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19 Oct. 2010
Connie finds out from Terence and Mark that they have replaced Michael with Henrik Hanssen as the new Joint Director of Surgery. Connie clashes with him almost immediately. Elsewhere, Joseph begins to have the same doubts about Faye that Linden did. Meanwhile, Penny begins to stress out after being on call constantly. Hanssen meets with the staff and tells them there will be job cuts and appoints Michael as new consultant of AAU to replace Linden.
26 Oct. 2010
The Short Straw
Henrik Hanssen has until the end of the day to make cuts as requested by the Department of Health and he decides that a consultant post will make the necessary cut he needs and decides on Ric. But Connie is far from happy with this scenario and asks that she tell Ric instead of Henrik. But then she decides to cut 8 nurses instead to make the savings and keep Ric on but this decision goes down badly with Elliott. Meanwhile, Michael neglects his post on AAU and focuses his time in Holby Care much to the annoyance of Hanssen.
2 Nov. 2010
Tough, Love
Chrissie returns to Holby much to Sacha's delight but it doesn't turn out quite what he expected when Chrissie responds to Greg's charm. Ric's daughter Jess also makes a return and is newly engaged but is unaware of how serious Ric's condition is and they come to blows before he finally realises that he needs to take some time off to deal with his treatment. Meanwhile, Faye becomes increasingly unstable and puts herself and the baby at risk during a measles outbreak.
9 Nov. 2010
Queen's Gambit
New locum consultant Keira Balfour manages to ruffle Jac's feathers on Keller and she takes her eye off the ball and messes up in surgery. She later falsifies the patients record to take the blame off her and put it on Chrissie. Mark later tells her she can interview for the permanent locum consultant and after a balsy interview with Mark and Hansen she is offered the job but Michael warns her of her rash decision in applying for the job. Meanwhile, Faye's stability on the ward is questioned and later at her baby shower she throws a wobbly and then becomes violent ...
16 Nov. 2010
My No.1 Fan
Eager to please Michael in his bid for Director of Surgery at St. Stephen's Sheena Clore sneaks her way into Hanssen's office to get information off his laptop but Hanssen catches her via his web-cam and suspends her. She is further devastated when Michael fails to take some of the blame. Meanwhile, Sami, a young foreign national is brought in by border patrol but Elliott refuses to do the surgery he needs done as he is not covered in the UK. His mother decides to leave him thinking he will get the treatment he needs with her gone but when Oliver and Elliott re-read ...
23 Nov. 2010
On Connie's first day back, after looking after her father, Hanssen tells her that not all on Darwin are pulling their weight indicating Elliott. Connie decides not to tell Elliott and he continues to make slip ups in front of Hanssen unknown that he is being watched until it all comes to a head when a patient learns her daughter died in an accident and Elliott had concealed the truth from her in order to get the mother into surgery. Elsewhere, Jac trying to show that she is a worthy consultant in front of Hanssen messes up big time when she goes ahead with colon ...
30 Nov. 2010
Future Shock
Faye goes into labour at the Mother & Baby Psych unit but refuses to leave the unit to have her baby at Holby - it takes a visit and a talk from Jac to convince her to do the right thing. Meanwhile, Chrissie gets prepared for her date with Greg but realises as the time gets nearer that Greg only wants to have fun whereas she wants a more settled relationship and she calls off the date. Elsewhere, Donna continues to give agency nurse Kieran a hard time but by the end of the day she warms to him after she discovers he has a young son and agrees to go on a date with him.
7 Dec. 2010
Losing Game
Faye gives birth to a boy but she distances herself from the baby almost immediately. Joseph steps in and eventually coaxes her to accept the baby and she agrees to name the baby Harry in memory of Joseph's late brother. Joseph makes the decision to halt the divorce proceedings and give their marriage another chance which crushes Jac who had thought that she now had a chance with Joseph. Meanwhile, Elliott attempts to go with Connie's new regime but finds he is abandoning patient care and considers leaving. Elsewhere, former patient Patrick Wright indicates that he is...
14 Dec. 2010
The Lying Kind
Elliott gets an appointment letter for a check-up with Occupational Health Specialist and immediately suspects that Hanssen is behind it. Greg later finds a letter indicating it was Connie that recommended Elliott for check-up. Meanwhile, Oliver starts his new rotation on AEU but it starts off bad with a flood of accident victims and a mistake that could cause him his job. Elsewhere, Connie's dad William Chase prepares for hernia surgery but complications lead him to having a permanent colostomy bag and afterwards he tells Connie he no longer wants to see her; Joseph ...
21 Dec. 2010
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Chrissie's negligence case is up for review and she is finding it very hard to cope. Also seeing Sacha with a new woman gets her thinking that perhaps they could be more than friends. But at the tribunal Jac manipulates events her way to make it look that Chrissie is at fault and Chrissie only has one person to blame after that - Sacha - who gave her the information. Meanwhile, Penny continues to shine under Michael so much so that when he asks her to debrief in the bar the rest of the staff tell her it's a date. Elsewhere, Joseph suggests to Faye that she spends ...
28 Dec. 2010
Snow Queens
Joseph persuades Faye to let him bring baby Harry up after they agree to take a break from each other following Faye's erratic behaviour. Faye goes to work in Paris but plans to come back for Harry. Connie's father is re-admitted and the prognosis is not good. Elliott operates on him assisted by Faye so Connie, fed up with all the cuts at Holby, makes the decision to leave Holby to care for him but tells Jac that she has secured a position with the European Transplant Board in Brussels for two days per week to keep her hand in.
4 Jan. 2011
Running the Gauntlet
Hanssen gives registrar Antoine Malick another chance to prove himself by making him work alongside Michael. But Michael finds Malick a little too hard to handle after he constantly challenges his surgical methods and has him thrown out of surgery and AED but Hanssen manages to convince him to give Malick another chance. Chrissie is summonsed to a hearing but doesn't get demoted as she feared but is unaware that it was Mark's abuse of power that saved her job. Elsewhere, Donna begins to enjoy her relationship with Kieran until he gets called up to go to serve in ...
11 Jan. 2011
China in Your Hands
Joseph asks Hanssen if he can make his hours more flexible to accommodate his son but Hanssen tells him he was proposing him for Connie's vacant consultant post which floors Joseph. Mark begins his slashing of nurses and Frieda is first in the firing line. But after a trying day including dealing with the hot-headed Malick she decides to apply to be an F1. Joseph decides not to take Connie's job and asks Jac to move with him but she refuses. Elsewhere, Sacha practically begs Chrissie for forgiveness but she's not letting him off the hook lightly.
18 Jan. 2011
My Hero
Greg is tested in more ways than one and is not helped with Elliott's condemnation of his dalliance with Mary-Claire. Greg's patient - a blogger who goes to the nth degree to keep his blogging fresh - infuriates him. Meanwhile, Sasha asks Chrissie out on a date but she finally puts him out of his misery and tells him it will never happen. Elsewhere, a miserable Donna comes back to Holby and quickly becomes aggrieved with new agency nurse Jerry Campbell and in the end fires him. But her actions don't go down well with the rest of the nursing staff.
25 Jan. 2011
Don't Go Changing
Elliott's stress test approaches and he worries that if he fails it his only option will be to do consultancy and research work. But his passes the test much to Hanssen's amazement but Hanssen has to stand back and admire Elliott later when he sees him at work during an operation. But cutbacks have to be made and Hanssen realises it will have to be Ric that goes instead. But Mark does some research, with the help of Chrissie, and finds that Holby is not in danger of closing and then promptly resigns as Chief Executive. Meanwhile, Donna finally agrees to meet Kieran ...
1 Feb. 2011
Love Thy Neighbour
Hanssen tells Elliott he must do a documentary to promote Holby just as he takes in one of Connie's old patients and tries to find the underlying cause of the woman's illness. Frieda's last day as a nurse is not her finest especially as she clashes with Malick before she finds out she's made it to the F1 programme. Chrissie clashes with a patient with odd beliefs and finally tenders her notice to Hanssen who refuses it. And Malick and Penny cross swords frequently making her reconsider her days in Holby.
8 Feb. 2011
Anger Management
Malick is forced to attend anger management classes as part of his transfer to AEU as Registrar and it is severely tested by a racist patient. Frieda begins her first day as an F1 on AEU with Malick questioning her every procedure. Chrissie is recommended for the Nurse Consultant course but is unsure if she will be able to do it. Seeing Sasha trying to do anything for Chrissie so she can do the course Greg recommends that Sasha look to finding someone new and getting back in the game. He urges Mary-Claire to help him but both she and Sasha turn the tables on Greg when...
15 Feb. 2011
Blue Valentine
Jac returns to Holby and begins her day as the new CT registrar on Darwin but gets a shock when she finds out that Hanssen has appointed a second registrar, Sahira Shah, and she wasts no time in telling him what she thinks. But Hanssen equally is ready for Jac and tells her that she can have the job she currently has or go elsewhere. Ric goes back to get his results and to find out if he was able to get the cancer drug Rafmonolox. He is delighted to report to both Elizabeth and Donna that he got the drug but then he begins to treat cancer patient Ruby Fisher who has ...
22 Feb. 2011
Open Your Heart
After Elliott gets stung near his eye Hanssen has his main surgery transferred to Greg and Sahira. Sasha, Donna and Elizabeth have to treat a former junkie with liver disease who refuses any pain relief in case he relapses. Meanwhile, Chrissie begins her new job as nurse consultant under the supervision of Dan Hamilton. Elsewhere, Donna hears that Kieran has been injured in Afghanistan and after much persuasion from Elizabeth leaves to be with Kieran and Chrissie isn't happy about it.
1 Mar. 2011
No Credit, No Blame
Donna arrives at the military hospital where Kieran is being treated to find out from his mother that his leg is badly damaged. Kieran tells her to go and on the verge of going changes her mind and stays. Kieran is rushed into surgery but despite all efforts they cannot save his leg and it is amputated below the knee. Meanwhile, a former patient is brought into AEU and a subsequent investigation by Ollie finds that he left a swab in the patient's wound previously. He begs Penny to cover for him as if he is found out he will have to repeat his rotation. To double ...
8 Mar. 2011
What You Mean by Home
Jac takes advantage of Sahira as she uses all the skills to get the consultancy post offered by Hanssen and is not beyond using Sahira's childcare problems to get there. Elsewhere, Jess finds out that Kieran's rehabilitation will be better served up north and when Kieran asks her to go with him she barely hesitates and makes her departure from Holby. Meanwhile, Frieda continues to show her superiority over the nursing staff and Chrissie in particular until Malick makes her see the error of her ways.
15 Mar. 2011
Too Much Monkey Business
Ollie begs Penny to give him another chance to prove himself so that he can pass his F2 rotation. Michael and Malick put her in charge of the AEU for the day and she agrees to monitor Ollie strictly. But Ollie seems to have a self-destruct button that gets him into more trouble and then Penny finds out that he cheated and used Penny's work to do it. Meanwhile, Sahira is finding it hard to cope and Hanssen questions her commitment should she get the vacant consultancy post. Elsewhere, Chrissie is far from amused to find that Dan has been discussing her with Sacha.
22 Mar. 2011
Clash of the Titans
Ric is furious when he finds that Hanssen has outsourced procedures to other hospitals to cut costs. Ric mounts a revolution against him and preforms an operation against Hanssen's wishes. Later, Hanssen finds out that Ric's drug regime has not reduced the size of his tumour and he offers to operate on him. Elsewhere, Elliott blames Jac when notes on a case go missing and a complaint is made after the patient in question cuts off his hand in an unlocked theatre.
29 Mar. 2011
Second Coming
Hanssen advises the Holby consultants and registrars that he believes doing an extended right hemihepatectomy on Ric will save his life. But Elliott is furious and sets about getting all surgical staff to not comply with Hanssen's request. But Ric believes he must do it as he has little chance of surviving otherwise. Jess goes into labour and Jac is forced to deliver her baby son Jake. Elsewhere, Frieda takes a despondent Ollie under her wing and makes him see that repeating his F2 rotation is not the end of the world. Meanwhile, Jac pronounces her surgical ...
5 Apr. 2011
Coming Second
It's the day of the CT Consultant's job and Sahira and Jac are geared up for it. But then Sahira's patient Gary Mills presents and she has unpleasant news to tell him following scans and biopsy results. The case overtakes her preparation for the job and she fails to turn up for the interview giving Jac the job practically on a plate. Meanwhile, Malick and Oliver deal with what appears to be a husband beater after a couple are brought in with serious injuries. Malick is inclined to believe the man as he infers his wife has psych problems until he sees the man ...
12 Apr. 2011
Boy Valentine, Girl Valentine
Penny tells Oliver that he must come clean about his falsified results and if he doesn't she will. But before he does a train crash necessitates Holby going into crisis mode and Michael elects Penny and Frieda to go with him to the crash site. Meanwhile, Jac starts out her day as CT consultant and manages to aggravate everyone around her including a patient's husband. Elsewhere, Sasha is none to happy with Dan and his ongoing relationship with Chrissie and his young son Daniel. Later, Oliver receives devastating news from Michael - Penny has died as a result of ...
19 Apr. 2011
Michael meets up with his old colleague Sunil Bhatti at Holby and gets involved in his plastic surgery case of a protected witness. But the non-disclosure of information rattles Frieda and she unwittingly puts the patient in danger. Elsewhere, Hanssen dresses down Jac for not passing on the offer of counselling to staff after Penny's death. Meanwhile, Dan and Malick are at odds over an obese patient and Sahira gets involved in the case of an elderly Polish war veteran.
26 Apr. 2011
Crossing the Line
Michael goes all gung-ho to get the plastic surgery bid with Sunil Bhatti up and running and he doesn't mind who he has to trample to get there and that includes his ex-wife Annaliese. Elsewhere, Oliver came back to Holby after Penny's death but Frieda believes it was too soon and which showed when he misdiagnosed an ectopic pregnancy. Meanwhile, Greg and Sahira vie for the surgery case of a young teen.
3 May 2011
Tunnel Vision
Greg wrestles with a decision to operate on his patient Ellie when her chances of survival in theatre are drastically low. Ric returns to Holby and sets himself up with a bet against Dan as to who can do the most surgeries. Meanwhile, Frieda is found to be allergic to a patient because of her make-up and has to go without it for the day - a fact she hates.
10 May 2011
My Bad
Greg cannot see right for doing wrong these days and finds himself with two strikes to his name and on the verge of being suspended by Hanssen until Sahira steps into the breach and saves his bacon. Meanwhile, Dan tries to make it up to Chrissie after he drunkenly rang her the previous night and insulted her. Elsewhere, Malick delivers the baby of a heroin addict and he struggles to manage her which does not impress Ric.
17 May 2011
Step on Up
Elizabeth's past catches up with her with the arrival of her estranged and very ill grandmother on the ward. Meanwhile, Hanssen tells Sasha that he is moving him from his current post to head of AEU but after a trying day Sasha feels he is not going to be able to cope but Hanssen tells him he chose him for the role as he is more than capable. Elsewhere, Jac and Sunil clash over patients with Sunil winning the battle - this time.
24 May 2011
A Greater Good
Sasha is finding that running the AEU is harder than it seems and all would be well if it was just the patients but he is finding the staff hard going as well - so much so that he finally takes the bull by the horns and tells Chrissie that he is moving her from AEU to Keller after herself and Frieda have a blow up. Meanwhile, Michael and Sunil team together to do a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction in order to impress the head of the Health Authority. But all goes pear shaped when Jac has to take over the theatre for an urgent cardiac patient. Michael then ...
31 May 2011
Damage Control
Dan's best friend Sean arrives at Holby with serious knee pain but afterwards when Sean's knee remains inflamed Malick tells Dan he must do an MRI and general surgery must be the next course of action. After the surgery Dan has to tell Sean he won't have full use of his leg again. In a fit of rage in the shower rooms he kisses Malick but pulls away and goes to Chrissie and tells her he loves her. Elsewhere, Jac asks Hanssen to operate with her on an aortic transection but Hanssen has other plans and asks Sahira to operate with him instead of Jac and also tells her he ...
7 Jun. 2011
Rescue Me
It's Elizabeth's birthday and with it springs an impromptu visit from her long estranged and mentally disturbed mother Simone. Ric becomes concerned about Elizabeth after Simone has an incident and after Elizabeth takes her home it still has grave concerns. Meanwhile, Sunil and Michael's domination of the theatre rooms enrages Jac when she cannot operate where and when she wants to. So she goes digging and finds the link between Sunil and the company supplying the plastic surgery parts. Threatening to tell all who will listen she forces Michael into a corner and he ...
14 Jun. 2011
All About Me
Jac pressurises Michael for a contract which he reluctantly gives after she hears from Hanssen that cardiothoracics is going to St. James's. But then she hears about Sahira's plan for mobile CT units and knows that Hanssen will back her so Jac puts herself forward as consultant for the project and thus having two jobs to pick from. Elsewhere, Malick taunts Dan continuously as they do a double surgery procedure as Chrissie continues to be blissfully in love with Dan unknowing of Dan and Malick's interaction. Elsewhere, Eddi's former nursing tutor, Barbara Bried, is ...
21 Jun. 2011
In Between Days
Ollie returns to Holby after Penny's death but he struggles with work and home. He decides to tender his notice as he realises he will never be the doctor Penny was meant to be but Hanssen asks him to reconsider. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is reunited again with her mentally ill mother at her grandmother's funeral.
28 Jun. 2011
The Bottom Line
Hanssen comes under pressure from Sir Fraser Anderson to choose whether to save Darwin and Sahira's new job or lose foundation status for Holby. Meanwhile, a jealous Dan tries all manner of tricks to keep Chrissie from Malick as he fears Malick will tell Chrissie about their kiss. Chrissie tells Eddi that Chantelle will have to be let go so Sacha takes on the task of telling her and finds it very hard to do.
5 Jul. 2011
Out on a Limb
Sahira's project for her Cardiac Trauma Unit is on thin water with Hanssen and so she defies him but how much trouble will it land her in. Meanwhile, Dan thinks about introducing Chrissie to his mother but Chrissie has plans to spend weekend studying with Malick which only causes an oneupmanship game between both which could end nasty.
12 Jul. 2011
Hand in Glove
After Malick leaves a noticeable cut on Dan's cheek after their fight Chrissie takes matters into her own hands and tells Hanssen. Knowing that Malick could face suspension because of his prior history Dan tells Hanssen that he tripped and it had nothing to do with Malick. Meanwhile, Sacha resolves to get over his unrequited love for Chrissie and falls for the daughter of his dementia patient but all does not end well and Michael learns that all is not sweetness and light in the plastics game when a young girl suffers heart problems after she has a breast augmentation.
19 Jul. 2011
Going It Alone
Sacha is landed with two new F1's but there is only one job so he sets out a test for both but favours the chief's daughter but is he making the right decision? Meanwhile, Sahira is faced with a critical case on her trial and goes ahead with emergency surgery despite's Jac's warning that the patient is likely to die. Elsewhere, Malick is determined to prove himself to Hanssen but takes on a challenging patient which endeavours to put him back a few steps.
26 Jul. 2011
Elizabeth's mum is transferred to Holby and Ric takes over her care on his day off and tries to persuade Elizabeth that she is not to blame for her mothers illness. Sahira misses her 2-year old son's birthday party to operate on a four year old trauma case and comes under severe pressure in doing so. Meanwhile, Lulu tests Eddi's patience on AEU.
2 Aug. 2011
Old Habits
Greg is faced with a blast from the past when his old friend Andy turns up at Holby with a serious heart problems and he wants Greg to operate on him. But Greg is reluctant to do so because of their checkered past. Meanwhile, Chrissie doesn't take well to Dan's plans for them going away together and Michael takes a shine to new F1 Lulu unaware that she is Sir Fraser's daughter.
9 Aug. 2011
Walk the Line
Greg does his best to put distance between himself and his old school friend Andy but Andy won't let him. Finally refusing to have anything more to do with him leads Andy to consider suicide from the top of one of the hospital buildings - will Greg be able to get to him on time? Meanwhile, a newly returned Frieda baits F1 Lulu after she susses what her game is. Elsewhere, Elizabeth tries to nurse her mentally unstable mother and finally has to admit defeat and seek help.
16 Aug. 2011
One of Those Days
Both Sacha and Malick have a difficult day with their respective patients; a young snowboarder who may not walk again and a nervous 40-year old who is afraid of hospitals. Meanwhile, Henrik has to perform a laproscopic procedure on Sir Terence's 'wife' and later finds out that all cardiothoracic surgeries are being transferred to St. James within 6 weeks which will have a devastating effect on current staff in that area.
23 Aug. 2011
All Good Things
Frieda struggles to get through the day following the death of her father and it's not helped by Lulu trying to usurp her with Michael and a patient who claims he can hear dead people including her father. Meanwhile, the board of St. James's descends on Holby in the wake of the reshuffle and causes upheaval in both Elliott and Sahira's lives leading Sahira to resign. Elsewhere, Ric's daughter Jess decides to go live in Jamaica with her mum but due to the board at Holby Ric doesn't get to the airport to say goodbye in person.
30 Aug. 2011
Big Lies, Little Lies
Lulu refuses to be discreet in her relationship with Michael but in craving Michael's attention for surgery experience will she go too far? Meanwhile, Chantelle tries to repair Simone and Elizabeth's relationship before she is moved from Holby by organising a picnic but Simone gives Elizabeth some of her medicine in her drink poisoning Elizabeth. Elsewhere, Greg continues to push his self-destruct button and his cavalier attitude leads to one of his patient's dying.
6 Sep. 2011
Who Needs Enemies?
Chantelle's attempts to cheer Elizabeth up backfire when she plays a joke on Elizabeth's patient who doesn't see the funny side. Meanwhile, Michael finally sees the error of his ways in getting in a relationship with Lulu but not before she hits his daughter Jasmine. Sensing a time bomb Hanssen has Lulu 'promoted' to a job in London so that she cannot wreck Sunil & Michael's plan for Trust status.
13 Sep. 2011
Night Cover
A stressed out and tired Sahira lets Greg cover for her on night shift but when a procedure goes wrong Jac is called in and discovers what Greg did and reports him to Hanssen - who is not best pleased. Meanwhile, Dan and new agency nurse Stephen become close leading Stephen to proposition him. An angry Dan disposes of Stephen's number and asks Chrissie to marry him instead. But will he stay true to her?
20 Sep. 2011
Michael finally realises that Sunil may not be what he seems to be - and that there maybe a serious problem with the breast implants as a series of women present themselves with follow-up problems. Eddi becomes personally involved with Josh's physio but it could endanger her career. Elsewhere, Chantelle tries to get Elizabeth out of her very reluctant shell. But Chantelle doesn't tell Elizabeth that her mother was asking for her and is distraught when she finds out.
27 Sep. 2011
Everything to Play For
Sunil and Michael re-operate on one of their patients who has a faulty silicone implant but Sunil's poor decisions and his ability to take no blame will affect Michael's career. Meanwhile, Elizabeth's mother Simone's condition worsens but Elizabeth still cannot get answers as to why Simone treated her so bad during the childhood. Elsewhere, Josh pushes himself to hard in order to get Eddi's attention.
4 Oct. 2011
Oliver Twists
Hanssen appoints Sahira to review Sunil's plastic research as Sunil does a disappearing act with the express wish that all cases are dealt with quietly and kept out of the media - but an ambitious glamour model may put paid to that. Meanwhile, tired of Jac's constant jibes and scut work Oliver considers his career and decides to take a former patient up on his offer of a job - but will his love of medicine change his mind? Elsewhere, Sasha has bad news for Josh who takes it badly.
11 Oct. 2011
PS Elliot
Sasha finds out via Chantelle of Dan and Chrissie's engagement and struggles to accept that she will be truly happy with him. Michael fights for his job in the wake of Sunil's re-appearance after an RTA and it is not helped with Sir Frasier wanting him gone. Meanwhile, Hanssen does damage control to save Holby and changes his mind at the last minute to shut up the cardiac ward and reinstates Greg and Elliott. Eddi and Sasha say a final goodbye to Josh as he leaves to go home.

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