to move back to Scotland with Emma, Mo makes it her mission to persuade him to stay. Guy offers Jesse a permanent contract but when the truth about his relationship with Zosia comes out will the offer still be on the table? Meanwhile Raf makes a momentous decision about the baby.
15 Jul. 2014
'The Spirit...'
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22 Jul. 2014
A Heart Man
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29 Jul. 2014
One Small Step
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5 Aug. 2014
Affair of the Mind
Serena's mother has taken another turn for the worse and she finds herself being confronted about it from all sides. A psychologist patient challenges her methods of dealing with Adrienne as her condition worsens, while Guy questions her ability to be a carer and a consultant at the same time, and seems determined to force her to make a choice. Arthur's concern for Zosia's wellbeing spirals with her incessant partying. When his girlfriend Maria is brought in with an infection, he finds that he doesn't even trust Zosia as a doctor when she's in such a fragile state. ...
12 Aug. 2014
Star Crossed Lovers
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19 Aug. 2014
The Art of Losing
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26 Aug. 2014
'Going, Going...'
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2 Sep. 2014
The Looking Glass
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9 Sep. 2014
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16 Sep. 2014
Forgive Me Father
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23 Sep. 2014
Mummy Dearest
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30 Sep. 2014
Inside Out
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7 Oct. 2014
True Colours
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